Image by Andi D'Amico

2014 Ignite! Effigy - Image by Andi D'Amico

Got your ticket?  Good!

It's Waiver Time!

Waivers are now DIGITAL and can be filled out online ahead of the burn, or on site at the gate on your own internet enabled device or at our waiver kiosk.

The waiver link for 2024 is here: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/v/ignite2024

Important Details:

  • Every adult participant must have their own digitally signed waiver.
  • Minors are added to the waiver of the parent or guardian accompanying them. When filling out the waiver there is an option to fill it out for an adult and some number of minors.
  • If you're bringing anyone under 18, please check out our kids policy  for some additional
  • Be sure to show your little burners the kids' pledge. While this isn't a "legal waiver" it is a great way to help them participate and understand their responsibilities at the burn. This can be printed out and presented at the gate.
  • The vehicle section only needs to be filled out if you are the owner / driver of the vehicle.
  • The entire waiver must be agreed to in order to enter the burn.