Art Grants
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The Art Grant Team manages the Submission process and the jury conference for deciding grant disbursements. The Art Grant team facilitates artist installation and documents views of granted artwork throughout event weekend. The Community is encouraged to always be thinking of a art grant project for the next proposal cycle.
Center Campus
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Center Camp is the name of the central Barn at SpiritHaven, the heart of Combustia. At different times the pavilion is many things from logistics hub, playform meeting place, the town hall, and/or art gallery or performance venue.
City Planning/ Accessibility Coordination
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You know how when you get to Combustia, all the neighborhoods are laid out, and the theme camps placed, and someone has gone through and considered what each neighborhood needs most, and how it all fits together? That's city planning! Most of their contribution is before the burn - registering theme camps, coordinating accessibility needs, studying maps, and then running around with surveying tools and tapes to map it all out on the ground.
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Concierge is the facilitator of making your burn experience as smooth, fun, and welcoming as possible. We greet you when you arrive, educate you about the Burn, acculturate you about how we do things differently, and encourage voracious LNT from all participants. We then give you a SLAY* ride to your campsite with all of your shit. A convivial amalgamation of Greeters, DMT, and GTFIO, Concierge is all about hosting and making sure people have the best possible entry and exit from Combustia. We’re one of the most fun volunteer teams -- we hand you a paddle and some golf carts, plus you don't even have to leave the party--you can bring it right with you!

*SLAY = Sentinels of Luxurious Accommodations
Conclave & Drummers
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The fire show around the effigy is run by the Conclave and Drummers team. This team manages safeties, figures out the logistics of getting the spinners around the circle, and ensures you get an awesome show. Conclave ALWAYS needs safeties and fuel dump managers, so sign up to volunteer, come to a safety meeting, and be part of the show!
Consent Amplification Team
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The Consent Amplification Team is devoted to exploring and addressing the boundaries of consent at burns and within social settings. We work to provide educational tools and experiences to all burners throughout the event. As a team, we encourage communication above all and want to ensure that all burners feel comfortable with expressing their limits and asking for clarification.
Department of Public Works (DPW)
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The Ignite! Department of Public Works (DPW) is the group that plans, builds, and takes down the basic infrastructure of our temporary community. They are the caretakers of the land and the heart and soul of Combustia’s stability!
Effigy Build Team
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The Effigy Team is responsible for your Effigy that burns Saturday night. This may include on site and off site volunteer shifts!
Fire Response Team
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FRT inspects fire flame effects and checks Theme Camps with fire pits. Also, critical to all our safety, FRT manages all our Effigy, Temple, and Friday night Art burns. For everyone’s safety you may need to wear some firefighting gear. Don’t worry, we have some you can use. Please consider serving with us and join us on the Burnfield.
Freeze Your Burn
[email protected]
FYB manages the ice delivery and handing out on site at our burn. If you ordered extra ice, these are the people who will take care of you. There may or may not be shenanigans and bubbles accompanying your ice...
[email protected]
The first smiling faces welcoming everyone home!!
[email protected]
Illuminaughty lights the night with dramatic flair! Please join our mysterious, masked procession as we hang lanterns to illuminate the land of Ignite!
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Inventory makes sure that all the necessary team supplies get from the storage unit to Combustia, and back again! Strong backs and well-organized minds are always welcome to help both on-site and at the storage unit.
Kids Effigy Build
[email protected]
Young burners unite to create our city's temple! Then we light it on fire!
Leave No Trace (LNT)
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LNT inspires, informs and encourages our community to apply the Leave No Trace principles to life in our city. Not only is LNT an important principle, it's also part of this team at Ignite. This team shares the ownership of making sure we as a community are not only educated about how to not leave a trace, but ensures that every trace is removed at the end of the event. LNT isn't just some fancy talk we burners spout off about, it really is a way of life at burns. It is everyone's responsibility to pick up everything from the grounds that isn't naturally there. The simple way to do this is NEVER let it hit the ground in the first place. Butts from cigarettes, glitter, pieces of plastic, waste food, greywater, feathers, whatever you might drop... DON'T. If it came to the burn with you, it must go home with you, no exceptions, no matter how small.
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Your logistics shift will involve signing out and signing in radios, and maintaining the radios and the batteries.
[email protected]
Parking/Traffic Team gets all of the cars parked as quickly and efficiently as possible. You may even get to hold a flashy wand. A FLASHY WAND.
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Rangers patrol the grounds in uniform (Ranger shirt) with walkie-talkies and act as the first line of communication between participants and EMS, Sanctuary and Security. Each shift is 4 hours long. Shift sign in is at the Ranger Station & is available online a week before the burn. The Rangers are dedicated to the safety of the citizens of Combustia and its environs by addressing situations within the community that might otherwise require outside intervention. Must have completed Ranger Training in the past 2 years at Transformus, Ignite, or any of our offsite trainings. Additional Ranger Training will be available onsite at Ignite! at the main building. Rangers must be clean and sober during their shift (able to talk to outside authorities) and in your Ranger Costume (dressed to talk to outside authorities).
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Sanctuary is a quiet respite for burners nearing crisis who can consent to help. Sleep deprivation, overstimulation, drama in camp, relationship issues, and other things can push us to our breaking points, and sometimes comfort can’t be found in camp. Volunteers are ready to listen and offer support however it is needed, whether that's talking through things, having a quiet place to rest, or just be in the presence of people who will keep an eye on you.
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Help the city create, print, and set out all the signage that keeps everyone informed. Everything from creating the amazing graphic design, to making the signage POP, to setting out the actual signs. The earlier volunteer spots will obviously be more involved with the creative process. The later volunteers will help "sign-up" the village. Do Both! You can sign up for multiple spots so get involved early and see it through.
Spark Scouts
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Sparks Scouts help organize activities for burners under the age of 18 where they will learn about the 11 principles as well as how to become a successful burner (pitch tents, cook, build fires, learn flow or other arts, etc.). We will help these wee ones participate fully while creating a network of safe, empowered non-adult burners.
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Volunteer with VIPS - we keep yo' Playforms strong! Playforms are one of the things that make Ignite! so unique and you can be part of making that magic happen! Shift duties will include: checking in with Playform hosts, hanging out at the VIPS station and answering questions about Playforms and whatever else comes up, and touring Combustia all town crier style letting folks know what Playforms are coming up. VIPS also assist with volunteer shifts - making the community aware of needs, and helping people to sign up on-site.

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Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

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