Scholarship Tickets

Scholarship Tickets for Ignite! 2024

One of Ignite!’s goals has always been accessibility for new and experienced burners alike, and this year is no different. One way we aim towards this goal is to offer discounted scholarship tickets to burners in need so coming home to Combustia is a little bit easier. This year we are offering 45 scholarship tickets to the community, roughly 6% of our ticket cap.

Scholarship tickets will be priced at $92.50 (plus fees), 50% of an adult ticket.

Scholarship tickets will be available by application only, and not up for grabs in the open direct sales. Scholarship tickets will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis with the application opening December 4th. All applications must be in before January 17, 2024. We’ll close the application form when all 45 tickets have been assigned or on Jan 17th, whichever comes first. All applicants will receive a response, and a ticket code for purchase if approved. Scholarship tickets should be purchased by February 11th so any unused or unassigned scholarship tickets will be released back into the general adult ticket sales for round 2.

Apply for a scholarship ticket here (and get the full details) starting December 4th.

Looking forward to seeing you in Combustia!

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