About Ignite Burn

What is Ignite?

Ignite! began as a Town Hall for Transformus, the southeast regional burn. Over a matter of a few years, Ignite! has become its own Burn, an all-ages event with an amazing wellspring of talent shared through the community via playforms, music, dance, united experiences, and of course, setting things on fire.

As its history has its roots in the planning time known as the Town Hall, Ignite! tends to lend itself to activities around acculturation and community skill-shares and education. We like to call it a “learn ‘n’ burn”: the community provides playforms to share knowledge throughout the day,  an effigy on Saturday night, and a temple Sunday night.

Ignite! strives to be an event that nurtures both new and experienced burners alike. Community leaders come together to catch up with one another and brainstorm new and exciting ways to help make our events even better, and fresh burners get to mix and mingle in a more intimate setting.

Ignite! follows the 10 Principles of Burning Man. Consent is the 11th Principle around these parts.

fire art 1

What is a Burn?

A burn is a gathering of radically different people coming together to create a “temporary autonomous zone." Burns are the convergence of art, dance, music, and costumes. Live music. DJs. Fire spinners. (Just don't call it a festival.)

A burn is camping with thousands of friends you haven't met yet. When you come to a burn, it means camping with people who are not like you and me, and a burn is deciding that’s okay.

Burns are where different people from all over build a living city in the trees and fields to come together in the spirit of the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

A burn is building the Effigy and the Temple, the conclave of fire spinners and musicians. A burn is watching the Effigy and the Temple burn.

Burns are made up of all its volunteers: team leads, Comms, Rangers, Perimeter, artists, theme camps, everyone you see running this thing is a volunteer. (Pro tip: Volunteering is sexy, and a wonderful way to meet people.)

We are the burn. The burn is you. Welcome Home.