Guidelines for Flame Effects on Mutant Vehicles

Guidelines for Flame Effects on Mutant Vehicles

Flame Effects on Mutant Vehicles present unique challenges due to the fact that the vehicles move about Combustia and carry passengers. While the use of LP Gas Flame Effects is permitted, using liquid fueled effects or open fire that cannot be instantly extinguished is NOT allowed on Mutant Vehicles.

Note that your vehicle must be registered and approved by City Planning before a member of the Fire Response Team (FRT) will review any Flame Effects.

When incorporating Flame Effects, Mutant Vehicle operators must not only follow the Guidelines for Flame Effects, but also take into consideration the following factors in the design and construction of Flame Effects for their vehicle:

  • Route your hoses inboard and away from hot exhaust pipes or manifolds. You will be moving and the possibility exists that you could run into an unlit object or another Mutant Vehicle. All fuel sources and lines should be protected from potential damage due to a collision.
  • Place your fuel tanks where they are protected from collision or from participants stepping or standing on them.
  • The 1/4 turn shut off valve needs to be where the driver or Flame Effects operator can reach it quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • The flames from your device must exit approximately 7’ from the ground. Exceptions to this will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Vehicle must have a fire extinguisher.

FRT will inspect your vehicle’s Flame Effects prior to operation to ensure you’ve followed all the requirements for safely constructing and operating the Flame Effects. Failure to pass this inspection will result in your not being allowed to operate the Flame Effect on your vehicle. Failure to pass their inspection will result in your not being licensed to drive your Mutant Vehicle in Combustia.

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