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Placement - Ignite! 2024


Who all gonna be there?
Click here for the 2024 Theme Camp list and descriptions! 

Want to see the map? It is here. 

All theme camps will follow the general color code system detailed in our kids policy.

When on site, the color code and any changes to it will be indicated on the theme camp's sign displayed at the camp's entrance.

Please direct any questions regarding theme camp registration, placement, where a thing can live in the city, etc to [email protected].



Click Here To Register For Placement!


if you want to:

-register a theme camp
-bring an art project (including 2024 Art Grants!) or standalone flame effect
-request space in the designated car camping area

…you need to complete the Ignite! 2024 Placement Request Form

The DEADLINE for ALL THESE THINGS is March 31, 2024. (Now closed!) Please reach out to City Planning for any updates!

An update for 2024: this year, City Planning will require camps of 5 or more members to submit a theme camp layout with their registration - we’ve provided an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to do so on the Placement Request form. You will upload your camp’s layout directly to this form.


Does your theme camp need deliveries made? This includes propane, wood, pizza, etc. City Planning and the IPA need to know if any outside vendors will be dropping off items for your camp. We have a form required for that too. DEADLINE: April 30, 2024.


Theme Camp Grant Application

This year Ignite! will be offering $3,000 in Theme Camp Grants. We appreciate all that theme camps bring to our burn and want to support you in helping your camp bring your visions alive at Ignite! this year!


*Applications will open March 6th and close March 24th* Now closed!


Click here to fill out the Theme Camp Grant form

To be eligible for a Theme Camp Grant your camp must provide some kind of community centered experience that is open to all participants. Think lounge/chill space, fire, or other artistic performances, immersive art/music experiences, etc.

Your theme camp MUST be registered with City Planning before funds will be awarded.

Theme Camps Grants CAN be used for:

  • Art
  • Infrastructure
  • Travel Costs
  • Camp Upgrades
  • Propane
  • Supplies for theme camp events

Theme Camp Grants CANNOT be used for:

  • Alcohol
  • Purchase of camp items for private use

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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