What is a Theme Camp?

A common thing you will see and hear around the burn community is “Theme Camp,” which is basically the temporary residence or project of a group of people sharing or creating a common theme.

Some camps provide services, activities, a nice place to hang out for a while, an amazing experience, some cool art, radical performance art, or just about anything. From camps offering a free massage, a good cup of coffee, or a lesson in poi spinning, there are few limits and creativity and originality are welcomed. Some camps are mind-boggling presentations and experiences while others can be simply a group of friends who wish to live together temporarily or share common ideas. Seriously, just about anything goes.

Most theme camps will also have private or semi-private spaces for household activities like cooking, eating dinner, sleeping, etc. Members of a theme camp will often keep their individual tents in camp or nearby but not necessarily. With the right mix of people it can be very fun, but it is also a lot of hard work. If you participate in a theme camp, be prepared to help build it, donate materials or food, cook a meal, wash dishes, manage a shift doing something, or otherwise help out.

Theme Camp Registration for 2018

Combustians, are you ready to Learn and Burn? Are you excited to share your theme camp? Ignite! City Planning would like to announce that theme camp registration is open. Deadline for registration will be March 15th. To register, click on this link and fill the form out completely. We will do our best to accommodate submissions after this date, but your placement might not be possible. Feel free to check out the website, FAQ, and/or contact [email protected] with questions about registering. We look forward to seeing you at Ignite!



Examples of theme camps from last year follows. This will be updated once the list for 2018 is finalized.

Theme Camps for Ignite! 2017

Theme Camp NamePrimary Parental Warning Color*Spark Scout AffiliatedDescription
Arcana Presents: The Horseless HorsemanYellowYesYeehaw! Mosey down to The Horseless Horseman, a wild west saloon, cantina, and casino presented by Arcana. Wet your whistle with some whiskey, tuck into some chow, or test your luck at some of the fastest tables in the west. It don't matter a lick to us if you're a tenderfoot or a city slicker, we're sure to have a rootin' tootin' good time.
Bat Pups and Baby Barbarians aka NoodlebatsYellowNoBuy the ticket, take the kiddie ride...with NOODLES! Bat Country and White Dragon Noodle Bar (and their families) join forces to bring you the most happenin' place in town for kids and their parents. We have a pint sized version of Bat Country's infamous flaming bar (with kid friendly "flames"), sunset noodle service, and space for kids to hang out, play, and dance with some fun for the parents thrown in.
Camp BlissRedNoCamp Bliss is a multi sensual theme camp that reverts campers to their childhood with many games and activities. There will be a sound stage, pyrotechnics, and nightly fire performances along with Mario Kart on a projection screen, uv reactive body water marbling stations, bar with fun games for campers to get a drink, and face painting by seasoned artists. There will be candy stashes all over the inside of the camp and fun scavenger hunts for campers to take place in which there is a great reward for completing.
Camp Chocolypse Now!YellowNoCamp Chocolypse Now is a Bunny Safe environment. Hop on in and enjoy Champagne, Chocolate, late night Grilled Cheese and freshly squeezed Bunny Juice. We will also have the famous "psychiatric" help booth. If you currently don't have a diagnosis, we can make one up for you.
Camp InvisibleRedNoAll the Usual Camp Invisible Activities
Camp New Hot Dogs pt. 2YellowNoIt comes together with some new burners and some veterans.

Stop by our hot dog lounge.
 Come on weenie, get you some! 
We give hugs, a nice fire, and burn advice, if you're learning how to burn.
 Hell, we have an interactive ratchet photo booth you can come play with!
But, during the day dewds... don't go pokin'-a-round when the lights are off. We got ray guns n' shit. Ya dig?
Camp No Friends HereYellowNoA laid back group of veteran burners.
Camp Nyan CatYellowNoWe like sugar, shiny objects, and bright sounds.
Camp OTGGreenYesCamp OTG is dedicated to helping those coming to their first burn! We believe in good fellowship and trying new things, so no telling what our camp will be like from year to year! If you need a safe, sane, and fun camp to belong to for your first time, OTG is the place to be!
Camp PriapismYellowNoDeep house grooves lasting longer than 4 hours...
Creativity CampGreenYesCreativity Camp: An all-ages friendly space for drawing, painting, crafts, make-up, costume repair, coloring, flow, music, and other creative goings on. Our art supplies are open to the public, but please help clean up after crafting and ask before touching instruments or flow toys
Daddy Drinks Because You CryGreenYesWe make grilled cheese and sometimes cookies. Kids are welcome.
D.A.M.M. CampRedYesD.A.M.M. Camp (The Department of Alcohol Management of Mysteria) will have an Arabian-themed hookah lounge, bar, and nightclub located in the heart of Combustia. Come in for a drink, smoke a hookah, join our fire and LED performers, and dance the night away with our talented DJs. As a staple of the Pyrotopia's nightlife, DAMM Camp is an entertainment oasis destination you will want experience over and over.
Dirty Southern BurnersYellowNowe're the ones your parents warned you about
Don't Tell Mom There are Dinosaurs in SpaceRedNoCalling all aspiring paleontologist sand space explorers. SOS! Our ship seems to be trapped along the edge of a dimension altering, time looping, reality bending black hole. We've crashed landed on this ancient Jurassic world supporting an advanced reptilian society. Starcraft #031615 stranded and needing help to understand their habits and strange ways. Deep bass and dance pounding rhythms these giant megafauna reptiles use to communicate entice, whilst the shrieks and cries of their small rainbow-like brethren alarm. Caught in the perpetual twilight if this never ending dinosaur age, we ask any wandering intergalactic techno ages and dimensional time witches to heed our call for help!
Location: Don't Tell Mom There Are Dinosaurs in Space.
The D Presents: Free Ice Cream!GreenNoA small faction of overly enthusiastic weirdos playing with liquid nitrogen
Dreary LaneYellowNoRelax, No Drama, and Breakfast
Fire TriangleYellowYesWe are a group out of the Triangle of North Carolina. We believe in self expression through fire and flow arts. We will be hosting a space for fire spinning and skill sharing, along with our flaming bar and lounge set up. Stop by, pull up a seat, and enjoy the heat.
#FiveBuckDuckYellowYesHe's wild. He's wacky! He get's around! It's the elusive #fivebuckduck!
Green ManGreenYesSo, are you by chance keen on green? The Green Man Theme Camp is a very earth friendly group that has genuine concern about our environment but are otherwise all about fun in the sun. The Green Man & Lady and other seasoned camp members will be welcoming extremely creative burners who want to be involved in all avenues that express being green. Be entwined in vine, next to nature and bloom in a way that makes it easy being green! Among us are flower children of the sixties and we seek all soilmates of any age. Grazing in the grass is a gas - can you dig it? Are you interested in participating?
Kith & KinGreenYesA collection of extended family from RVA, NC, and thereabouts, come for their annual reunion. All your relations are down in the holler this burn, and you don't have to like them, but you do have to love them. Join us for carnival games and midway activities, storytime at 8 pm before the kids go to bed, and for morning brunch with sober affirmations. Don't forget the family photo at Sunday noon; if you're not all in it, Mom will be royally pissed!
Last CampGreenYesThe very last camp you want to go to. Chock full of burn leads who just want to sleep and grumble about how the event is run. No sane person wants to be around these salty know it alls.
Luna LoungeGreenNoThe Luna Lounge is your chill out destination. Burns can be rough on your body and mind, by night here you will find a comfy space for those weary feet, down-tempo music and soothing light shows inspired by the night sky to relax you and freshly made smoothies to replenish you for the next session.
MustachevilleYellowNoProviding a chill, relaxed atmosphere, shade with soft things to recline on and cool home-brewed libations to fill one’s cup all with a distinctly mustachioed twist. Find yourself in a quiet repose surrounded by artistic distractions and conversation as flavorful as the beer. Mustacheville: “We don’t know how to not.”™
Oasis LoungeYellowNoComfy Communal Area for Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Events, Activities & Playforms.
PalmetticaRedNoWe are a mix of new and old burners out to have a good time.
Party Man Liberation Camp!YellowYesParty Liberation Front meets Man Camp! The bar has officially been lowered ...
Percussion JunctionGreenNoPercussion Junction is a camp of drum circle enthusiasts whose goal it is to bring the magic of rhythm and drumming to burns. We welcome folks to join in our drum circles & acoustic jams - so bring your drum and come play with us.
The Phuck Off Trailer Park and Rest StopYellowYesRest up quickly and Get The Phuck Off my Land!
Porcine AviationYellowYesThe Time Is Now! Home of the Tangle Dangle, rock climbing twister wall and other great games. Come take a shot at our puzzle box. Can you solve the puzzles to open it up.
Rok and Squiggles (see longer name below)YellowYesRok and Squiggles Intergalactic Space Port and Beauty Emporium
Snacks and NapsYellowYesWe provide the snacks to foster your naps. We're excited to bring you The Tour de Franzia - a delightful section of boxed wines and scrumptious pairings; +21 and up.
Those D.A.M.M. KidsGreenNoThis is the kids and family-friendly side of D.A.M.M Camp.
Vespa's Tent Food DriveGreenNoPlease bring non-perishable food that will be donated post Ignite!
We're Men, We're Sleepy Men, We're Men in TentsGreenNoPrivate space for the MC! portion of the PLF/MC! public collaboration.

All theme camps will follow the general color code system below.

Parental Warning Color Codes:
Green: all-ages friendly!
Yellow: essentially PG-13. Exercise discretion in allowing participants under the age of 18 to enter
Red: there be adult-oriented activities here, 18+

What is presented above and on the Combustia map are the camps’ default color code. Theme camps may have different designations at different times. For an example, a theme camp might chose to be yellow during the day and red after dark. When on site, the default color code and any changes to it will be indicated by flags displayed at the camp’s entrance. Additionally, playform listings will indicate appropriate color codes for those events.