What is a Theme Camp?

A common thing you will see and hear around the burn community is “Theme Camp,” which is basically the temporary residence or project of a group of people sharing or creating a common theme.

Some camps provide services, activities, a nice place to hang out for a while, an amazing experience, some cool art, radical performance art, or just about anything. From camps offering a free massage, a good cup of coffee, or a lesson in poi spinning, there are few limits and creativity and originality are welcomed. Some camps are mind-boggling presentations and experiences while others can be simply a group of friends who wish to live together temporarily or share common ideas. Seriously, just about anything goes.

Most theme camps will also have private or semi-private spaces for household activities like cooking, eating dinner, sleeping, etc. Members of a theme camp will often keep their individual tents in camp or nearby but not necessarily. With the right mix of people it can be very fun, but it is also a lot of hard work. If you participate in a theme camp, be prepared to help build it, donate materials or food, cook a meal, wash dishes, manage a shift doing something, or otherwise help out.

Theme Camps for Ignite! 2019


All theme camps will follow the general color code system below.

Parental Warning Color Codes:
Green: all-ages friendly!
Yellow: essentially PG-13. Exercise discretion in allowing participants under the age of 18 to enter
Red: there be adult-oriented activities here, 18+

What is presented in the link and on the Combustia map are the camps’ default color code. Theme camps may have different designations at different times. For an example, a theme camp might chose to be yellow during the day and red after dark. When on site, the default color code and any changes to it will be indicated by flags displayed at the camp’s entrance. Additionally, playform listings will indicate appropriate color codes for those events.