Ticket Questions!
How do I get a ticket?

We’ll be using Brown Paper Tickets as our ticket vendor. Ticket information is/shall be posted on the official Ignite website HERE.

When do tickets go on sale?
Ticket information is/shall be posted on the official Ignite website HERE.

How much do tickets cost?
Ages 0-4: Free
Ages 5-12: Half-Price
Ages 13+: Full Price
Tickets can be paid for with any valid credit card. Paypal and other similar payments systems are not supported.
ALL participants, even the free kids, must have a ticket. Please pay close attention to what tickets you are purchasing. Anyone 13 and over will not be able to enter the event with a Kid’s ticket.

Why are tickets so much/ so little?
There are so many things to account for in ticket prices: land use fees, insurance, infrastructure and materials (both to rent and to buy), paying for any external vendors we use, and so many more we can’t even remember right off the tops of our heads. We want to be able to pay for all of those things, and that takes money. Then again, if you want to pony up for them so ticket prices can be lower, we can talk about that, too 😉

How many tickets are you selling?
Ticket information is/shall be posted on the official Ignite website HERE.
No gate sales! All participants must have a ticket prior to arriving at Ignite!

How do I get a free ticket?
Well, you can’t. Mostly because NO ONE gets a free ticket. The Ignite Planning Association, all of the leads, everyone coming is paying for their ticket.

When will tickets be mailed?
Nope! You get to print them at home, which means fewer fees (and less stress when the post office gets all sketchy!). And don’t forget to print your waiver too.

How will you handle kid tickets?
Kids’ tickets can be bought at Brown Paper Tickets (BPT) just like their adult counterparts. Pretty simple, all in all. Yep, even the wee tiny kids whose tickets are free – we want to be able to have an idea of how many of various ages to look for. You get your ticket on the BPT site, and so do they — just like everyone else, ‘cos they’re just as legit!

Can I buy a ticket at the gate?
Nope. Pretty simple.

Can I transfer my ticket?
Tickets can only be transferred “offline”. Ignite! does not facilitate ticket transfers, nor are names checked when tickets are redeemed at the gate. Tickets are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Can I get a refund on my ticket if I can’t go?
Unfortunately, no. But! You can sell it or gift it as you see fit.

City Info!
Are there sound restrictions?
There are NO city/county sound ordinances. We do ask that certain neighborhoods turn it down a notch. Spark can have amplified sound between 11am and 11pm, and Kindleton will have no amplified sound at all. It’s rumored that some people like to sleep at burns? Check out everything you need to know here.

Can I bring my pet?
No. We love dogs, we love your dog, we love our dogs – but there are no pets allowed at Ignite. This is the policy of the landowner. If you require a medical exemption please contact [email protected] and reference our policy.

Can I bring my kids?
Yes! One of the core intentions of this burn is to include families. Everyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them for the duration of the event. Failure to adequately supervise children may result in being asked to leave. And, yes: kids need tickets too (check the “tickets” page for more information). Also be sure to read our Under 18 (Kids) Policy.

Can I bring my art?
Absofreakinlutely! However, if it requires placement outside of your camping area due to size, location requirements, being awesome, godzilla, or any other reason, please contact [email protected] so they can make sure we have a dedicated spot for your art.

Can we swim in the lake?
Short and simple: nope.

Why can’t I swim in the lake?
We know: you signed a waiver! You’re awesome! You know how to swim in mountain lakes! Us too. But hey! We are super lucky to be in a gorgeous mountain valley with creeks and shade and SO much beauty – not to mention the incredible landowners! – that you’re not even gonna miss the lake. Plus, um, mountain lakes are freaking COLD in May.

Are there any fire restrictions in theme camps or campsites?
Ignite loves open fires and flame effects, but duh, we have to be safe. Most camps can have open fires as long as they are in elevated fire barrels/pits and are never left unattended. However, at the landowner’s request, fires are not allowed in Unicorn Pasture. Sorry! As we all know, be mindful of the wind and sparks. If FRT or Rangers asks for it to be extinguished. . . do it. Other than that, don’t be a dumb dumb: don’t store fuel by fires and keep fire suppression items like water, extinguishers, and blankets around. If you poke around our website, you’ll find a complete list of all requirements. Or if you still din’t find what you’re looking for please contact [email protected]

But what about flame effects?
Now a word from our non-sponsors on flame effects: If you or your camp have any flame effects, check in with FRT to receive their blessing. And be sure to register them beforehand. Hey read this. Now go burn something!

Can I drive a car to my camp to load/unload?
A definite… Maybe. Certain neighborhoods are totally a NO GO with vehicles: Spark, Eldur, and Unicorn Pasture. At the request of the landowner, please don’t drive in these neighborhoods. And besides, don’t trash the grass! These neighborhoods can access the graveled loading and unloading zones. No campsite is too far from these two zones, but a wagon/cart with wheels to lug gear might be helpful. Kindleton, Fuego, Pyrotopia, and Butterfly Bliss have at it. But maybe pull off the road by your campsite – use those manners yo’ mama gave you on our narrow streets.

Can I park a car or trailer at my theme camp or campsite?
No. Sadface. Not all areas can have car traffic. Small mutant vehicles will be allowed, but they better be small and mutanty. If you think you’re a special pretty pretty princess or you have a medical condition and will need a vehicle and/or trailer, email [email protected] and explain your case. You might want to read this first.

Can I sleep in my car?
I know, putting up a tent can be like a lot of work, man. Luckily, parking is onsite after the gate. So feel free to try to sleep in your car. . . in the parking lot.

Can I bring an RV or large bus?
Umm, maybe? But we don’t recommend it. Large vehicles may experience difficulties at this site. The roads are narrow and either gravel or dirt. There is a sharp hairpin turn with a significant drop off to one side to maneuver. I’m not sure even the Stig could do it (look it up). You can take a virtual tour of the property with this Gallery. (Thanks JoeJoe). And if after all that, you still want to try it, email [email protected] for permission to bring your vehicle.

What’s the terrain like?
Well, it’s a mountain valley. So you can look forward to some inclines and some flat spaces. There is a creek, a lot of shade, and some field-y kinda space. In short, Spirithaven’s land has a little bit of everything – well, except desert. But we’re sure you can find an event in the desert if you really try… As for the roads, most are well-graveled. Mud shouldn’t cause a complete freak out, but I wouldn’t plan for a lot of pavement.

Is there accessibility camping?
Yes! There is a nice flat space by where most of the action happens located adjacent to adequate, yet mobile, bathroom facilities. For more specific information or to camp in this area, please contact [email protected] If this area is not reserved, all or parts of it may be converted into open camping.

What’s the alcohol policy?
It is illegal in the state of Virginia to serve alcohol to minors under 21. Anyone serving alcohol is responsible for checking all IDs. Entry wristbands cannot be used as age verification. Failure to comply may be grounds for ejection from Ignite! To reiterate please read this.

How can I figure out how much space our theme camp will need?
Math is hard! Here is a good formula to estimate how much square footage you will need for your private camping space: number of campers x 100 square feet = square footage for private space. This estimate assumes an average 10ft x 10ft area for each camper. You may wish to survey your campers on how large their actual tents are. Or, maybe you’ll have a few hammock campers you can drop from the count. Don’t forget to include walkways! (Note: This formula does not help you calculate public space needs. That is determinate on what your camp is bringing. Please don’t be greedy, space is a resource too.)

How can I know if a theme camp is appropriate for my child?
Good question, ‘cause a theme camp could literally be doing anything. Prior to the burn, check the website. Once all the theme camps are registered, a summary of them will be generated that includes a description of their activities and a parental warning color code. Read the Kids Policy for more information: https://ignite-burn.com/kids-policy/

What about when you’re on site already and have forgotten everything you read beforehand? Don’t panic. Every theme camp will have a sign with their name on it. The color code will also be present on this sign  And when in doubt, you can always do things the old school way and ask.

Why are those the gate hours?
There’s always a lot of controversy around gate hours – we all want to be able to get to the burn, even if our schedule is a little hairy. Some burns choose to have gate open through the burn night festivities, and that’s awesome! We choose to close our gate at nights and Saturday because it takes a lot of volunteers beyond just Gate alone to stay open and facilitate everyone getting in. We want all the folks that are working hard to be able to have a few hours to completely unwind and enjoy the fruits of their labor, too. If you can’t make it, we’re really sorry that we will have to turn you away. And really, that just makes everyone feel crummy. So please don’t put us in that position.

When will the effigy burn?
Saturday night, at o’dark thirty. We’re also doing a kids’ effigy burn on Sunday! In 2014, we had a Kindleton-made CORE-like project that was really well-received. Since our wee burners are a critical part of our community in Combustia, we want to allow them the opportunity to participate more fully in the creation and immediacy of our art and community by providing them the opportunity to burn, too!

What is the Mutant Vehicle policy?
Combustia is a small city. Art car size will be limited to golf cart sized and smaller. Adequate lighting of art car will be needed. Headlights should be shielded from blinding pedestrians, and decorative lighting should be in place so you are visible from all sides. The FRT will approve of all art car flame effects. Vehicles must be mutated, don’t expect to cruise around on your plain ol’ ATV. Check out the full details here.

Why would you schedule it on this weekend? Why didn’t you take other burns/ family vacations/ school year/ my family reunion/ how far it is from [location] into account?
Oh, sweet friend, the IPA spent hours (and hours and hours and hours) debating the timing – we know how lucky we are to have such a plethora of events in the southeast from which to choose. In this particular case, the land has pre-existing event that limits the ability to push later in the year – not to mention getting too close to Transformus. Earlier in the year was ruled out due to other events, other burns, and limitations on things that need to be done from a planning stance. This date was, frankly, the lesser of all evils – and gives everyone the small benefit of an extra day, due to the holiday.

We know everyone wants to go to everything – we are right there with you, and just as disappointed that we can’t go support our friends as they are they can’t party with us. The upside is that hey, we’re burners. Nothing is set in stone (except the timing of That Thing In The Desert), and we don’t know what the future holds. We can’t deny that we are so incredibly fortunate that we have to actively CHOOSE which burn to attend – and that it gives us all the opportunity to meet new people. Those new folks provide a fresh opportunity to make things happen, to make new camps or grow pieces of existing ones, and for VA folks to show up to the first burn in their state, which is a good thing.

What’s the deal with “Playforms”?
In 2013 we introduced a concept called “Playforms” to Ignite and it was a huge success. A Playform is a platform for playful learning; a new way for our community members to come together and share knowledge, experiences, skills, and ideas. We’re expanding the concept by having YOU, our community members, come to Ignite and teach other Burners about things that you find interesting in a session that you host, your very own Playform! Playforms can be an artform or craft you’d like to share, a skill you’ve developed, experiences with Burns you think others would find valuable, or just a time to discuss a topic you love. Do you have something to share with our community? Then you should start planning your Playform for Ignite! Details will be coming soon regarding Playform registration for this year. Keep an eye out for more info after ticket sales launch.

What’s the weather like?
It’s spring time in the south, so be prepared for wild fluctuations in the weather, and think about all the possible things you’ve experienced/ heard of about a Southern spring. Expecting temperature variances is probably wise – we might be toasty during the day, but having a plan for chilly night will serve you well. May has been known to have everything from 95F afternoons to 20F nights, and rain is a standard feature – how else do you think we get all of those beautiful azaleas?