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Ignite! In and Out Guide

We can’t wait to see you at home in Combustia, but before we can burn together you have to get INTO the event and get all set up. This is the process you will need to follow, please read it through and make yourself familiar with the entry and exit process so we can all get in and set up quickly and safely.

You can find links to anything you need here: 

We still need many volunteers for the Parking-Traffic team. If you can pick up a shift once you get on site, you will help keep the traffic flowing and prevent everyone else from having a slow entry.

Ignite Road Map

Step 1 - Gate

You MUST stop at the gate first and foremost. You will need:

  • Your ticket, which can now be digital (on your phone) or paper if you prefer, but we’re not keeping the paper.
  • Your waiver filled out online, or you can fill it out at the gate on your phone. We’re moving to digital waivers so you DO NOT NEED TO PRINT the waiver. More info here:  
  • Your IDENTIFICATION. Every member of your party must have an ID, except those too young to have it.


After providing the above items we’ll get you scanned and tagged with a wristband and on your way! You will leave the gate with:

  • A wristband indicating you’ve been through the gate. This must stay on for the entire event.
  • A parking card to place in your dashboard. You must fill this out and place it in an easily visible space on your dashboard. This card helps us identify and locate you if there is some issue with your vehicle.
  • Your awesome sticker swag designed by a community member. 


Be sure and reference the city map at gate and know where you are going. You can also see which parking lot is currently being filled up and have an idea where to park when you’re done unloading your gear.

Step 2 - Concierge

Concierge is located at the beginning of Parking Lot 6. Stop here and be greeted! Welcome home! If you have any questions about where you are going, this is the place to ask. Concierge has all the details about where to go, and is in charge of picking you up with our Slay carts after you park your car.

If you arrive after dark you will not pass concierge in your vehicle. All cars must park and unload your gear at Concierge. Our Slay drivers will drive you and your gear in our Slay carts to your camp.


Step 3 - Unload

Find your closest unloading spot and get your stuff out of your vehicle. DO NOT DRIVE ON GRASS ANYWHERE. Particularly on the hill east of the pavilion. Don’t set up all your stuff yet, unload and get back in your car and drive out to park. Leave a member of your party (if available) to futz with your gear if you like. It’s extremely important to get your vehicle to parking as soon as possible to avoid holding up everyone else behind you who also needs to unload.


Step 4 - Park

Get back on the main loop and use the Low Road to head back towards the gate. Parking lots are filled in numerical order and you must go park in the currently filling lot. Even if you are right next to Parking Lot 5, you must drive around the loop and park in whichever lot we are currently filling up. 

Please park in neat, logical rows in all the lots. Rows will usually be perpendicular to the road except where there is not enough space. You should fill in any gaps that you can, and park as close as is reasonable to neighboring cars ensuring not to block anyone in, unless you are part of their party. Space is very limited and we do not want to have to come find you to move your car if you park badly. If you are comfortable doing so, please leave your keys in the car and the car unlocked. This way we can move the car for you if necessary. We understand if you are not comfortable with that, but it does make things much easier. We have paid security that patrols our perimeter and parking lots.

Parking Exceptions:

If you are a pre approved RV Camper, Car Camper, or Accessibility Camper, you may proceed to park in your designated parking area instead of to the currently filling parking lot. You must have a dashboard form indicating you are a pre approved vehicle or else you will be directed to the current parking lot.

Step 5 - Back to camp and setup

Slay drivers with carts will be roaming the loop to pick you up and return you to your camp quick, fast, and in a hurry. You are certainly welcome to walk if you so choose. Now is the time to set up your camp and get situated.


Important Points and Tips

  • CARPOOL, carpool, carpool, carpool. Parking space is extremely limited and if we run out of space then we’re going to have to start taking camping space away, lower headcount, and generally make everything miserable.
  • All traffic on the main loop is one way at all times (green road in image above)
  • Enter using the “High Road”. This is the only way into Combustia.
  • Exit using the “Low Road”.
  • Almost all roads are ONE WAY. Check the map at the top of this guide. The new (as of 2024) rainbow road is one way, but the connecting roads at the effigy and at the pavilion are 2 way for logistical reasons.
  • Unload your car then go park BEFORE you set up all your gear. Don’t block the road because you want to get your tent all pretty and cozy.
  • Fill up parking lots in numerical order
  • Take note of the gate hours. Entry will be denied if you arrive outside of gate hours.
  • There is no re-entry of vehicles outside of gate hours. You can walk in if you have a wristband, but your car cannot enter outside of gate hours. No exceptions.
  • If you didn’t pre-register your RV, camper, or other large vehicle situation, then you will not be allowed entry at the gate if you show up with said thing.
  • Bins, totes, crates, and similar are your friend. Always pack your gear in water proof and carryable containers. This makes it easier to pack, ensures you can get your gear on a Slay cart if needed, and keeps the rain out of your stuff. 
  • DO NOT pack tons of loose items or a bunch of things in grocery bags. You will have a bad time.


During exodus the traffic pattern does not change and the rules about where your car can go do not change. 

Please PACK DOWN YOUR CAMP FIRST before going to get your car. Say your goodbyes, hug everyone, and do everything you need before you get your car. You should be able to easily catch a ride to your parked car with a Slay cart or walk if you choose. Follow the green road loop, coming through the high road and around to your camp or as close as you can get within the rules. Load up your gear, and take the low road out. Space for loading of cars is very limited so please minimize the time your car is parked for loading or else everyone is held up and traffic will be blocked

Want to help lead?

Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

Be the weird you want to see in the world. Volunteer.

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