Below are the meeting minutes for the IPA for 2017:

Tuesday, 12 Sept



On Call: chickadawn, creamsicle, trav, thom, VH1, shawman, lizifer, kelly

MIA/Late: artina, amber, lisa, joejoe

  • Intro: JoeJoe, Lisa, Artina, Creamsicle
    • Hi Creamsicle!
  • Prep for Retreat:


Tuesday, 8 August

Moderator: TRav


On Call: Vreanie, Lizifer, Kelly, Shawman, TRav, Amber, Thom


  • Team leaders from 2017 that we are losing for 2018
    • Concierge
    • Inventory
    • Spark Scouts
    • City Planning
    • Wait to contact leads until after retreat
  • Conduct Committee seat for IPA rep
    • Volunteers?
    • Kelly, Amber considering
    • Table until the retreat
  • Retreat agenda – a 2018 folder is made,
    • Everyone feel free to check in and update

Thank you cards:

Todd to review his archive for other images, to send via email


LVF + TRav: off to the playa!


Tuesday, 25 July

  • No meeting


Tuesday, 11, July

Moderator: Vreanie

Minutes: Amber

On Call: Dawn, Thom, Vreanie, Amber, Kelly, Todd, Shawman

MIA/Late: Liz

  • No musings
  • Leadership short list — look this over so that we can discuss tonight. – 1 more full member, 2 HoPS


Tuesday, 13, June

Moderator:  Amber

Minutes: Vreanie

On Call: Amber, Thom, Liz, Vreanie, Kelly, Shawman, Todd

MIA/ Late: Chickadawn

  • Vote to approve sending donation payments to school and burner charities -Unanimous Yes to sending.  Ga Burners without Borders– is one possibility. Assistance program — school donation
  • Designate new Treasurer.  Preferably ASAP so Shawman can train during burn close out process– Vreanie is taking over with Thom as the backup
  • Retreat– Dates?  Sept 15 – 17  
  • Proposal to Combine Retreat with the entire TFam– We are open to it if we can meet the criteria that is needed.  Separate meetings are a must. We need to know more info first before deciding finally.
  • Proposed new Members of the IPA– We need 4-5 people total– 3 to fill vacant seats on IPA and 1-2 HOPS (This is integral– we need these folks so that when folks need to drop off they can and we aren’t in a bind looking for new members to fill vacant seats like we are now.)   
  • Procedures for exiting members? And for discussing and voting on new members.
    • Shawman will transition to HOPS role through retreat, Thom to pull up into IPA role
    • Lizifer will stay on in full role through retreat
    • Need to understand ChickaDawn’s expectation– Vreanie to email regarding expectations
  • Afterburn report form for leads: Amber copied and updated the form to get data from the leads to get data.We need to send it out this weekend and we can give them till July 10th.  
    • Review Look at retreat agenda last year to find out who is assigned to write the afterburn.  Chickadawn had chosen to accept census and the afterburn report as hers tasks –
    • Need to determine if Chickadawn will be able to fulfill this responsibility; will discuss this at the next meeting.  
    • We would need to get a preliminary financial report out to the public by the end of July which would satisfy BM requirement for transparency
  • Make sure that each IPA members team leads have turned in their receipts and includes a list of expenses
  • Follow up on the Expulsion and Consent committee.– a good conversation at the retreat
    • We need to see the reports — we need to make sure that the IPA is copied on everything and kept in the loop.


END: 2127

Tuesday, 16, May

Moderator: Amber

Minutes: Vreanie

On Call: Amber, Thom, Shawman, Todd, Vreanie

MIA/ Late: Liz/ late – tech issue (2020) Kelly– Late; Dawn-late

  • sleep in truck?  If so, where to park it.It really needs to go to the parking lot- -where it can be accessed easily and be moved.
  • FRT lead resigned.  Vespa is taking over.
  • Thom – Deal on propane – $2.74 per gallon plus tax, no rental fee for the tanks  — We have to pick up and drop off ourselves.– We have to figure out how to pay for it on Tuesday.
  • City Planning questions:
    • Flags – who distributes?  City Planning can, when they put the signs out — This works for everyone.  They can send out an email blast and inform the theme camps the needed info.
    • Color of tape marking the boundaries of the theme camps? All they have is red, pink, or orange  leftover from last year.  Piecemeal what they have together with white as a supplement and switch to white only from here on out.
  • Health Dept.Update.  Talking to Jeff about the permit– we are good to go with the addition of a grey water tank
  • BTB/ Kids booklet update  Life has stepped in the way— and it has become more of a project than was previously thought– we are good with postponing this for next year.
  • Waiver– There are a couple of blanks that lawyer left that need to be filled in — -and then we really need to get this online.
  • Flow contract – sent to FLOW? It was sent but no confirmation —Shawman will make sure that it was received.
  • Todd– art team that is bringing the big peacock–3 artists– 2 assistants and one child.  Would they be allowed to enter on Wednesday?  Need to add to retreat agenda– Art entry and Theme camp entry need to be similar.  Or they can arrive Wed evening– to start on Thursday. 5pm.
  • Chickadawn:  What time are the leads meeting?  We are not supporting leads meeting at Ignite.  Wants to also connect with Burn field and other fire teams to coordinate things.
  • What is the last day to buy tickets– Friday is the last day to buy tickets.– the scanners need to be programmed this weekend.s
  • If someone shows up at 9am — then let them know they need to wait till 12 noon.  City Planning will send out an email to make sure that the theme camps are aware of the gate hours on Thursday
  • Dawn– traveling, etc — may need to leave Ignite on Sunday–Look at the schedule.
    • Does the schedule cover the shifts that need to be covered.  We have gone over the schedule and there are 2 people per shift per day.

End at 9:16pm


Tuesday, 9, May


Minutes: Amber

On Call: Amber, Vreanie, Todd, Thom, Shawman, Kelly, Dawn

MIA/ Late: Lizifer


  • Insurance Update – quick run down by Shawman of how it works, and making sure Lizifer knows to send in insurance updates  
  • FLOW Update – deposit checks have gone out, Vreanie finishing paperwork
  • Cart Gels – which ones to get? 3 packs of 16 single colors, $16 each (around $50 total) – should cover this year if we double, if we don’t, we have more for next year. Buy now on amazon prime. Is it in budget? (yes, we have some money aside) – approved by all
  • Ticket codes for late leads? – all covered, have been recently sent out as far as we know. Checking in w/Nick (Jay Lee Finch) to make sure everyone’s sentN.
  • Todd – push Center Campus to your camps so people can come participate on Friday night
  • Thom – propane rental source local to the event, reaching out to see if his connection from last year can still provide that service. (Charged for gas used and not for the tanks) – if we do, then mark the tanks.
  • Eternal Flame – (the one that burns all Tfus long, lights effigies, etc) Vespa has it, do we want it/can we support it at Ignite this year? Last minute thing…only about $50 most likely. Vreanie to take to BOD meeting and then Ignite vote after that? Nah. We can afford it, so willing to do it. Approved, Thom helping w/tanks.
  • General note: we are under budget from teams and burns and insurance
  • Next round of Art Grants go out this week.
  • Kelly – early entry question – is there a cap on theme camp members coming in on Thursday? If so, we need to get a list together. Nope, Thursday is open for all theme camps.
    • When are we all arriving? Spreadsheet link? Vreanie not arriving until Thurs AM, should be fine. Todd on Thurs evening due to school.
    • The volunteers who are signed up for Thursday need to be on a list
      • Sara from Gate is on it!
      • Amber to check in with DPW lead and co-lead to sort out their entry times. Jeff (lead) on Monday.
      • Amber to confirm with Jenna about inventory arrival time.

Early entry guidelines:

  • Tues afternoon,.  IPA, some BOD, and a few critical early infrastructure, like logistics and inventory truck.  These need to be here to get ready for Wed
  • Wed.  Infrastructure teams-  City Planning, parking traffic, DPW etc.  And team leads to get ready for Thur
  • Thur. Theme Camp setup crews and other team members.
  • Friday. Normal gates open.
  • Partners/SO riding with team leads are cool to arrive Wed.  A car/truck load of friends riding with leads are not, unless they have made arrangements to volunteer to help with infrastructure/team set-up.
  • Volunteers can arrive the afternoon prior if they have a morning shift the next day.
  • Wed entry gate closes at 8pm


Gate Hours


  • Thursday


      • Noon – 10pm: Theme camp entry


  • Friday
  • 9am – 12am General admission


      • After Dark – you must park first and carry your gear to your campsite


  • Saturday


      • 9am – 3pm General admission
      • All Day – you must park first and carry your gear to your campsite


  • Sunday


      • 9am – Gate opens for exodus if you simply must leave; however, Playforms and activities will still be happening all day Sunday!


  • Monday


    • 12 Noon – EXODUS
    • Site to be CLEAR (be gone with y’ins!)

Call ends 9:10 pm


Tuesday, 2, May

Moderator: Chickadee

Minutes: Amber

On Call: Amber, Lizifer, Todd, Shawman, Chickadee, Kelly

MIA/ Late: Thom, Vreanie


  • Will we want any shifts covered by another Planning Committee or BoD member?   Maybe a 3rd  person on shifts with us if we feel it’s needed?  
    • We’re comfortable without having them on-call, but procedure to reach a point of contact in case of escalation would be useful to sort out before the event. Especially considering the BOD changes for this year. Something less formal but having clear plans of their availability is good to have in case of emergency. We really need at least one sober person each day from the BOD to whom we could escalate. Include their camps w/availability list.
  • Alternate forms of ID for those without driver’s license?
    • We have used passports or mug shots in the past
    • Specifically w/folks in transition, we have to use their legal name due to legal reasons/waivers, even if that is not their preferred name.
    • Student or employee id as alternate minor acceptable forms of ID
    • Could we document their preferred name/ gender on their documentation, so we can identify as preferred name?
    • Liz to respond to Pez
  • Ticket report as of may 2nd
  • Work shifts at the event – Chick
    • Deadline for signing up? Need info for playform schedule to fully confirm availability/responsibilities. Liz to confirm w/ Andi schedule completion and release w/ Andi
  • Flow
    • New quote submitted within cost and with FLOW working to keep costs down with having limited resources during quiet parts of the burn.
  • Stickers shipped
  • Survival Guide: edit and final updates needed
    • Combustia map needs to be finalized
    • Kids policy needs to be approved by lawyer  
  • Waivers
    • IPA internally review then send to BoD and then Lawyer for approval
    • New towing clause needs to be approved by IPA and then BoD and then lawyer
      • Tow clause part of Waiver
    • Do we include “Transformus Town Hall” in these documents/website/branding
      • Yes, for this year, due to the Transformus issues and the opportunity to connect w/the community. Consider changes for the future.
      • Use Ignite town hall to see how community feels about that shift
  • Art cars
    • Amber to reply to confirm, but also ask them to keep the tires/ground well lit IF they are driving at night – art car w/gel color? For this year, we leave things as it is, and use blue for this year if needed…but consider art car gels for next year.
    • Create ignite mutant vehicles email addy that directs to IPA – since Combustia is not a very drive-able, we don’t need to create a whole team for that.
  • Todd – insurance follow up?
    • Time is of the essence, Shawman to text Conway to confirm status.
  • Kelly keeping eye on burn bans

Done! 8:52 pm


Tuesday, 25 April

Moderator: Todd

Minutes: Vreanie

On Call: Kelly, Liz, Thom, Todd, Vreanie, Shawman, Amber

MIA/ Late: Dawn (rehearsal)


  • Ranger Tshirts – Vote on approving payment – $357.24.  Quote with quantities in email, invoice to follow. Invoice ; Mock-up
    • Vote: YES: Kelly, Liz, Todd, Amber, Vreanie, Shawman
  • Radio test at Work/Play – New radios worked great, Jeff and Shawman determined a perfect location for repeater.  Gate and Security should be happy.  Discussion on exact quantities.  Worksheet for quantities here Test went well– There is a container by the barn and we will mount the repeater on that container.
    • Added 2 radios for Concierge SLAY drivers  Look at the email to make sure that your teams are covered for radios.  We should have at least 2- 3 backup radios.  We get half extra batteries.
  • Two people showing interest in Art burn.
    • We will have a variety show in the center campus on Friday night.
  • FLOW Quote – Same except ONE EMT instead of TWO.  There will be two CPR/FirstAid trained personnel manning First Aid station.  Awaiting response from FLOW on:  Are any of the security personnel EMTs? There is concern about not having enough staff on site– -So the idea of reducing the first aid from two to one is not a positive one.  There is the possibility of one of the security persons being an emt.  We prefer to have two emts so that there can be sleep and rest and no overtaxing of resources.  Vote still stands from previous meeting on paying the quote.
  • Todds onsite arrival — at this moment scheduled to work thursday and will most likely not be on site till thursday night.  
  • Leadership form: future hops– We should look over the current list of potentials and see them at Ignite and check them out kinda thing.
    • Current Inventory Lead.  Should meet.  Do we really want to move her at the moment.  
  • Reminder: Succession planning — As we move into the next planning session — retreat and re-deligation, etc.  Knowledge transfer– etc.  Liz dropping off IPA after this season– what should she pay attention to for the future transfer of knowledge thing.  We can start looking at cabins or places for retreat
  • Survival Guide update? Kelly is literally working on it now!  
    • In progress
    • Institute grey water policy? We have a container from Handy Jon—  on the property due to VA Law.- Shawman can you check on the cost of the grey water container with Handi Jon.
    • Vreanie needs to check with Jeff about the Permits.
    • AED – pads need to be replaced — adult and children. — $353.69 Last year: batteries, (2) Adult and (2) Ped pads.
  • Uhaul – Jenna needs to connect w/Shawman for contact # for corporate contact and reimbursement plans so she can complete reservation.  
  • Walk on topic– VRC  thoughts on whether or not it might be feasible to add 50 – 100 or any tickets. Volunteer stats– We are low on volunteers and we need our leads to advertise for volunteers– We should check with City Planning to see if there is any room at all.  And we need to check to see what is left ticket wise.  —We may be the only burn in this area.  
  • CPR Cert Class? Have we set up the class? We have not talked about having a class– Shawman is the contact person for Patrick  
  • IPA 2017 Shift Schedule
  • Reminder: Check-in on Patrick County – status on if there is a Burn ban or not on May 8, 15, and 22:  
    • (is there a better place to check?)
  • We need to get the list of radio call codes.

END: 2153


Tuesday, 18 April


Minutes: Vreanie, Liz

On Call: Amber, Vreanie, Liz, Thom, Dawn, Shawman, Todd

MIA/ Late: Kelly


    • FLOW: quotes are fully in the purview of Amber now, Aslan not involved in our quote and unaware of 30% hike. All quotes are increasing to create more Survivability for the company as a whole. Aslan to talk to Amber and reach back out to Shawman. Personally, Aslan indicates an openness to meeting in the middle of the increase, with awareness on our side of increase to be slated for next year. PENDING: feedback from Aslan’s contact w/ Aber (still outstanding as of this meeting)
      • Sidenote: Reached out to Nugget; Hogleg & Rambo have event insurance for EMS if we needed that as an option for next year


  • Bandanas are ordered; t-shirts deadline was yesterday (in theory), Shawman to check in w/ Lulu tomorrow
  • Carts: check sent for payment, ready to go
  • Portos: check sent for payment, ready to go
  • Work/ play: Radios should arrive at Shawman’s on Thursday for weekend test.
  • General updates:stickers should be done in time
    • Center–will advise as things come back to todd
    • Playform for spark scouts– stamped patches –very cool (liz will need to plan her shifts around the Playform scheduling)
    • We should look at the shift document for this year.– Liz has created a backup for 2017; should see it in 2017 documents (2017 IPA Shift Schedule)
  • Ranger Training for Ignite! is off per Ranger HQ– BR Rangers are at capacity– early and because we don’t have 10 signed up — they cancelled us.  Thank you, Dawn for all your hard work on this project!
  • Sanctuary is without a lead  Shawman please email regarding the Sanctuary check.  
  • Combustia map– Thom is sharing the map– there are more people involved in theme camps than in previous years.– wants to publish on May the 6th.  
  • Signage Co lead is not able to make the event —
  • Inventory lead got forms out to get inventory requests  
  • Content for email reply to disability question
    • Where did we land? Are we ok for having someone as a resource, or do we want a team? For discussion at retreat?
    • No need for this year (so close to the event, and mostly handled by City Planning/ Placement), but perhaps request if she would be willing to be a resource in the interim?
    • VH1 to respond
  • What is status of insurance? Conway has followed up on, they are looking at it. Shawman will have weekly touchpoint to keep it going

Fini: 2100


Tuesday, 11 April

Moderator: Todd

Minutes: Vreanie

On Call: Todd, Dawn, Vreanie, Kelly, Liz, Amber, Shawman

MIA/ Late: Thom

  • Volunteering – encourage the community to sign up! Sign ups are low and all of us should post about needed volunteers and talk  with our team leads.
  • U-haul: (Amber) still trying to get quote, policies changed at Uhaul. Phones always busy. –Amber is trying to get through on the actual phone– they will no longer let people make online reservations.  Shawman will get Amber the regional reps name and number
  • Center campus stage about to post  Todd to get more info out there and connect people – center campus and playforms folks to combine stuff.
  • FLOW –Rates have gone up— significantly gone up.  Please reference email — Shawman would check on Jamcare.  We need to look at options and before we make decisions we should double check with BoD.  Bottom Line– we need to discuss the options.  Pay it– negotiate–cut out first aid–or look at others.  We need to definitely let the board know.  This cost would be a full 20% of our budget going to FLOW for medical and security.  Sending an email to the person (I believe it is Andi) that is working out the overall contract. Vote on paying the contract as quoted:  Shawman– Yes  Liz- -Yes, Todd– yes, Dawn–yes,  Kelly– Yes, Amber–yes, Vreanie– yes,  Thom–abstain  Motion Carries  
  • Ranger training – Chick We can give one more week– we still need 3 people to sign up for us to still have the training.  
  • Budget approval
    • Greatly/DMT- Kelly $ 185.02 – Approved   Name change?  They know what we think and they will decide from there.
  • Insurance — already covered earlier in the convo– talked to Conway about looking into the insurance
  • Stickers are moving right along
  • Offsite parking- close to Spirithaven — Talking to neighbors about possibly using their properties — there is a lot of logistics to think about if we were to use an offsite lot this year.  Propose checking out parking lots on the golf cart at the event.  Not a lot of interest in using off site parking this year
  • Thom says that City Planning has preliminary placement– there is progress and he will let us more next week.  Next year we make it official that city planning be the disablitiy team
  • Issue with Visa card-  The official address has changed from Dana to Conway.  Shawman to double check everything.


Tuesday, 4 April

Moderator: lvf

Minutes: lvf

On Call: TRav, Amber, Shawman, Kelly, LVF, Chick

MIA/ Late: Thom (Jackie in wreck), Vreanie (work function)


  • Contracts Update, and votes to OK deposits:
    • McTron Golf Carts.  Same number as last year, credit applied to this year for last’s down cart.  
    • Handy Jons – Same as last year,
    • Event Radio Rentals – Quote for same number of radios as last year.  They supply Motorolas, are less expensive than the cheap Triton’s we got last year.  Credit will be given for our demo rental cost.
      • VOTE:  Shawman clear to send deposits as needed on the above.
        VOTE: all approve these deposits


  • Flow Event Services – Aslan and Amber contacted, contract will be sent this week.  Duplicate of last year.  Propsal: If contract is no more than 3% over last year’s, auto approve; have vote w/ IPA if more than 3%
      • VOTE: all on call approve this measure
  • Kids Flags are in hand – Shawman will bring onsite
  • Ranger Training discussion – Chick
    • Have 8 max so far, must have 10
    • Do we abandon offering for this year?
    • Maybe offer a playform about BRC Rangering — Dawn will register a playform to demystify BRC Rangers
    • Chickadawn will contact those who registered to ask them
  • Kids’ lighting
    • Do we abandon?
    • Doesn’t seem like a wise use of funds, given abundance of blinky and bright
    • Those who most need it are least likely to wear it
  • U-haul quote in progress, just got the size/cost/rental dates from last year. Will send out to email asap – Amber
  • Update On-site Contact list

END: 2052


Tuesday, 28 March


Minutes: Amber

On Call: Vreanie, Shawman, Todd, Thom, Amber, Lizifer (in and out), Dawn, Kelly (had to leave early) … Guest –Artina

MIA/ Late:

  • Artina: Spark Scouts (allot half hour at head of meeting: 15 min for review, 15 for questions. May not be necessary to take the full time. I will share the invite info for her for this one meeting) — will meet w/ us 28 Mar (she didn’t get the updated calendar invite)
    • Making the most of the spark scouts – proposing to block out ticket purchasing based on more specific age groups to determine age-appropriate programs (preteens & teens, especially) – to ensure they are camping in appropriate areas and we know who they are with (parents, siblings ?), and if they are interested in spark scouts, specifically – something through sign up process (through BPT?) Todd to look into. Ways to contact tickets buyers – email from BPT harvest generally opposed by most, consensus on sending through musings outreach.
    • Vreanie & Lizifer going to hash through last year’s waivers to get some numbers (Vreanie – let me know when you’re back and let me know if you want me to come over or if you want to sprawl out in the den at HRL)
    • Kids under 5 – programs include parents (no dropoffs!)
    • Kids 6-12 – not needed to include parents, more like daycamp, working w/volunteer camps
    • 13-17 range – no parental supervision, not like school at all, interactive, mid-day, and late night – theme camps sponsor late night pavilion (center camp) activities? Video game/projector/similar ideas for center camp – how to get camps to sponsor.
    • Send interested parties to [email protected]
    • Spark scouts inventory: Artina used personal equipment last year, asking for a budget for basic equipment. We will earmark it for going forward. Vreanie offering to try to find some tent/table infrastructure if available
    • How to encourage volunteer teams to interact w/spark scouts (shifts open to parents + kids, etc?)  IPA to email their leads to check in w/how that would work.
    • Spark scouts HQ: Giant map w/kid friendly areas highlighted on it (work w/signage?), burn this booklet, liaison point, etc.
    • Comprehensive lists of kids/age/parents, markers to indicate age.
    • Thom: Can we put identifying info on the kid’s band – where they camp, who their people are, etc.? We did that last year w/sharpie. Ask family advisory board/fb group how the sharpied bracelets work.
  • Shawman – my schedule- busy personal life, may be a bit delayed in replying?
  • Uhaul rental – will continue through email, Amber & Shawman coordinating to get paid
  • Carts – price will not change this year, $1,700 – we are getting a credit for a cart that was out of service last year. Shawman still gathering details. Everyone agrees it’s ok to put down a 50% deposit.
  • Retreat
  • Radios – demo and credit.  Approval needed for expense. Rent radios for retreat weekend, and try other radios that do not require repeater? Would cost shipping + weekend rental to test those radios. If we go w/the demo, we’d recoup some of those costs.
    • Also considering spots of where the repeater is placed and weather protection options since we use all available tents in Inventory.
  • Potties – same number as last year? That’s what was on the paperwork Shawman got from them. Perfect.
  • Kids’ policies – legal review? We have not heard from Treat about it yet.
  • New Structure on the property– huge –still have yet to get the sketch from Scott– should have by the end of the week.
    • 12×50, large, next to trailer on property
  • Kids/Adults Camp Flags – number in inventory?  Do we need to reorder?
    • Should be some in inventory (logistics or city planning?) long boxes
  • Teams that need bandanas – Need count for each team, and how to get them out to camps? Thom was unfamiliar with that from last year (as a theme camp organizer)


Tuesday, 21 March



On Call: Amber, Liz, Thom, Todd, Vreanie, Shawman, Chickadawn,

MIA/ Late: Kelly

  • Artina: Spark Scouts (allot half hour at head of meeting: 15 min for review, 15 for questions. May not be necessary to take the full time. I will share the invite info for her for this one meeting) — will meet w/ us 28 Mar (she didn’t get the updated calendar invite)
  • Content? MM content due Monday, March 27th for Monday, April 3rd issue
    • Need Ranger callout // dawn
    • Need build weekends promotion
    • Promote playform registration
    • SIDEBAR: communication of regular updates to IGN site, updates about leadership/ what it entails, how
  • Team budgets
    • 11P – updated and sent to Shawman
    • Temple – rec’d today and sent ahead to IPA for review
      • $393.16
      • Approved: Vreanie, Todd, Dawn, Amber, Kelly, Shawman, Lizifer (Thom too, even though his vote doesn’t count)
  • Sticker vote
  • Facebook post? Email
    • Attorney — need VA, need policy review (Vreanie to look up and reach out):
    • Need to mount on site like, ASAP
    • Policy on closing conversations of this nature on the group – mirroring laissez faire responses demonstrated by BOD/ TLC
      • Who contacts to advise and get details? Thom to reach out, will delete upon notification of policy from Vreanie
      • Who reports to the consent (??) team — kelly to find out name of team and how to be able to communicate out to them
      • How do we communicate about the [consent??] team outward [email protected]  Carter Catbird Chad and DTR
      • Do we delete the thread/ comments?
      • How do we remind the community how to contact us?
      • Vreanie to check in w/ BOD about thread/ deletion policy
  • Potential board people – chick  leadership interest form
  • Ranger training report – Chick Concerns about the Ranger training not happening — 8 people are signed up as of now — we need 2 more — May 1st is the BM deadline
  • Health Dept. Need to find map for the placement of the porto jons.  Need to get a $40 check and all should be mailed out by the end of the week.
  • Follow up: Amber – Shimmi contact? ATV — if it is an art car then yes –ask her for an image sketch  Kelly: policy? No progress as of yet


Tuesday, 14 March

Moderator: Amber


On Call:Thom, Liz, Kelly, Amber, Todd, Shawman, Vreanie,


MIA/ Late:

  • RESCHEDULE TO NEXT WEEK (guest speaker is ill): Artina: Spark Scouts (allot half hour at head of meeting: 15 min for review, 15 for questions. May not be necessary to take the full time. I will share the invite info for her for this one meeting)
  • Team budget approvals — DPW  — Amber to talk to Jeff Carver the new lead and get that done asap.  Reminders to both Gate and Greatly/DMT  to get their budgets in asap.  Signage — laminator discussion.  Beth is still deciding on which model that she wants to get and looking to ballpark the budget and see if that helps for the moment– $500 is the goal.  
  • Children’s ATV policy discussion. We need to develop a policy on children on motorized vehicles.  Shawman believes that we should limit vehicles to a real art car or a mobility challenged individual.  No motorized vehicles unless they are pre-approved art cars  or mobility function.  (Liz– please make sure I got this right).  Local pedestrian walking speed.  Valid Driver’s license
    • No motorised vehicles that are not pre-authorised art cars, authorised mobility vehicles, or on official event business
    • Must be a licensed driver
    • No intoxicants allowed
    • Amber to reply for IPA
    • Kelly to drafting policy for insertion to the website, will send to Vreanie for BOD review


  • Drone policy discussion — Isn’t there a policy from Tfus already in place for this?  It is believed that it was listed as a part of the b-side of the Tfus waiver from 2016. But it is not there– we need to develop a policy for Ignite.
    • BM policy:
    • LVF sent email to BOD requesting Tfus policy, if it exists
    • Going to check on the above two points and develop a policy for Ignite based on info gotten from them.  Todd is to look into this.
  • DMV policy discussion-  This can stay with City Planning for them to keep up with art cars and such.  We should develop an onsite motorized vehicle policy.  Fire effects on art cars will need additional approval from FRT.  
      • 2107: lost internet, lost hang
  • Waiver update? The waiver on site is dated 2016 – update is in process by Kelly, to be sent to lawyer/BOD as needed.
  • Radios – 4w Motorola’s may work without repeater.  Approx same cost.  Upgrades may work if not.  Quote from a vendor below. Does not include shipping.  Can rent a demo set for site visit and get amount taken off event rental.
    • Shawman has gotten quotes and will be looking as more — it is very possible that we could be under current budget for this year.
  • Health dept fee check – documentation??  Is there enough time to get it knocked out and pushed through? — yes we are on time for this– I intend to have it to Jeff Turner by the end of the week– I have already talked with him by email and he said to change the dates and send it in
    • Shawman you should get an email from Vreanie in the next couple of days to send a $40 check to pay for Health Dept application fees.  
  • Logistics?   Shawman has reconnected with Logistics and is looking into getting the team up to speed.  
  • Other contract updates. — Andi has been emailed for status to Flow contracts.  Shawman has sent Flow a status update request email as well.
    • Handy Jons is not responding as of yet in regards to Shawman’s calls.  
    • Golf cart vendor have been attempted contacting as well
    • Going to use the same generator as last year– $25 + gas can?  will need to be added to the budget to pay for the gas and additives for said generator
  • Do we want 2 people on IPA to have access to debit card?  Right now Shawman is the only one to have access as needed. Probably not a bad idea to have a second person.  The second person should have access to the accounts.  Vreanie will learn quickbooks and will have access and will get with Conway about this.  
  • Forward the email regarding work/play weekend dates to the rest of the IPA  so that we can decide on the best way to do this.


Tuesday, 2/28/17



On Call: Amber Pixie, Lizifer, Vreanie, TRav, Kelly, Chickadawn, Shawman

MIA/ Late: Thom is driving and will try to log in from his car


  • FRT Firetruck – Chick– The big issue is that there will be authority on the property.  We would be more inclined to be able to do this if it is during the day and only for a specific period of time.  Thom would like a possible write up on what it is—per Vespa it is for a specific playform  or for fire safety– tabled till we get more info.
  • Site visit/work play weekend -Kelly  Vreanie has sent an email to Spirithaven to check and see if there are any things to do and what weekends would be good.  V will follow up via email.
  • Switch from biweekly to weekly meetings– Start meeting weekly starting March 14th.  We can change to another day of the week if we want to.  
    • Calendar invites
    • Shawman will create calendar update
  • Ranger training 5 signed up, need 10 – Chick -The Entire IPA needs to put out announcements about the Ranger Training.  The word will get out and better seen if it comes from everyone and not just one person.   Chickadee can we get a blurb written up so that we can sound like we know what we are doing and can copy and paste the blurb into different groups and on different pages?  Adding to interbecs list
  • Center campus update TR- Meetings were had — Variety show on friday night– at least 2 open mic times and a kid show on sunday.  Stage manager and mic person?  Lighting on site? Shawman can provide so lighting gear and video if needed.  Decorative ideas and backstage ideas.  Live music or can we get some djs involved as well– it is mostly leaning towards live music and alternative spaces for alternative performances.  Would be interested in a work/play weekend– Kelly has sound gear and such.
  • Sticker low submissions TR – There have not been a lot of submissions for the sticker design.  Early april is when the sticker needs to be ordered.  Extend it to the 10th and decide by the 21st.  No objections.
  • Illumnaughty back to needing co-lead. We need a co lead that can come in early and stay late
  • BTB/ Colouring books: update –
    • Do we have money budgeted for the BTB? We could consider it a team– it could be folded into those budgets. No spark scout seed money this year.  There is $492 for overages.
    • Liz met with Heather from the comms perspective– Kids specific programming and such– but from a coloring book images.  There are a lot of choices on where we get the images from –a lot.  Flashpoint initiative — we have permission to use them.  Todd to get art grant info LVF for requesting line drawings/ art for the colouring book to use
    • We need to decide what needs to go in it and how many pages said booklets would be. What needs to be cut.  Todd had an idea for a more newspaper type booklet that was folded up — front page with basic info– a full page with playform information– back page could be the “comics” for the kids. Newsprint could be cheaper than regular paper.  The kids booklet could be an insert into the the main booklet. Artina sent thom her proposals — current tfus btb– 158 pages– one color and one bw copy.  Each theme camp gets one color and one bw.  Map creator.  DCP for the placements of the theme camps and art. Spark scouts could use the same cover design but not colored with the logo embedded.  We need to make sure that we have crayons as well so that we have them available for the kids to use.
  • DMT and Traffic/Parking questions – Kelly – will follow up offline with these questions
  • Budget approvals
    • What is rubber stamp? Dollar amount — $200 — if it is under it is automatic.  No sway included.
    • What budgets are missing still?  
      • DPW – in progress – under $100
      • Inventory – in progress – mostly just truck/gas
      • Conclave is at $100 for fuel. Done!
      • Greatly/DMT – in progress
      • Gate – in progress
      • Traffic/Parking – submitted, need to move to appropriate financial folder


    • Budgets in drive:
      • Ranger – tshirts are the question for this budget–Shawman did t shirts. Putting lead in touch with Shawman
      • Illuminaughty $445.33  Check!
      • city planning $129.37 — Check!
      • Frt – $130 –Check!
      • Sanctuary $80.06 Check!
      • spark scouts $260.00 — Check!
      • Pimps – $151 — Check!
      • 11p $370 — looking to trim the budget down to less choices of buttons and stickers.  Get back with the IPA with the altered budget at next meeting.
      • Traffic/Parking – $ 102 — Check!
      • Signage $381.06  — Beth needs to look into a new laminator to add to the budget — come back to next meeting
      • FRT Mileage– $295– Check!
      • FRT Playform– $105 — Check!
  • Effigy Update – material mod, need co-lead –Shawman did not approve the materials — Billy is coming back with modified list.  Needs a co-lead. — is looking to get someone during the open builds.
  • Double check that the leadership form to see that everyone is on the list.
  • Vespa just said that the truck is for a playform:  “it would be a limited time playform. It’s felt if it was an official truck then we might have more response and create a more participatory playform.”


Sunday, 2/12/17


Minutes: TRav

On Call: Called off

Email notes:

  • Todd art grants 1st checks are processing, was going to make a FB post announcement this week VDay “for love of art….”
  • Center Campus is my main focus now with Illumnaughty also in process
  • sticker contest also in motion with more poking of fb this week.
  • Shawman all look over  Billy’s effigy proposal
  • Thom needs thoughts and inclusions for Burn this Booklet via email.


Sunday, 1/29/17



On Call: Vreanie, Todd, Chickadee, Thom, LVF

MIA: Amber, Shawman (2120 arrival as meeting winding down))

Delayed due to work: Kelly


  • Art grant update jury call tuesday night — Tuesday night– jury of 4 people — would like to find a 5th person.  If we know of anyone then let Todd know– He will make a post tomorrow if not.  
  • Discussion: Conclave/ co-lead concern
  • Discussion: internal mechanics– We all need to pay attention to who needs to do what and to get all of the stuff done in a timely manner. We should all contact our leads and let them know that they should only be contacting their liaison and not anyone else.
  • Discussion: Do we want to have work/ play? Site visit? Shall we combine? Have discussion via email. Vreanie to draft email to continue discussion


Sunday, 1/15/17

Moderator: Todd

Minutes: Amber

On Call: Amber, TRav, LVF, Kelly, ChickaDawn, Vreanie (call in while driving), Thom (late)

MIA: Shawman


  • Ticket sale update
    • 240 sold out of 300 at 1800
    • Directed ticket codes released to leads, etc. Todd tracking who has received invites or not, and when used.
  • Volunteer sign-ups
    • When are we opening sign-ups? Only a few teams in, Logistics is live as of Jan 15. We were aiming to have shifts ready to go by Jan 16, whoever is ready can go live – unsure who was going to “flip the switch” on volunteer sheets, leads or webteam?
      • Making announcement for website/social media/Musings
      • Let’s go live with what we have, and just use strong promotion as each team comes online – we help boost their promos.
      • Lizifer will let Amber know when they are live for FB promo for whatever teams are ready.
      • When is inventory getting on site?  Tuesday (unsure what hour)
    • Inventory question
      • Asheville loading parties counting as shifts? Agreed, but make sure to impress that it’s a normal volunteer shift and not a free golden ticket.
      • Make it clear to team leads how inventory process works. Last year team leads were taking things out of the Uhaul.
      • Draft inventory protocol to share w/team leads so that we can set expectations.
      • Information about the Uhaul from last year? Abi arranged last year? 2016 planning document might have details. Maybe 16ft? Larger might be an issue getting on property.
      • Get with inventory team lead to schedule inventory pull lists and requests from teams.
    • Outstanding lead registration/ gaps for permissions – some teams aren’t registered on the site and don’t have access to sheets.  Three teams not registered: DPW, Kids, Center Campus, Effigy. ASAP so they can access wordpress admin & volunteer sheets.
      • Also getting Illuminaughty set up and registered properly.


  • Admin/ Groups: Team leads emails updates
    • How to access admin console/sign ups covered.
  • Teams getting on site when?  Gate, Signage, how early? Inv. on Tuesday, DPW on Tues or Wed. Most leads on Wed. Theme camps on Thurs. Gate not needed until Thurs am. but can arrive on Wed to set up personal stuff.
    • Chickadawn will set up spreadsheet to share w/all leads of when to get onsite.


END: 2105


Tuesday, 1/3/17

Moderator: Liz

Minutes: Liz & Vreanie

On Call:Amber, Chickadawn, Kelly, Liz, Thom, Todd, Vreanie

Late: Shawman–Late


  • Who all will be attending: Vreanie, Liz,
    • Brief (wellllll… it was Liz, so…) overview of benefits of event and who might be present, programming.
  • Mysterian Musings content for January
    • Chickadawn putting together a piece for Ranger Training include a link for a survey
    • Theme camp info is there.  No info on Ticket sales.
    • Write up a blurb to remind everyone to go check Volunteer signups if they haven’t already.
    • Playforms? LVF following up w/ Andi
    • Write up a blurb for the sticker contest that will begin on Feb. 1st.
  • Note about the next meeting on Sunday evening–it may be hard to comply while driving back from Southeastern Roundtable.
  • All IPA members to touch base with their individual leads about budgets
  • LVF to reach out to all lead email list about setting up their shifts
  • Tickets: need totals, need idea of art grant reserves, need to get to Joe. 15 for art grants.  Todd taking point on tickets.  Talk to burn leadership and set aside enough for all burns.  Go through the document and count up all leads tickets and the place holders.
  • DPW lead potential –
  • Volunteer sign ups need to be mentioned on the website and facebook — musings will not come out until after sign-ups begin.
  • Emails should have a detailed subject line with the burn name, year, topic.
  • Budget question from Thom.  Signage budget needs to be gone over — Let the lead go over it.  The radio cheat sheet is usually in high demand and there are not as many as needed…  Shawman will give his opinion on getting the cheat sheets for the radio channels done on site or before hand– do we need a laminator on site, etc.

BUDGET: Leads provide to IPA: Feb1
BUDGET: IPA discussion: Feb 28
TASK: Sticker art – 1 Feb- 28 Feb


Tuesday, 12/27



On Call: LVF, KAB, TRav, VH1, Shawman

Late/MIA: Chicka, Thom, Amber

  • Roundtable
  • Tickets? — Directed tickets for the art grant folks — no problem with Todd say something to encourage folks to go ahead and send in their submission before the second round of sales — move deadline to the 13th.
    • Todd to announce directed tickets for the art grants
    • Jury to convene 16-22 Jan
    • Info to the IPA on 23 Jan
  • Volunteer shifts? The leads need to have their shifts up on the website by the end of day on the 14th. Then can send reminders after ticket sales are closed to all ticket holders to go volunteer.
  • Effigy Builder
  • Donations- Atl chapter of Burners without Borders to allocate where it may be needed.
  • Contracts — Flow may be taken care of by BoD but shawman needs to be on top of regardless.


Tuesday, 12/20

Meeting moved from 12/20 to 12/27 due to holiday conflicts. May be moved to email exclusively instead.

  • PIMPS: query out about when to open registration – IPA discussion planned for 1 Jan, but is this best option? TBD
  • Email to all IPA re: ticket sales monitor and herder– Todd
  • All: about 20 leads are in the registration doc. Some teams will need placeholders


Tuesday, 12/6

Moderator: TRav

Minutes: Vreanie

On call: VH1, TRav, LVF, Amber, Kelly, Thom

Late: Dawn, Shawman

  • DMT + Greeters (leadership discussion) Will contact both Jawsh and Eli to discuss his email.  If the gate is functional –then all teams should be up and running.  What portion of the population camped with theme camps
  • Succession planning document discussion  We should accept a succession planning document by next year, we have options to change our term limits or accept the one already adopted. We can continue this discussion via email.
    • Who will step down in what order
  • Upcoming Musings content (camp registration/ Thom & Sparklehorse, round one sales info & pimp round two sales/ liz, art grants /Todd, Center Campus/ Todd, Art Burn Pimp, what else?) We need to get content to Artina next week.– Due Monday.  
  • Center Campus stage. Contact for Fixxer? [email protected]
  • Addendum received and signed
  • Community info transmission (ticket sale finalisation, etc)
  • Inventory Lead: Leadership registration:
  • Don’t forget: volunteer schedules need to be built into
  • Theme camp announcements
  • Beth Walker is going to be signage lead.  Beth will develop her own team. Thom to check with Scott about current signage on site.


Tuesday, 11/22

Moderator: Amber

Minutes: Vreanie

On call: Lizifer, Vreanie, Todd, Amber Pixie, Kelly, Shawman

MIA/Late: Chickadawn, Thom

  • Round 1Ticket sales –
    • Update ticket sales page
    • Update BPT ticket sales page
    • Communicate with Ignite team
    • Waiver– okay to wait to get it done until roughly March/April
    • Facebook ticket sales reminder
    • wording and timing  — Do we need to have a formalized announcement on the Facebook page.  Amber volunteering to write  up a reminder about ticket sales. We need to codify our announcements so that we can identify our posts as official announcements at a glance.
      • Planned for Thursday, one week in advance
      • TICKET REMINDER: [body text]
  • Set volunteer schedules on (on by 1 December?)We can push it out to the second round –to be fair to all who buy tickets
    • Inventory shifts? Amber/ LVF to talk offline about scheduling what this would need/ could be
  • Team Leads
    • Any missing holes?
      • Inventory –
      • DPW– P
      • Illuminaughty —
      • Effigy– Commitment to Leadership and leadership registration form completion– Send out to the Leads to fill out as soon as possible.
  • Mysterian Musings topics (next deadline 12/12 for submission to comm)
    • Round 2 ticket sales (IPA as a whole) — Amber
    • Volunteer sign ups–hold till after second round.  –Talk about it in the January musings. (Kelly)
    • Playform development promotion (LVF to track)
    • Theme camp registration promotion (thom to track)
    • Art grant submission reminder (Todd)
    • Art burn submission reminder (Shawman)


  • Communications planning –Liz has had a couple of meetings with the communication– Liz is leading communications standards for the Tfus Family of Burns.  We look at what needs doing and assign different people but they don’t get it done.  One person to do the organizing and writing for the reminders. So Vreanie will be on top of who is writing what and getting the notices done–by the deadlines.
    • NOTES: in short, all channels should be consistent – if it’s on the Page, it should be on the site.
      • FB: Announcements should be made on the PAGE, then shared to the group
      • Standardised announcements: FROM THE IPA/ TICKETS/ ANNOUNCEMENTS/ LEADERSHIP/ whatever
    • Discussions that start on facebook — we should build a blog post around those posts or conversations that are important and post it on the website.
    • Kelly is going to start a FAQ for Ignite that covers some of the most recent questions–email them to Kelly and she will collate.
  • Sent the Addendum to Scott and Kay
  • Contributions to the schools?  Donation divvying up– Sending half to Atl Burners without Borders  and half to seed the Ignition Assistance Program.
  • We are officially sanctioned for 2017 from Burning Man.  
  • Ignition assistance program– BM was excited about the program.  We explore non-monetary ways of helping and then if we need to give money we can.

Fini: 2126

Tuesday, 11/8

Moderator: Todd

Minutes: Vreanie

On call: Kelly, Thom, Vreanie, Todd, Chickadawn, Shawman

MIA: LVF (on work call)


Talking about what to talk about

  • Email conversations; Holes in Leadership, etc. DPW needs a lead.—
  • Checking to see if Afterburn is live and good. And yes it is live and awesome! Financials need to be looked at — the links are confusing. Link did not hyperlink to pdf. Amber is looking at it.  Technical jargon.
  • Signage
  • Thom added t-shirts and bandanas to his list of responsibilities
  • When would people need to be onsite– tuesday for inventory and core teams by wednesday. Exodus– Monday everyone off by noon with a bit of grace for team leads and such later that day– -tuesday– shawman usually stays on late–Final DPW — LNT — and just the little things.
  • LNT may should be married to the DPW in actuality — right now it is with Greatly which is mostly an educational thing
  • Musings: having a blurb for outreach to find a specific leader for specific things.  Shawman sent in the Art Burn musings article.  
  • Addendum Update:
  • Team History Archival
  • More Talk on DPW  
  • Onsite VC — will PIMPs be more in that role for this year?  We can unofficially encourage PIMPs to help with finding onsite volunteers that are needed in a pinch.
  • Shawman update: the board has approved the organization wide – the switchover to Quickbooks.  Shawman would like to go ahead and purchase the system — But not enough folks on call to vote.  The Bod needs make the purchase and then we can follow.  Shawman needs to contact the BOD and find out intentions.  We all approve Shawman talking to the BoD about it all.  

And Done!


Tuesday, 10/25

Moderator: Todd

Minutes: Vreanie

On call: Kelly, Todd, Vreanie, Thom, LVF

MIA/Late: Shawman, Amber, Chickadee


  • Notes from the BoD Retreat
  • Budget approved


      • Term limit review (broad strokes overview: 1 year HOPS, expectation of 3 year minimum term on a board, max of 7 year in a planning committee – at that time, can request change of event, if desired, OR take a break or bail completely)


  • Contract Addendum for Spirithaven


    • Yay! Art timeline —
      • Reserve tickets for grant recipients?
      • Ticket sales:
        • Round 1: 1 Dec
        • Round 2: 15 Jan


  • Musings topics review


  • END: [time here]


Tuesday, 10/11

Moderator: Todd

Minutes: Vreanie

On call: Vreanie, LVF, TRav, AmberPixie,Thom

BoD: Andi

MIA/Late: Chickadawn (no power), Kelly(Late), Shawman?


  • Newsletter
  • Art announcements
  • Soliciting Team Leads.
  • Signage discussion – what is needed
  • Conclave
  • Illuminaughty
  • Contract Addendum
  • Calendar & Due Dates Review Art grants
    • 1 October – 1 Jan
    • Announcements: 1 October
    • Submissions: Oct – December
    • Solicit jury members during this time
    • Jury to convene 3 Jan- 22 Jan
    • Decisions to report to IPA for checks and ticket math by 23 Jan
    • Art grants checks in hand to winners by 1 Feb
  • Ticket Sales announcements throughout Oct/ Nov (scheduled in calendar)
  • Effigy design Nov 15 – Jan 15(Shawman to manage all communications)
    • No jury
    • IPA to decide by 31 Jan
    • checks cut no later than 15 Feb
  • Art burn submission – 15 Nov – 15 January (Shawman to manage all communications)
    • solicit jury members during this same time
    • 15 Nov – 15 January (Shawman to manage all communications)
    • IPA to decide by 31 Jan

END: 2111


Tueday, 9/27

Moderator: TRav

Minutes: LVF

On call: Vreanie, Todd, Shawman, Amber Pixie, Chickadawn, Kelly

BoD: n/a

MIA/Late: Thom, Andi


  • Amber question: leadership question – how do we manage inventory across events, finding leads
  • Thank you VH1 for talking to Scott about insurance
    • VH1 to talk to scott re: per head cost – by Friday, so LVF can announce sales 1 October
  • Ignite! Budget to BOD
    • Kids tickets: no price change
    • Shawman following up w/ Conway
    • Shawman to discuss Quicken/ QuickBooks options w/ Conway
  • BRC Ranger
    • Chickadee has contacted – must have 10 people intending to go to BRC and work a shift
  • Announcement for ticket sales
    • TBD based on Shawman’s discussion w/ Conway
    • TBD based on BOD approval?
  • Afterburn: next newsletter goes out in a few weeks, do we want to include then? Chickadawn will send out afterburn survey
  • Review of header items in agenda
  • Team Leads
  • Effigy: discussion for builder options
  • Discussion: calendar updates, website update check up in agenda
  • Next newsletter: Family Advisory Board, Ignition Assist announcement

END: 2106