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Ignition: Assistance

One of the things that keeps many of us coming back to the events is the sense of community we feel on site. To that end, many of our Combustizans are tightly connected to one another and rely on this […]

Ignite! 2015 Policies for Burners under 18 years old

Please carefully review these guidelines and expectations if you plan on bringing burners under the age of 18 Ignite! is delighted to welcome burners of all ages.  In order to provide a safe experience for all participants, we have created […]

2015 Theme Camp Registration Open!

Greetings, fellow Combustians! Ignite! City Planning would like to announce that the theme camp registration period is finally open. To register, please click on the following link.

All theme camps are required to have their registrations submitted no later than Friday, April 10th.

We will do our best to accommodate submissions after this date, but your placement might not be possible. Feel free to contact [email protected] with questions regarding registering your camp. We look forward to seeing you at Ignite!