I started burning in 2012 when I helped form a theme camp with a bunch of other virgins (mostly). Starting in 2015 I lead City Planning for Ignite until joining the IPA in 2018. I’ve also dabbled in leading or co-leading Art Team for Transformus. I enjoy the dichotomy between cacophony/structure, landscapes/wastelands, and strong coffee/water. Creative INTJ into cooking, art, music, podcasts, dancing poorly, and travel. I value open-mindedness and experience over possessions.   


Alchemy 2015, the infamous Alcamud, was my first burn. Everything went wrong and I should not have come back but on the final day, I realized the magic of just jumping in with two feet, so here I am. I’ve led City Planning for Ignite for 2018, 2019, and 2020. I’ve been a Brigadier General (coLead) for the Transformus Brigadier team for 2018 and 2019. I’m an outgoing ESFJ into music, seeing concerts, flirting, being in charge of things, and being curious. Smiling is my favorite and I hope to continue to bring smiles to the members of the community.


My first burn was Transformus 2005. I went in as a newish fire spinner / sparkle pony and by 2008 was writing my first “JoeJoe’s burning tips” and began my leadership journey as Tfus conclave lead. I joined the Tfus BoD in 2012, and still got to work with the burn field teams for years organizing the fiery chaos. I’ve also worked with web team, manage tickets, redesigned our entry and exodus procedures, and sorted out our technical and physical infrastructure. In 2013 I helped found Ignite as one of the Town Hall Committee (pre IPA), and brought forward the ideas for Playforms which are now a staple of Ignite. I was part of designing and founding the separate BoD and TLC and participated in both while also acting as advisor to the new Ignite Planning Association. Until 2017 when I stepped back from Tfus BoD and TLC to join the IPA. I’ve attended other burns including Burning Man but for me nothing beats the burn that brought me in and the burn I helped give birth to. This community has changed me for the better and I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing people to create these events year over year. In my non burn organizing time I hang out with my partner, try to still be a gamer, enjoy making art with new tech, continue to update my burning tips, even have a daytime job doing nerd / manager / fraud prevention things for a bank, and when possible hosting board game days or food related parties at our house for burners and friends. 


My first burn was in Missouri in 2014, where my friend accidentally set our tent up in the middle of a sound camp dance floor and I was a total sparklepony. I decided to try Transformus in 2015, got a concussion on the slip-n-slide, and was somehow magically hooked. I was Volunteer Coordinator Lead and Art Team Co-Lead at Transformus 2018, and joined the IPA in September of that same year. I currently specialize in continued IPA-ness, Ranger leadership at Transformus and a few other regionals, running a theme camp (Red White & Brew!), trying to keep my beehive alive, and collecting dogs.


My burn career began with designing a logo for and helping to build/bring a first time theme camp to Transformus in 2012. The Fire Triangle theme camp was awesome, and I saw a crazy conglomeration of people in the woods, coming together and creating, just for the sake of creating. I knew I was home. The next year, I was co-lead for a new team called Inventory. After a few years of helping with that for Transformus and Ignite, I moved to the Signage team for both burns. After taking a step back from burn leadership for a year to create fire art, the Ignite Planning Association called and invited me to join the planning committee. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my Tuesday nights for the next three years than continuing to help create a platform for so much magic to happen. Since 2012, I’ve attended Transformus, Ignite, Alchemy, Frost Burn, Love Burn, and Burningman. I love creating, especially when it involves fire, and I love helping other people realize their creations.


In 2007, I hobbled into my first burn as an 18-year-old, enthusiastically crutching around with a broken foot and absorbing all the excitement of Alchemy’s first year. I accepted my first leadership position in 2014, as Ignite conclave co-lead, and fell in love with providing acts of service to my community. Been hooked on leadership volunteerism ever since! Burning has provided me an outlet for self-discovery unequaled by any other facet of my life, and I hope that my contributions may help others to sow seeds for growth in their own lives. 

Thom Dunn

I discovered Transformus in 2007 and witnessed the life changing experience of The BelleBoozler! 

My leadership in the burn community, originally took shape as a Theme Camp Organizer, or TCO, for over a decade, helping build our community, from ground level.  Wanting to get further involved, I attended several “work/plays” and Town Councils, eventually serving on the Town Hall Committee. As the Town Council became the sanctioned burn, Ignite, I joined the Ignite Planning Committee, where I have served for several years. 

At the burns, you can find me doing things like building things, lighting things on fire, cooking (turtle soup), or DJing some tunes. 

Burns that I have attended include: Transformus, Ignite, Alchemy, Euphoria, Love Burn, Lakes of Fire; plus, many other non-sanctioned burn-like events.

Princess Leia 

The burn world found me in 2010. I happened to be visiting with some friends on ticket sales day for Transformus 2010 and with very little convincing, I ended up purchasing a ticket and I guess you can say that the rest is history! I stepped into Team Leadership in 2012, taking over the Moonshiners team and I ran that team until 2016, when I was asked to join the TLC (Transformus Leadership Caucus). I helped run 1 Transformus before deciding to switch from the TLC to the IPA in 2018. Since 2010, I have attended Transformus, Ignite!, Scorched Nuts, Alchemy, and Reclamation.

As an outgoing ESTP, I thrive on making connections and jumping in to help out where I can. As a Mama, I love volunteering for Ignite!, as we build a place that burners of all ages can come to create, build community, and explore!


Ignite! 2014 was my first burn and from the minute I arrived, I knew I had found my Home. I became the Transformus Communications Lead in 2015-2018, Ignite! Sparks Scouts Lead in 2016-2017, joined the IPA in 2018, and the BOD in 2019. Turtles, fireflies, daytime moon, waves crashing, dancing in the rain, the color blue, and playing with doop-de-doos are a few of my favorite things.