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2020 City Planning Deadlines

So you want to live in Combustia… We are so excited to design a city for all of us to grow and play in! We’ve created some super useful forms to help make Combustia extra great for you! New for […]

Deliveries to Ignite

Are you or your camp planning to have something delivered to Ignite this year? In the past we’ve had deliveries for firewood, straw bales, and propane. Any deliveries to Ignite must be approved by the IPA in order to ensure […]

Ice Sales!

Team Freeze Your Burn! is here with ice. It’s frozen. It’s in cube shape. It’s clear-ish. It keeps things cold. In A Nutshell: Sales Start: with ticket sales – 1/26/2020 at 4pm Sales End: 4/25 @ 11:59pm Where to Buy: […]

Musings: 11/27/2019

November 25, 2019 : Vol. VIII, Issue XIV Essential Information: Ignite!+ Ignite! 2020 Information+ Ignite! 2020 Effigy Design Application+ Ignite! 2020 Kids’ Effigy Design Application+ Ignite! Theme Camp Event Registration+ Playform Registration Now Open+ 2020 Art Grant Applications are Open!+ 2020 Ignite! Art […]

2020 Effigy and Kid’s Effigy Info

The Ignite! Planning Association is looking for effigy and kid’s effigy designers for the 2020 event. We will be accepting applications from now until December 22nd. The budget for this year is $1,500 and $500, respectively.  If your design is […]

2020 Art Grant Info

Art Grant Applications for Ignite! 2020 are now closed! Thank you to all our beautifully imaginative applicants for your submissions. The jury’s decisions will be announced before ticket sales begin on 1/26; feel free to contact [email protected] for more visibility into […]

Playform and Theme Camp Event Registration!

Playform Registration Now Open – Did you wanna be a teacher when you grew up?  If you have a hobby or skill to share, hosting a playform will be right up your alley.  You don’t have to be an expert; […]

Ignite! Transparency Data 2019

Ignite! Transparency Data for 2019 If you are curious to see what goes on behind the scenes to make Ignite! happen, head over to the website to check out our historical data including the census, afterburn report, financials, and meeting […]

The 2019 Census Needs YOU!

Now that you’re at Reality Camp (where the a/c is MUCH stronger, and the portos flush), you probably have a million thoughts swirling through your head about this year’s trip to Combustia. The good news is that we want to […]

2019 Combustia Map

Woo! The 2019 Combustia Map is ready! Please take a moment to find your theme camp, take a look at the new open camping areas, look at the new parking area and plan your attack! City Planning is looking forward […]