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Notes from the Ignite! BOD (the IPA)

New dates for Ignite 2020 have been identified!

Combustizans, thank you all for bearing with us as we work out the best plan for this year and, if circumstances allow, to host Ignite! 2020. We have new dates identified thanks to your votes. We also have several new […]

Vote for Ignite! 2020 dates

Combustizans! We need your help! As you are likely aware, we have decided to postpone Ignite this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was a difficult decision, but the right one to make. Now we need your help with […]

Ignite! 2020 Sticker Contest

Vote for your favorite 2020 sticker submission here!! The Ignite! Planning Association (IPA) is hosting a community design contest for the 2020 sticker. Ignite! is about lighting and tending the Burner fire in the Learn ‘n’ Burn city of Combustia. […]

Deliveries to Ignite

Are you or your camp planning to have something delivered to Ignite this year? In the past we’ve had deliveries for firewood, straw bales, and propane. Any deliveries to Ignite must be approved by the IPA in order to ensure […]

Ignite! 2019 Sticker Contest

Please go vote for your top 3 picks here ! The IPA will select the winning design from the top 3 chosen by the community. Voting closes on 3/24/19.This contest is intended to be a blind submission with the winning […]

2019 Ignite! Art Grant Applications are now OPEN!

Hello Combustians! We are happy to announce the opening of the 2019 Art Grant Applications.  We will be accepting applications from now until January 15th. In our 4th year, we are excited to have a budget of $3,000 to disperse […]

Ignite! 2018: Reminders

Ignite! 2018: Reminders Greetings from the IPA! We are now just shy of 3 months from the event. Have you done one or more of the following? Register a Theme Camp Deadline is Thursday, March 15th Click here to register. […]

Transparency Data Hot Off the Presses

Transparency Data Hot Off the Presses Do you love numbers, data, feedback, and meeting minutes? Ever wonder what the IPA really does? Well head on over to our newly updated About>Transparency section. Here you can view our historical data including the […]

Ignition Assistance – RV Request

Hey, y’all. TL;DR version: Does anyone have an RV they would be willing to rent or let someone use for the fall? UPDATE: we’ve been advised A) wheelchair accessible is desired B) preference to purchase said RV Longer version: As […]

From the IPA: Current Status – one week pre-event!

The IPA has been busy!  We have our event insurance (yay!).  We have secured contracts with all our vendors–  Including Security and EMS.  Plus, we have a new radio system that will work much better than years past. We’ve also […]