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Theme Camp and Disability Registration Forms

Greetings Combustians! You have been waiting for it and it is here – THEME CAMP REGISTRATION TIME!!!!To register, please click on this link. Need more info? Click this link! If you or your child need special placement due to accessibility […]

Playform Registration: 2019!

Now that ticket sales are under way, have you thought about hosting a Playform? A Playform is a platform for playful learning; a way for Ignite community members to come together and share knowledge, experiences, skills, and ideas. Do you […]

Ignite! 2019 Ticket Sales

Ignite! 2019 Ticket Sales It’s announcement time and the Ignite! Planning Association (IPA) is happy to give you the details you’ve been waiting for about Ignite! 2019! We will once again come home to build Combustia at Spirithaven in the […]

Ignite! Transparency Data 2018

Ignite! Transparency Data for 2018 (and beyond!) If you are curious to see what goes on behind the scenes to make Ignite! happen, head over to the website to check out our historical data including the census, afterburn report, financials, […]