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Black Lives Matter

The leadership of Transformus and Ignite!, including the Board of Directors, Ignite! Planning Association, and Transformus Leadership Caucus, have shared our perspective on inclusion at our events in the past. We think there’s more to say: We assert that Black people’s lives matter. […]

2020 City Planning Deadlines

So you want to live in Combustia… We are so excited to design a city for all of us to grow and play in! We’ve created some super useful forms to help make Combustia extra great for you! New for […]

2020 Effigy and Kid’s Effigy Info

The Ignite! Planning Association is looking for effigy and kid’s effigy designers for the 2020 event. We will be accepting applications from now until December 22nd. The budget for this year is $1,500 and $500, respectively.  If your design is […]

Ignite! Transparency Data 2019

Ignite! Transparency Data for 2019 If you are curious to see what goes on behind the scenes to make Ignite! happen, head over to the website to check out our historical data including the census, afterburn report, financials, and meeting […]