Ignite! 2020 Art Grant Recipients

Announcing the 2020 Ignite! Art Grant and Playform fund recipients!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the art and experiences you might have and see at this year’s Ignite! The Art Grant Jury awarded funding to eight art projects and two playforms. This year the IPA had some additional funding available for Playforms, and two of the art grant submissions received these special funds. Stay tuned for more information on that process for next year.  

Join us Friday evening for the 2nd annual art walk to see these pieces and meet some of the artists! Check the playform schedule and booklet for the time/location. 

Chalk It Up: By Gravity

All-ages playform. Wearable masks with a chalkboard finish. Anyone feeling creatively inclined can come and decorate their very own chalkboard mask.

Fun (Not Annoying at All) Instrument Parade: By Blu

We will have a variety of fun instruments and invite the community (kids and adults) to participate in a parade through the burn, creating music and fun memories together.

Hand of the Goddess: By Aaron

A visual arts project of five hamsa hand totems approximately 2 feet in width and height on five foot tall poles lit by custom LED animations along a path.

Magic shrinking portal and fairy Lounge: By Tiffany

In a somewhat predictable world, who doesn’t wish to stumble upon a hidden secret and be transported to a magical place? This project seeks to spark the excitement of discovery & the unknown, plus the wonder of magic.

Ocean of Fire: By Tree

Watch waves of fire ripple across the crimson red sea. This dual fire art installation aims to make you sway to the whooshing sound of the sea as it laps upon the long length of the shore. But instead of roiling breakers and the moist air blowing off the water to cool your skin, you’ll feel the warmth of fire as it heats your soul, gently undulating in waves, breaking the still of the night air to raise you to the next level of flow.

Triouroboros Fire Lounge: By PyroCelt

Come rock your soul to the flames of… three dragons, springing from the earth and kissing the sky with fire! Lounge in a round hammock swinging to the flames encircled in an ouroboros. As the swing slowly sways, the serpents spew fire in the direction of the rocking. The further the seat swings, the more fire comes out of the three dragons’ heads! Eventually, as the riders rock more vigorously or spin and unwind themselves, much larger poofs erupt into the sky. 

Wind spun light: By BeeMan

Gleaming, reflective and iridescent pinwheel flowers spin in the passing breeze. LED lights keep these movements visible at night. Appearing as electric flowers blooming in another dimension.

Woods of Rainbow Mushrooms: By L

I would love clusters of large mushrooms around that guide people around the burn at night! Placed along the road/pathways to be a fun “glowing magical forest” feel.

Zip Tie Crowns! Playform: By tocchi  

I’m running a playform to teach people how to make crowns and animal ear headbands out of zip ties! Grant funded supplies will allow more people to make more awesome zip tie headwear.

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