A huge congrats to all of the participants who brought their art and vision to Ignite! 2019 and helped make the city the the transient masterpiece it was!

* Kristen Marie: “Circu-clarity” Circu-clarity is an immersive, walk-through installation driven by the power and posture of circles, and symbolizes the natural beauty of the space existing between “uniformity” and “chaos”. The peak of the dome is represented by the powerful flower of life pattern, which cascades outwards into a seemingly chaotic yet architecturally pleasing display of circles and lines. Sidhe Envision Envision is a holographic kinetic sculpture & magical place, which welcomes you day & night. Come & play or sit a spell! <3 <3 <3

* Liz: Fire Cave We want to create a 6′ ft volcano with red LED lava flowing down the outside. The mountain will have an opening on the backside allowing small and adventurous combustians to enter and leave their mark. It will be lit on the interior as well, with hand paint fort hand prints. We will set up on the first day of arrival (will be arriving early to set up there camp) and plan to burn the volcano after the kids temple. Note: this was originally planned to be our application for the kids temple at a much larger scale, but since we will be building off-site and only opening for deco by the kiddos, we wanted to let that application go to someone with more interactivity planned with the kids.

* Squid : Luminous Bloom You never know what you might wander across in the darkness of Combustia. Organisms of otherworldly origins may be waiting in the shadows to light your way and please your senses with dazzling displays of moving light. This sculpture will represent something found in nature. Maybe a plant. Maybe an animal. Maybe something from another world. Let its’ inviting luminescent tentacles and glowing petals draw you in to enjoy the lights.

* Bobby: Music Wall At the Music Wall, kids can learn about sound, rhythm, and music by playing on different types of things found around the house. Things like recycled pots and pans. Through play, kids learn better.

* Aaron: OMFG!! You Grew a Tail?!? Workshop to build a fur tail with optional LED lights, followed by a fur tail parade after dark to show off what we made. Open to anyone 12+ and older.

* tocchi: Refraction An inverted field of glowing jewels suspended at varied heights overhead creates an inviting atmosphere for observers below. Gaze up and enjoy the refraction of the lights as they fade in and out. Cuddle puddles welcome!

* OuijaCat: The Gifting Tree Practice the Principle of “Gifting” by bringing your offerings to the Gifting Tree. Bring something for others, or take something that you like.