Super shout outs to everyone that who took time to send in their project application and the jurors that had to make the tough decisions. We are adding a photographer to the Ignite! Art Grant Team to document the process of installation, the artists at work, and Combustians interacting with these pieces during our time at Spirithaven. We are very excited to see these projects add to the creative landscape of Combustia!

Here’s your art grant recipients for 2018:

Artist: Billy Skyote Romano
The Aqueous installation incorporates the hypnotic effect of bubble screen technology illuminated by color changing LEDs to produce a steady stream of low pressure propane bubbles fueling a steady pilot light bar atop the piece. Viewable from both sides, this elegant display of water, gas and fire will mesmerize viewers while casting a soft color changing luminescent glow in it’s immediate surroundings. Standing 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide it’s minimal design style will accentuate the natural chaos of both erratic bubbles and undulating fire.

Blue Chrysalis
Artist: Steven Warrick
Blue Chrysalis is an experiment in form and light. It uses translucent materials to bend and shape moving light within its structure and travel across the surface. It represents the transformation and enlightenment of the human soul over time.

Flaming Chandeliers
Artist: Ryan Gon Bowman
Imagine walking into a dream… and the entrance to every dream has gateway! But this gateway is one that fuses the old with the new and how changes are to be expected. 4 Chandeliers that are on fire and with the pull of a string the chandeliers catch FIRE! Are you in? Or out?

Human Car Wash
Artist: Tonya Judd
A corridor will have different types of physically stimulating attachments. The participants walk through it feeling, seeing, and touching each piece.The tactile portion would be comprised of beaded curtains, foil curtains, chains, feather dusters, rubber balls, bamboo poles and leaves, and scarves, all suspended from trusses. The participant would walk, run, and dance through the corridor feeling, touching, and seeing the different colors and textures.

I Believe
Artist: Aaron “Just Aaron” Averill
Enter the capsule. Experience the outer world falling away as you are bathed in rythmic changing lights. Meditate and look inward, or enjoy with a friend or two.

The Solar Forest
Artist: Taylor Holden
Solar energy illuminates the gorgeous natural curves of the forest in this LNT meets DIY experience. How can we illuminate and embellish the beauty of nature by night in our city while leaving a minimal carbon footprint? Discover this magical space and the knowledge to leave no trace in your future endeavors.

Wishing Posts
Artist: Oliver QuijaCat Vest
Is there something you need (at the burn or in the default world) from a hug, or a cuddle puddle, to leads on a place to stay, or a used vehicle. When in need, turn to the community for assistance. From the small, to the outlandish, help, or just some good vibes, can come from unexpected places.