Howdy, Y’all!

The Art Grants are in!  Take a look at this fine art that will be coming to the burn for your enjoyment.


Actual Proof

Artist: Funkbird

“This piece incorporates 100’s of individually blown glass shapes and assembled on site around to create an interactive suspended light sculpture. Lit from within using programmable LED lights, the audience is invited to interact in a playful manner with the sculpture using the controller.”


Fire Trees

Artist: Thom Dunn

“Fire is the reason we convene at our burn events. It is what transforms us and creates that desire to be more. Fire is the glue that binds everyone in our burner community. Trees are a representation of our families. As we experience new things and grow from our experiences, we share that growth with each other and with the new generations of our family.”


Flaming Lotus Flower

Artist: GON

“The red lotus is the ‘Heart Lotus’. Symbolizing the original state of the heart, a red lotus symbolizes love, compassion, passion, and other emotions of the heart. This lotus flower is often depicted as an open bloom to symbolize the ideal state of the heart. “ This sculpture is to reminder to all to always surrender to love, compassion, passion; to be open and listen to the heart.”



Pathway of Fae

Artist: Sand Witch

A wayfarer wanders quietly through the woods, and suddenly happens on what can only be the entrance to the land of the faerie folk. Softly pulsating rainbows of light emit from delicate leaves that float in the air surrounding the path.

This illuminated foliage gently lights the way, inviting the adventurer to pause a while to bathe in its magical light before continuing on; a moment of respite and peace amidst the wild rumpus.


Peacock Photo Op

Artist: OuijaCat

Heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllppppp celebrate the peacocks!

Who doesn’t want a picture of their face on a large peacock body…right?


Talk Derby to Me


It’s said that clothes make the person. But here, the person will make the clothes. Talk Derby To Me invites participants to create their own costume fantasies. Let whimsy abound, and create the largest, the boldest, the most distinctly-you Kentucky Derby style hat you can imagine. Once constructed, stroll around Combustia radically expressing yourself and showing off your creative finest.