Ignite! 2021 T-shirt Contest Winner

The t-shirts are here! Oh, and we may have a few other items besides basic t-shirts. This fundraiser won’t last forever. Sales will end May 10th! Shirts will be delivered between May 19th and 28th, just in time for fake Ignite!

Be sure to congratulate the shirt design winner, Brie Deprey. Oh and one design wasn’t enough. We also included the 2020 sticker winner from Erin Barry-Dutro, because even pandemics should never cancel good art.


Ignite! 2021 T-shirt Contest Fundraiser 

In an effort to celebrate the burn community during the pandemic, the Ignite! Planning Association (IPA) is hosting a t-shirt design contest for our May 2021 burn. . . ya know, the one that isn’t happening. This playful contest will not only allow the community to flex their creative muscles, but will serve as a fundraiser for Spirithaven who again will be taking a hit to their yearly revenue. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to them. Your vision could be worn by a multitude of burners year round and serve to help the community at large. We think that’s a neat way to live. 

The t-shirt design submission window is open from February 14th through March 31th, 2021. Send submissions using this form. If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

Like our prior sticker contests, these submissions will be voted on by the community. Please do not solicit votes through social media and keep submissions anonymous. Voting will be made live April 1st and end April 13th at 7pm. The fundraiser will go live for a limited time only shortly thereafter. 

Votes will then be tallied. The IPA will select at least one image for printing from the top submissions and report back to the community. We have to cross reference the printers requirements, project costs for color usage, and generally do all the unfun things. 

Here are the design requirements for your use: 

  • Reference Ignite! 2021 somewhere in your design 
  • Follow the design file recommendations 
  • Try to use 1 to 3 colors to maximize proceeds – there’s a maximum of 8 colors 
  • Printing will be on the front only 
  • Size your print correctly – The image will be the same size on all shirt sizes 
  • The IPA will choose shirt color(s) that work well with the selected design
  • When uploading, your design will be automatically optimized to a print-ready version by bonfire.com – Give it a test run to make sure you like how it looks 

Want to use our logos for this design? Have at it. You can find all our versions here. We welcome you to customize, reinterpret, and turn it into amazing artwork to enrich our visual experiences!