One of the most incredible elements of the Ignite! experience is the artwork and creativity that blankets the landscape and fills the corners of Combustia. It’s something that lives in the memories of everyone who has attended. We invite you to contribute to that experience, and would love to hear your ideas and see if we can help fund their completion. Anyone can apply for an art grant; you don’t have to be a professional or even consider yourself an artist. We want YOU to make something to share! This is an all ages opportunity. If under age 18, the individual must have an adult sponsor that is approved by their parent or guardian (if not one of those). If you are an adult burner with some creative youngin’s, work with them to help pitch and develop their ideas and let’s bring some of their art to Combustia!

All forms of creativity may apply; in addition to fire and lights, other awesome iterations of creativity are: performance art, interactive installations, sculptures great and small, floating and flying dreams, and ephemeral experiences. You can engage any or all of the five senses, and give us an experience to take home that we won’t find anywhere else. The number of projects we will fund is not limited, nor the amounts granted to each, but the total amount of funds we have limits the final results. For 2019, we have a total budget of $3,000 to disperse between all recipients.

This document outlines the following elements: Process, Exemptions, Selection Criteria, and Application Requirements.

Please be thorough in your responses and include pictures! Over the years, projects that are thoroughly yet concisely described with images included have been the most successful at receiving funding. Clear budgets, concept images, and attention to detail helps the jury see your vision.

These elements should give you what you need to apply. Read through everything and show us how amazing the art will be this year. Please forward any questions, images, renderings, and other support materials electronically to [email protected].

Share your creativity with the Ignite! family.

Who can apply?
Anyone in the Combustia community who does not fall in the categories below:
* A member of Ignite! leadership (this includes IPA, Team Leads, Team Co-Leads)
* A member of the Transformus Family of Burns Board of Directors
* Significant others (co-habitating partners) of any of the above

If under the age of 18, must have an adult sponsor that either is, or is approved by, their parent or guardian

Process & Schedule:
* 12/10/18 – Art Grants OPEN
* 01/15/19 – Art Grants CLOSE
* 01/20/19 – All applications blinded and forwarded to the jury
* 01/26/19 – The jury scores each blinded application based on criteria mentioned below
* 02/02/19 – Jury reviews scores, selects projects, and recommends funding via Google Meets
* 02/06/19 – Applicants will receive an email with details on selection and funding
* 02/15/19 – Tax information and contracts due back from artists
* 02/28/19 – First payment of 60% issued to artists
* 04/06/19 – Proof of substantial completion due for distribution of the 2nd payment of 30%
* 05/23/19 – Delivery and installation at Ignite!
* 07/01/19- Final Payment of 10% processed after the event

There are limits to what Ignite! will fund for these projects. Consider the following as you develop your concept:

Exemptions from funding:

• Individual Theme Camp (note that creativity placed within Theme Camps can be considered)
• Artists’ time, labor, or personal transportation costs
• Theme Camp Infrastructure (structures, bar, sound systems, lighting, etc.)
• Alcohol
• Large scale equipment, including durable items mainly intended for personal use
• Projects that where previously funded cannot be funded again (with limited exceptions)

Selection Criteria:
• Feasibility
Physical – Financial – Schedule – Is it well thought out and realistic?
• Community Engagement/Interaction
Does it engage burners and add to the Ignite Experience?
• Safety
Is it safe, in regard to fire, heights, sharp metal, or other physical danger?
Remember this is an all ages event. Children will be present.
• Leave No Trace
Is it effective within the Spirithaven environment? Adhere to burner principles?
• Jury Preference/Personal Appeal
The jury considers if it is something they would personally like to see at Ignite.

Final Thoughts
* Be thorough and concise, noting when elements are not applicable (N/A).
* You can only apply for one art project. We want everyone to have a chance at receiving money.
* If awarded an art grant of $600 or more, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.

Questions that were not covered here, please email [email protected]

Remember: You only have until January 15th to apply!

2019 Ignite! Art Jury Members NEEDED

Want to serve on a jury that you won’t be searching for excuses to get out of?  Want to contribute towards our community art but don’t have a creative bone in your body? The Art Jury is the place for you.  The jury will convene the last week of January. You will need to be available on a selected date for approximately 3 hours to review each application and help select the winners.  Jury will be held via Google Meets.  In order to be on the jury, you cannot be a part of the applicant pool and are asked to disclose if you know of a blinded project while on the jury call.  

Click here to complete the Art Jury Interest Form by January 15th.