IPA Agenda for Web: 2016

Thursday, 21 January 2016 @ 8:30pm
Moderator: TRav
Minutes: LVF
In Attendance: LVF, Abi, VH1, DZO, TRav , Chickadee, Shawman, Gatsby
BOD: Andi
MIA/Late: Chickadee (standing in the rain)
Discussion Points

  • Chickadee: reached out to Turtle, but hasn’t heard back; will be getting survival guide from Kelly
  • Consolidating info for Web site and fb page display
  • is there a way to make things easier to pull together info for the web distribution? We’ve had a lot of info pending newsletter info
  • create an announcements doc to keep a running tally of all announcements
  • LVF will create doc, discussion will happen via email, will go into “planned update” section of document for next posts/ updates
  • Land Contract sent ….need to go over minor changes requested
  • where should it be sent? Send to Andi as BOD rep
  • have some minor changes from Scott & Kay

I keep getting dropped as internet in my area seems to be coming in and out- dialing in to phone line/ LVF

  • who can sign for Tfus? Could it be Andi? Or does it need to go up to another BOD person for signing
  • Contract adjusted to updated fee with a maximum cap through contract end.
  • VOTE for land use fee contract update
  • passes
  • Contract update:  fixed number deposit in contract language (10% of estimated ticket sales as deposit instead of a fixed dollar amount)
  • VOTE for changing rental fee deposit to percentage of anticipated ticket sales
  • passes

shawman: suggests bringing check to pay on site. To validate w/ FF on BOD

  • Contract update: Changing land use fee language around landowner available available tickets to them; they will receive those fees instead of those funds going to local schools. We will not pay on free tickets, but only purchased tickets. (free tickets provided to landowners will not incur land use fees. Value of free tickets provided is not a factor in total ticket sales)

NO VOTE for this as topic is in flux

  • clarification of facilities available for use: pavillion, porch stage, and glider deck by Dragon Pond. CABIN is off limits

TRav: note — playforms in that area SHOULD NOT use materials or furniture from the cabin due to proximity

NOTE: need to insure Pavilion is completely cleared — added to confusion when dealing w/ inventory; center campus move will require fully cleared space for efforts.

  • Discussion around free tickets, other venue use cases for free tickets to landowners
  • Discussion around porto language — can we strike this? Can we re-word to have them removed prior to the event, but they must be cleaned and removed.
  • Vendors for carts, etc – any to report?
  • Shawman: discussed with vendor for Sec + EMS; retouch on additional staff for security to allow for coverage in the event of additional daytime work
  • Discussion around options for cart vendors and event specific needs (how many will your teams need?)
  • Todd suggests Shawman start a thread for consolidation of all discussion
  • Southeastern roundtable?
  • is anyone attending? Abi, LVF, DZO, VH1 (possibly), Shawman (probably not), Gatsby (would like to, but in the air for now), Andi (will be there)
  • March Retreat – VH1 will check in with Scott and Kay when she talks to them tomorrow. (abi may not be able to attend due to various other commitments)
  • art grant — TRav has been working w/ Parker on this,can we get some extra eyes just to make sure the Mysteria language is gone (Amanda Panda will be co-lead)
  • Can they start announcing?
  • Kids applying for art grants/ kids on art jury: let’s figure out how best to facilitate this, what policy would look like, what adult supervision would be desired/ necessary – all like this idea and want to promote it.
  • TRav: to send announcement to LVF to disseminate
  • did we ever post the afterburn report? NO ONE KNOWS! to review and get to LVF if needed to send out
  • ticket update
  • base ticket is built and approved
  • newsletter announcement ready to go
  • Andi: is there a reason ticket sales haven’t been announced? Contracts!
  • Andi: update on Tfus lead tickets — to retain last year’s approach
  • Lawyer update (still no word from initial letters, plus third firm contact pending)
  • First Aid Lead discussion
  • Discussion re: use of drones onsite; options for approach?
  • should this be taken to email, and drafted via email discussion?
  • all agree

END: 2204


Thursday, 7 January 2016 @ 8:30pm

Moderator: Shawman

Minutes: LVF

In Attendance: VH1, DZO, TRav, Shawman, Abi, LVF

BOD: Andi

Late: Chickadee (2039)

MIA: Gatzby *was trapped on an island*

Discussion Points

  • Security/EMS Provider Update
  • Shawman & Abi spoke, reached out to potential firm, sent “save the date”
  • might need to increase security to a 4-person team. Last year added stress to the team due to daytime calls: nighttime coverage for double patrol and gate coverage creates challenges to coverage for daytime
  • Review Effigy/Art Burn announcement
  • will be opening 2 weeks later, so will remain open later: dates adjusted for coverage for builder

Technical difficulties for todd – BRB

  • Close of Accounting year– Donations, petty cash close-out, last disbursements
  • donation checks are done
  • petty cash is closed and reconciled
  • payments for bandanas are done
  • we are closed for the accounting year!
  • CPR Certification Class – Again?
  • this has been a tradition for Ignite, and we have a lot of materials
  • we are a learn ‘n burn, and this is valuable
  • turnout was 14
  • last year we paid him in tickets
  • we are ok with reaching out to Patrick with this arrangement again
  • Shawman proposed to reach out since he knows Patrick
  • art grants up date
  • Great meeting w/ Parker, went through TFUS form
  • discussed needs and goals
  • Parker will need some time to work through needs/ goals/ language changes to make
  • [email protected]
  • in motion, but behind schedule
  • discussion around tax reporting -sticker up date
  • pending release to public; some language tweaks wrapping up
  • ticket update
  • ticket meeting on Tuesday, went through BPT site and ticket building
  • working through different ways to access BPT/ ticket build
  • announcement for sales drafted
  • TRav will follow up w/ Abi when it comes time to build the “real tickets”
  • Contract update
  • announcement structures.
  • Logo Trademark
  • Address for documentation? aUse address of record for TFus LLC, but Abi’s phone number as point of contact. Does it require secretary or president of corp to submit?
  • what are we trying to trademark? The imagery or the name? Imagery, primarily

INFO: Haven’t heard back from any of the law firms. Were these email or physical mail? Physical mail sent; maybe a phone call to follow up?

  • Leads — center campus liaison, DMT, gate still needed
  • FOR AWARENESS/ VISIBILITY — Your upcoming due dates are:
  • Team budgets are due by 1 March, so plan to start getting with them about their needs over the next 6 weeks
  • Contracts/ budget due 1 March: carts, trailers, security, medical

END: 2149


Thursday, 17 December 2015 @ 9pm

  • Chickadee: Can we talk about leads for me the newbie?

                Flying blind, thanks to JoeJoe in help discussion. Leads need to be brought on  

  • date for leads to be settled is recommended, but not required.
  • awareness this is optimistic
  • Leads: who’s accepted? Who do we still need?
  • EMS/ Emergency Response reach out to companies for security and possibly EMS?
  • Discussion of alternate solutions in case needed
  • art solicitations b/c MM going out mid-month
  • Census/ Afterburn – What to ask? how to disseminate? Can reuse 2015

questions, DZO would like to collaborate on this. NO RUSH!

  • Land contract/ use fee discussion: increase in fee resulting from VA legal constraints
  • VH1 to set up follow up meeting with Scott/ Kay for next week
  • Has 3rd parking lot been conditioned for use? Must be in order to support increases in attendance to facilitate land use fee increase
  • Quick touch base re: Serendipity/ dates
  • self assessment check in

Love you all

END: 2226


Thursday, 3 December 2015 @ 8:30pm

Moderator: Abi

Minutes: LVF

In Attendance: VH1, DZO, LVF, TRav, Abi, Shawman

BOD: Andi

MIA: Chickadee

Gatsby — late notification, may be unable to join

“i think my mic is messed up” – T-Rav

Discussion Points

  • Late entry/ exceptions for entry times?
  • EMS Leads Discussion
  • Financial Discussion
  • Contract review discussion
  • has everyone reviewed?
  • RED is V’s notes; she will update using Joe’s feedback and suggestions
  • minor updates to language
  • paragraph re: tickets for Eustlers – 10 free, 10 at price w/o land use fee (to go to local community assistance)
  • Vreanie next steps:
  • to finalise updates
  • send to Scott/ Kay
  • set up time for a call w/ Eustlers to review

— Discussion Spring Retreat / site visit

  • GLC – who wants to go?
  • Discussion around numbers allowable per state, who wants to go – should they contact their local area RC. Costs, considerations
  • Ranger training: what’s the final here? Are we doing? when?
  • to follow up w/ Chickadee
  • Time Line” added to top header.
  • See 19 November 2015 agenda item below re/ Center Campus
  • need workshop document of ideas
  • DZO: do we want a team lead? TR: we probably will need someone in this role, so we need to settle on what it will be and what it will need to have in leadership
  • Shawan: PDF & Alchemy both have center camp leadership roles. Should we require open format? VH1 – should this go w PIMPS?
  • dissent! this requires a lot of scheduling
  • still to be nailed down: what would it be? what is center camp?  Open mike, partner acro/ aerial, art pavilion.. overall goal?
  • will need to be at least a small team
  • how can it coordinate w/ PIMPs/ Town Hall need
  • to be discussed via email
  • Very brief trademark update
  • ball is rolling, but no concrete info
  • have we made our donations?
  • Shawman: no, we haven’t. Ran into difficulty getting this closed, but will jump back on it. LVF to badger Shawman
  • Abi and Andi will be in the woods in two weeks
  • Don’t forget you peer and self reviews are coming up!
  • Christmas social? Discussion around ideas for get together — Bass 4 Bratz?
  • Will need to revamp our meetings to allow for Abi/ Andi presence
  • LVF updated calendar for everyone

Discussion how to handle questions about sensitive/ potentially legal impact topics: send to  BOD

END: 2132


Thursday, 19 November 2015 @ 9pm



In Attendance:



Discussion Points

  • BoD liaison changes (joejoe)
  • Center Campus (CC) team Lead and what do we want CC to be.  (dzo)

                Do we want to promote CC as a 24hr / day venue like BM?

  • Discussion: BRC Ranger training potential. Chickadee is beginning the process of ranger training school, but won’t be through before the event this year and can help trainer if needed/ desired.


Thursday, 5 November 2015 @ 9:30 pm

Moderator: LVF

Minutes: LVF

In Attendance: VH1, Shawman, Chickadawn, TRav, LVF, DZO, Abi

BOD: none


Discussion Points

  • Todd’s provided notes around art-related topics (grants, center campus, policies, et cetera) and leads for his teams
  • Discussion of sticker contest:
  • reviewed language
  • how to vote? Email? Or through poll on FB? Poll on the website? Survey MOnkey? Throw a link into the page/ group/ newsletter for notification
  • LVF: Creamsicle in as Kids’ Liaison confirmed
  • Ignite Website
  • Shawman offers his services as a part of the webteam
  • would have to be as a part of the team not as a cowboy doing his own thing
  • no objections, but don’t let Shawman get crazy overwhelmed
  • he will reach out to them
  • follow up w/ HOPS sent today – haven’t heard back
  • Shawman: question about Scott/ contracts/ dates? Not yet – LVF to help out where needed
  • Should Vreanie reach back out to Sean to find out? Or should Don continue since he’s been having the conversations?
  • Thoughts about Blackstock since we’re all here
  • New years plans – PLF party

END: 2211


Thursday, 22 October 2015 @ 9pm


Minutes: LVF

In Attendance: Lizifer, ChickaDawn, Vreanie, TRav, Abi, Shawman

BOD: JoeJoe

MIA: Don

Discussion Points

  • follow up on attorney in state
  • Discussion around options: should it be someone who “gets” the event and community, or does that lead to conflict of interest?
  • options chosen to reach out to
  • retainer is probably not necessary, but definitely want to have someone who will be available
  • TRav will go back to investigate, Abi offers to take this over lawyer investigation
  • reminder: put your action items on the calendar!
  • a lot of stuff is coming up in January for opening for submission
  • DZO: Center Campus art discussion — when to begin recruiting for this?
  • after ticket sales round 1
  • Date discussion re: other events, potential conflicts, discussions with other event planners, et cetera.
  • in favour of staying at Memorial Day: [motion passes]
  • Discussion around Selling of event-related/ created  Art
  • To revisit. Should we have a community meeting?
  • Need to engage Tfus BOD to ensure consistency across organisational events.
  • Want to make sure policy includes and allows for that personal use
  • Afterburn ready to go?
  • need to add in budget chart
  • has everyone had a chance to review?
  • Todd reviewed
  • Liz can’t find it. Neither can Vreanie

[discussion about technology and so on]

  • basically, Abi is awesome and we love her. (:))
  • HOPS [honourary official person of service] – have we revisited the discussion/ next option?
  • Who’s going to be responsible for contacting the next person
  • LVF to contact Aaron Burkhardt
  • Update on venue contract

Group should read it and decide what you want to edit.

VH1 has the signed 2015 waivers

ABI: I was going to take the key back; does anyone need anything?

                Get in touch w/ Treat to turn in key

  • Trademarking Ignite Logo?
  • Abi will take because she has an open fall
  • Discussion w/ ChickaDawn about teams and so on
  • Blackstock property
  • ChickaDawn: BRC Ranger training email — discussed timing
  • team leads on deck reviewed
  • Suggestions requested: gate, parking

END:  2225


Thursday, 8 October 2015 @ 9pm

Moderator: all present


In Attendance: Abi, Don, Chickadee, Vh1, Todd, Shawman, LVF

BOD: JoeJoe


Discussion Points

  • lawyer needs/recommendations
  • group to work on this together
  • will reach out to several lawyers, starting with recommendation
  • need to determine specific needs for event representation
  • How to approach art [sales? promotion? profits?] after event in a spirit that is appropriate to and in keeping with the principles?
  • Discussion of BMORG efforts, feasibility
  • Desire to build a cohesive, cross-event policy and process
  • Discussion around ways to increase accessibility for differently abled participants
  • cart needs?
  • Facilitation of other needs
  • How to insure participants have access to facilitation of needs?
  • need to have consistent and clear policies and requirements (NOT restrictions, but requirements, re: service animals, carts, et cetera)
  • Afterburn status?
  • By Monday in Inboxes
  • Census
  • Still in progress
  • Reaching out to TN Burn event ledership
  • Ignite! IPA Liaison (HOP) update –
  • offer was extended, pending response
  • follow up email was sent today w/ a deadline for response
  • discussion around next option
  • Opportunities around specialised training on site?
  • JoeJoe: BOD retreat is coming up, make sure to send any discussion points to him to take to the retreat
  • JoeJoe: Chickadee, if you need time to walk through the various touchpoints (Google admin, et cetera), let me know.

END: 22:29

  • Next meeting: 22 October, 9 pm