Ignite 2015 IPA Minutes

Thursday:  May 14, 2015

Moderator: TRav

Minutes: LVF

In Attendance: LVF, Shawman, TRav, VH1, Kelly

BOD: JoBama

MIA: Abi -at work, can’t call, trying to follow by agendaDZO

  • EMS – provider discussion
  • verbal agreement in place
  • What are our options to get this closed? What is our hard deadline before we go to Option B?
  • Do we expect his quote to change? Do we have a quote? How can we get a check to vendor, if late breaking decision?
  • Plan A: local to treasurer to pick up and bring out
  • Plan B: tell vendor payment will be sent post-event.
  • Final insurance quote?
  • Still pending final quote/ nailing it down; looking very in budget
  • Specific limitations: does not cover collapse of temporary structures, et cetera – standard exclusions (trampolines, weapons, nuclear instances)

18 total shifts with 7 IPA = 4 people take 3 shifts 3 people take 2 shifts

Define backup: are both on radio, or are both ON?
BOD does: BE ON, backup/ sleep channel is chancy. Be functional; if you need to take a nap, make a note on comms, and note time of re-availability — “or come bang on my tent if you don’t see me!”

NOTE: Sorry, to those who couldn’t attend tonight’s meeting – we tried to adhere to what was provided, without anyone having a 24 hour shift.  SHAWMAN – cannot double shift b/c he’s working burn night as EBC

  • Everyone needs to have at least one full “super off” shift to be completely inaccessible to event needs.
  • Define backup: are both on radio, or are both ON?
    BOD does: BE ON, backup/ sleep channel is chancy. Be functional; if you need to take a nap, make a note on comms, and note time of re-availability — “or come bang on my tent if you don’t see me!”
  • Financials review
  • petty cash, stickers received,
  • bandana update (costs versus provider loss, current status; is there a way to make this up to him since this was SUCH a hassle? Making him eat the cost seems problematic, so… how can we make this right?)
  • When will they be done, where are they going when will they land with us? Do we have them shipped to one of us? Can we guarantee delivery by when we’ll be leaving for site?
  • Decision: request 2day shipping, to TRav, to bring to site with him.

                Discussion of donation options, community opportunity to weigh in on options?

  • Rental contract of signs/ fencing from other land users
  • Final sound cut off time – proposed: killing amplified sound Sunday night?
  • 1am: proposed.
  • KAB, LVF, VH1, Shawman, TRav all approve this as appropriate
  • playforms document
  • can this be updated to something a bit more user friendly?
  • local FD and PD contact?
  • Daily touchbase: what time, daily?
  • 2pm: Thurs/ Fri/ Sun/ Mon (motion carried by all present)
  • 3pm Saturday (2pm will conflict with leadership Tfus meetings) – UNLESS extenuating circumstances require an additional meet

Tickets update

Thursday:  May 7, 2015

Moderator: Todd

Minutes: Abi

In Attendance: LVF, Abi, Kelly, Shawman, Todd, Don

BOD: Jobama, Milkshake


  • Dumpster:
  • All present vote ‘no’ on dumpster
  • Security bid (Shawman)
  • quote from Flow at $2,500, included gate coverage, two people on and active  at night, on call 24-7.
  • Discussion of shift coverage, camping locations, staffing needs, when ‘boots on the ground’  
  • Vote – all present approve
  • Shawman will arrange payment
  • Town Hall, Ignite’s part (JoeJoe)
  • to discuss via email.  

(Don joined the call, Hi!)

  • recommend make a google doc to handle
  • Canopies
  • Need stakes/rope
  • Shawman: military stakes on ebay, will talk to firefly  
  • approved by IPA for budget.
  • Shawman will also pick up rope or have DPW do it
  • Newsletter stuff.         
  • Special Ignite edition goes out on 5/11. Content?
  • Suggestion from JoeJoe make one document for Catbird
  • ACTION ITEM: LVF will do this
  • Playform teaser
  • placement map
  • in/out process (no limits on number of theme camp members Thursday)
  • waiver!
  • no lake access
  • volunteer needs
  • effigy pictures and info?
  • under 18 policy
  • kids temple info
  • Ignite! essential documents and info previous discussion
  • gate hours (VH1)  sent to Catbird
  • carpooling and theme camp info, (LVF)
  • links to waiver (VH1)
  • survival guide (KAB) (this will be a link in the newsletter, not the full thing; SG to be mounted on site)
  • in/out guides (VH1)
  • playforms are closed (include link to playform list? Maybe a list of a few tantalysing?) (TRav)
  • link to FRT registration link for fire tools/ toys/ art
  • Abi to follow up w/ Phyrebolt re: IGN specific or Tfus?

BLURB — volunteering cut off on 18 May, how to volunteer, etc (LVF)

  • website updates
  • change out theme camp registration (done), add list of theme camps
  • placement map where? currently Event > Location/Direction > Combustia
  • directions (amber pulling from FPF)
  • waiver?  where is it? needs to be on website.Treat confirms  we are waiting on the final approved waiver from the attorney.  
  • on website tomorrow?
  • Shawman to send email for lat/long location and placement map under Event
  • Sticker discussion
  • Paid EMS Update  (Kelly)
  • reviewed proposals
  • Vendor A is under budget, but had questionable interactions in the past, potentially undertrained staff.  
  • Vendor B is ok to use as long as administrative and hands-on roles are clearly defined. Waiting on quote from Vendor B.  
  • Kelly suggests going with Vendor B if under budget, this has general support.  
  • Shawman pointed out having one company for security and ems has potential advantages. Approved  living wage $10 over $11 / hour for cpr / first aid folks, or perhaps pay full 2750 and ask amount over quote be divided among employees- make sure extra goes to workers.  Extended coverage (based on Vendor A rates) approved.  Vendor A as a last resort only
  • On-site IPA Shift schedule 
  • Agreed two members on point at any time, so each of us take 2-3 shifts
  • Illuminaughty budget (DZO)
  • $306.87 including robes ($100).
  • Does Illuminaught know they  are responsible for placing poles?

        Budget approved

  • Volunteer suggestion (JoeJoe)
  • everyone print your teams (on May 19th),
  • Greatly will make a binder (TRav sounds good..will do)
  • LVF – let’s make it a calendar item – LVF will do it.  
  • petty cash will cover expenses for sharpies binders etc,
  • Transformus VC might lend us some volunteer shift reminder cards?
  • Radio channels.
  • Abi to build.
  • Same channels as Transformus?
  • Teams aren’t 100% analogous, but could work
  • ticket codes for CPR Training
  • Radios for Security:
  • DZO:  be sure we have 3 radios for security
  • Action Item: DZO
  • NOTE: should still make sure to have a few spares on top, in case some break.
  • Reminder to participants to bring ID, for radios and for alcohol, remind theme camps to check IDS
  • ACTION ITEM: LVF to talk to City Planning to resend to TCOs

Thursday: April 30th, 2015

Moderator: Kelly

Minutes: Don

In attendance:  Don, Kelly, Todd, Joejoe, Shawman, VH1, Abi

MIA:  Liz [work related, previously advised]  

  • Laser Policy from BoD (JoeJoe)
  • Hand-held lasers banned.  
  • Possible exception for diffracted lasers.  
  • ACTION-ITEM:  (Shawman)  Let’s compose a proposal to BOD.
  • Port’Os finalized
  • Need decision on hand-washing stations:  
  • Without hand-washing  
  • Total:  $ 1,665  + Tax = $1,713.50
  • + $225 for Hand-washing.
  • Reminder:   Cleaning schedule Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoons.
  • No lock required on accessible porto.
  • placement discussion.  
  • 24 standard and 1 accessible.  
  • City Planning submitted placement: Map review
  • Alternate placement discussed for certain portos
  • ACTION-ITEM:  (Don) communicate recommendation to City Planning
  • Illuminaughty Budget:
  • Note:  most of this is a one-time purchase and can be used multiple years.  
  • Go with recycled tarps.
  • Discussion of needs/ wants, necessary to team function? Budget revision pending


  • Gennie
  • $100/day- 3 days is the same as a week.— we will need to fill up with diesel.  Quote total is $315.90 + fuel (approx $50).  Under control
  • Trash Disposal
  • Waiting for reply from Scott about us renting his flat-bed trailer for final trash run.  
  • Bales of hay/ rain plan
  • Do we want to have bales of straw on hand in case of lots of rain?  
  • Is DPW on this?  (Liz)  ACTION-ITEM to check on
  • Sticker idea (gift) presented/ discussed
  • Volunteer recruitment  
  • Rangers are hurting. Need to send a plea out.
  • Conclave is needing more too.
  • ACTION-ITEM:  (Liz)  Contact city-planning to get TCO emails addresses for camp sponsorship of teams email.[LVF: request sent to Lisa] [Thanks-T-rav]
  • TRav to draft email
  • Goal: encourage volunteerism amongst campmates, not adopt-a-team


  • Questions from DMT:  
  • (you have one cart– be creative)
  • Will DMT be in charge of keys, check-in, check-out, and what cart belongs where at all times?  (nothing required)
  • Is DMT responsible for maintaining fuels for vehicles?  (yes)
  • Do we have gas cans?
  • Do we need charging stations?  (None…)
  • Do we need to purchase headlight gels?  Can we get T’fus’  (??)
  • (yes)
  • Should we strongly encourage cart decoration?
  • (yes, maybe not required)
  • Do we cover DMV duties and monitor art cars?  (Casually)
  • Policy?
  • I can’t hear anything (Kelly )(If there is a question contact IPA)
  • What’s the overall expectation for shuttling people and gear to/from parking/camping?
  • Will there be a trailer on hand?  (Yes.  One trailer for 6 seater-DMT cart.)
  • What’s the backup plan for a breakdown or time of high demand?
  • (yes…if it’s available…depending on timing)
  • What’s the traditional volunteer needs of DMT?
  • (two people on duty)
  • Security  coverage discussion
  • Shawman reccomendation –Wait on this for termination of Euphoria
  • uhaul rental:
  • 10′ truck for 6 days, for $120 (pretax), + $0.69/mile, and fuel; roughly $395 + insurance and taxes. Need vote from IPA because it’s overbudget, please and thank you// lvf (Abi votes yes)  — Approved…ACTION-ITEM (Liz)  but do a full week so we can turn it in Tuesday.  Negotiate if possible.  Make sure we include insurance in cost so it doesn’t fall on the driver. [lvf: reservation made. There is not negotiating w/ u-Haul, in my experience. I will make sure to be available to Abi on Tuesday for pick up]
  • Signage – questions from OuijaCat
  • Final signage requests wanted from IPA and team leads.
  • Link for requests
  • May 5 is new deadline.

Thursday:  April 23, 2015

Present: LVF, VH1, TRav, KAB, Abi, DZO

Tfus BOD: JoBama, Milkshake

absent: Shawman (work obligation)

Facilitating: TRav

NEW TIME: 2100

2110: start time

END: 2232

  • Publish date
  • Discussion of content to create, assignment of same
  • Discussion: send email for volunteering to ticket holders?
  • when to send? who writes the content?
  • VH1 to write tomorrow
  • Emergency Services Dept Mtg update
  • Discussion of agenda, additions, topics, et cetera
  • Abi to follow up w/ Moon re: <18 policies, to mount on IGN-Burn.com site.
  • EMS updates
  • EMS: budget estimate $ 325
  • Discussion: material maintenance & use
  • Paid EMS: follow-up
  • CPR/First Aid Training: Still ISO options
  • Tickets tickets tickets
  • Transformus tickets/ lead updates (JoeJoe)
  • Ignite tickets for leads (are all leads covered?)
  • budget
  • Sheet added to list to allow for comprehensive budget review in one place (see additional tab)
  • Request for update on Signage budget, inventory
  • discussion: is this team budget or the separate line item?
  • Illuminaughty budget: discussion around options, related costs. Reminder: time is short!
  • Dumpsters: what’s the plan?
  • VOTE YAY: Abi, VH1, KAB, TRav, LVF
  • DZO to book the dumpster
  • Water for Volunteers –
  • Discussion: Budget, availability, who’s already planned for it?
  • Map Edits / Approval
  • to be handled via email

Thursday:  April 16, 2015

Present: TRav, Kelly, LVF, Shawman, Vreanie

Tfus BOD: JoBama

absent: Abi (work), Don

Facilitating: LVF

Agenda Items:

  • Quorum decision
  • proposal5/7 present to establish vote, 4 to carry a motion
  • all except DON have weighed in to carry this motion
  • Secondary: But expanding the view of “heavy issues”, too mid-heavy issues.  Like when we decided to table large line item budgetary decision until more were present.  Should there be better than a 4 out of 7 vote to overturn a prior decision.  Maybe 6 out of seven voting yes?
  • counter-proposal: if all aren’t available, move discussion to email to allow for full compliment of IPA members to weigh in. ALL MEMBERS required to weigh in.
  • 5/7 or 6/7 to carry heavy: 5/7
  • YAY VOTE: Shawan, Kelly, Trav, LVF, VH1
  • NAY VOTE: n/a
  • ABSTAIN: Abi, Don (absent)

        TRAV: will be working until 2030 on Thursdays, will prefer having a quorom established, way to allow for him to stay abreast.

VH1: fell off call

  • Meeting time: should we move the meeting to 2100 to allow for TRav to attend? Alternate time suggestion?  VH1, Shawman, TRav, Kelly (with reservations re: running past 2200 – if we’re working towards 2200, do we table or frontload)
  • Budget Review
  • Do we just rubber stamp if it’s below a certain level in aggregate?
  • What is that level? Created AUTO APPROVE level, all above that leve requires IPA DISCUSSION & APPROVAL with previously noted voting numbers
  • How many teams do we have?         
  • Discussion: roll call of teams, budget submissions, approvals
  • Bandanas – Abi’s responsibility
  • Review of who was handling, do we need to shift that for time constraint?
  • What is minimum order? Alternate ideas? Do we use printer, or have vols use time to make their own, options?
  • to complete discussion via email
  • Paid Security
  • Discussion: Ejections policies, costs, vendor requirement, time needs, how many people/ how long a shift?
  • Breaking Perimeter
  • Added to EMS/Sanctuary/Rangers/FRT 4/26 meeting agenda
  • preferred approach: grounds for immediate ejection from event if perimeter is broken. Sanctuary if they are intoxicated until they sober up.Review of internal ejection council policy
  • Effigy update
  • Discussion: Include BM Iconography in the effigy?
  • updates from BoD
  • Donation to local area- T’fus input info
  • town hall – 4pm saturday
  • team meetings – noon to 3pm saturday (throughout, not whole 3 hours)
  • first aid training
  • cost/ payment discussion
  • need to investigate other options as orignal plan is not responding
  • In past, $25/head plus flat fee. Will that be the same?

Inventory Review in Asheville – weekend of 26/27 April

        LVF, JJ on tap

        Also: same weekend as ESD

        LVF to connect KAB with Jungle for possible space for the ESD meeting

LVF to send out reminder email to all team leads next week to by yer freakin’ tickets!

END: 2158

Thursday: 9 April, 2015

Present: TRav, Abi, Shawman, lizifer, DZO

Tfus BOD: JoeJoe

absent: VH1, Kelly

Facilitating: TRav

Prediscussion: need something about PIMPs in next MM newsletter; are playform registrations open?

POINT OF ORDER: determine quorum rules: Abi/ Don/ Shawman/ TRav/ LVF – all ok with 5, get confirmation from full IPA via email.

  • Budget Review – overall, teams, etc
  • do we need to defer since others are unable to attend
  • Abi won’t be able to attend next week, but only budget is Rangers, FRT has not requested anything. Shawman: accellarents? Or do we need to have that in Effigy budget – Abi will f/u on that
  • Abi gives pre-approval with remainder of IPA approval as she will be in the woods next week.
  • Joe’s suggestion: vote with quorum to establish
  • LVF: added tab in spreadsheet for actual paid/ final budgets
  • Shawman: proposes alternate spreadsheet program for insertion to web for accountability/ transparency

        Discussion: relative merits of options presented

Sanctuary budget: approved






  • Dumpster Rentals
  • Discussion; do we want? Are there alternatives to explore? .
  • Power Usage
  • what is payment?
  • Discussion: $0.10/ kWHr? Estimated. Meter options/ tracking. Validate if there is a meter specific to the pavillion.

ACTION ITEM: LVF to send proposal to landowners for feedback

        Approved: DZO, LVF, Abi, Shawman,

  • Inventory:
  • discussion : IGN specific lead? (related: possible effort on 25/26 Apr for organising/ cleaning/ initial gear pull from storage?)
  • Mufasa has confirmed co-lead for Tfus
  • Is he available for IGN? He suggests finding an A’ville/ B’vard person
  • Add a lead who can report to Mufasa: Shawman, TRav, LVF
  • Abi can drive if needed

ACTION ITEM: LVF to check in w/ potential lead, price uHaul for that weekend – or find a truck?

  • revisit: LOGISTICS – now that we have a lead, has he given any feedback on how he’d like to approach so he’s not working around the clock?
  • Will he be in charge of carts?
  • Someone will need to manage fuel depot. DMT needs to know – make sure Turtle knows
  • How many gallons? Maybe 20. DZO to let Turtle know
  • Approve payment to Home Depot –  Effigy Wood
  • LVF, TRav, Don, Abi, Shawman: all approve costs as listed and proposed

Sidebar: effigy work day on Sunday – BTW: don’t forget Tfus ticket sales are Sunday!

  • Extra PAID tickets for Spirithaven??
  • what limit? OH THE DISCUSSION

ACTION ITEM: LVF to research what would be a good recipient.

Abi: got a form from FRT for fire art registration. LVF: Suggests sending to [email protected] for relay to all registered camps for completion.

Walk on Topic: Inventory clean up/ storage review event made. Need to have people on hand for load/ unload after IGN

sidebar: Gypsy Bar/ Chocolypse discussion

Gold cart proposal: stamped and approved.

END: 2131

Thursday: 2 April, 2015

Present: Don, Shawman, TRav, Lizifer, Kelly

Tfus BOD: JoeJoe

absent: Abi (in woods), VH1

Facilitating: Lizifer

  • Budget Review & vendor discussion: portos, trash; related schedules.
  • Discussion points: cost of additional portos vs cleaning costs, schedules for cleaning vs traffic patterns and flow, locations of portos (city planning)
  • To be continued w/ full budget review next week for approval with full IPA


  • team budget review: submitted, pending submission, final vs tentative
  • KAB still has some inventory goods from the site visit – how to handle?
  • Signage inventory list: to be requested
  • Organisational point: deposit on land made
  • Additional esd resource – notice to KAB, KAB to relate to Abi
  • Discussion: lead and other tickets, revisited hard stop on directed codes

END: 2121

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Present: Kelly, Vreanie, Lizifer, Abi

Tfus BOD: JoeJoe, Andi

Facilitating: Abi!

absent: Todd, Shawman, Don

  • Discussion: Lead / co lead tickets; deadline discussed and approved
  • Under 18 policy update/ discussion
  • Discussion:
  • radio codes – use similar to Tfus, with changes where appropriate for event-specific needs
  • security
  • after hours gate coverage
  • Discussion: team swag, budgets, costs
  • -site visit recap- findings and things to be aware of
  • TBD: porto budget re-visit?
  • Discussion: team budgets – we need to have these in soon
  • Discussion: light tower/generators estimate
  • need input from Tfus for price comparison.
  • Discussion: Goft Cart Assignments & costs
  • types of carts, division, et cetera
  • budget!
  • Discussion: kids’ liaison update!
  • Discussion: logistics
  • do we need to do this? consensus: yes, because of fiscal responsibility and radio costs.
  • potential leads discussed, how to manage team w/o full schedule being required.
  • Discussion: Combustia newsletter

END: 2147

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Facilitating: Todd


Vreanie, Todd, Kelly, Shawman, Lizifer

Tfus BOD: Milkshake

Absent: Abi (work), Joe (conflict)

Secretary: Lizifer

Minutes of last meeting approved

Agenda Items:

  • Team budget discussion
  • Conclave: fuel?
  • Discussion of safety & consistency protocols, supervision of fuel types on hand
  • Final question: Can we just front the fuel?
  • agreement/ consensus achieved

No one can hear Lizifer: headset is wacked

  • Effigy: Discussion re: 1099?.
  • Build day coming up on 1st Sunday in April (Charlotte, NC – where? Studio 1212? >confirmed<).
  • VH1: that’s Easter, will that be a problem?
  • City Planning: solid – pending approval by IPA
  • Survey wheel question – if we can use the Tfus ones, let’s. If we can’t find them, we can spring for ‘em, but let’s check first [found]
  • DPW: PENDING response
  • Inventory discussion:  what’s there? Should we have an inventory org/ supply check day? Kelly willing to take a gander; sign out sheet?
  • Sanctuary: full leadership roster!

[general discussion re: tech issues]


  • What is FRT coverage at the visit? Phyrebolt? Vespa? FNP?
  • Who’s gonna be there Sat?
  • MAYBE: TRav (6 or 7? preferably before dusk)
  • YES: Andi (around 2 or 3, probably), Kelly (hopefully mid- to late-afternoon), Shawman (around 2 or 3), LVF & Joe (late afternoon/ early evening?), Don (with Judy and Natalie; around dusk)
  • NO: VH1 (Sunday, 9ish? Will have a bunch with her: Beth? Danimal — parking)

DON JOINED! (2037)

  • where to park? By the pavillion
  • SATURDAY: walking, clearing parking, acclimation
  • SUNDAY: when will we kick up? Around 10ish, so there’s time to work before lunch (when will potluck be? shoot for break at 1230, eat around 1300?)
  • SUNDAY CLOSE UP: when we’re done, shoot for 1800ish?
  • invite the FPF Chrises for potluck and afternoon questions and sessions Shawman to call
  • Will we entertain ourselves? discussion: Block rockers, DJ set ups? Should we bring lights? Shawman volunteers to do some lights… Wood? Deadfall available as fuel
  • Discussion: Wristbands
  • TRav: for plastic not paper, VH1 agrees (they stay WAY better, don’t break), Kelly too
  • Pricing discussion: paper vs plastic, glitter vs plain, imprint/ set up costs what necessitates a separate set up, how many set ups do we need/ want?
  • Do we want to have different bands for leadership?
  • Sub-discussion: how much of a concern is forging? How many versions of bands should we have? Do we need to have them numbered?
  • Discussion: Visibility of Emergency teams during the event – how to facilitate? t-shirts? bandanas?  Lanyards alone might not be enough
  • Which teams? EMS, Rangers, Sanctuary (?)
  • how to go about ordering the bandanas? The IPA member over the team place the order? Or one unified order?
  • Who will be the vendor?
  • Tfus Conclave vendor? (get info from JoeJoe) Serendipty screen printing set up? (Shawman to get info from Sean) Reef Clem? (TRav to contact)
  • Team colours? — undecided
  • CARTS: Discussion:  should we group contracts for carts, lights, et cetera into a single delivery?

Additional business? NOPE!

Topics for next meeting to discuss during site visit

WRAP: 2111

*** non-meeting discussion: blanket approval by IPA of web-ready minutes going forward.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Facilitating: Todd (in charge of building agenda)

Attendees:Kelly, Don, TRav, Shawman, VH1, Lizifer

TFUS BOD: JoeJoe, Milkshake

Absent: Abi (known in advance, work function)

Secretary: Lizifer

Minutes of last meeting approved

  • Discussion of pre-event site visit:
  • entry date
  • discussion of benefits, time on site, expected attendees
  • set up rough agenda of items that need to be addressed, teams that need pre-event visibility, costs to cover (portos)
  • get Gate sign from T’fus signage
  • potential work/play in new areas
  • Discussion of move to weekly meetings instead of bi-weekly; effective 19 Mar
  • VH1 will have a few weeks when she will not be able to attend due to work obligations (2 April, 9 April)
  • Frequency updated on calendar/ reminders
  • Ignite! post-ticket sale to-do
  • Discussion: tickets & rideshare page?
  • Ignite! lead ticket discussion
  • Are all IPA tickets accounted for?
  • Discussion: circle back up on budget/ values for recap/ review in an upcoming meeting ASAP
  • team check in – leads & notes
  • DMT: Still needs a lead
  • Effigy: scheduled work days on Sundays each week
  • Conclave: in good shape
  • Sanctuary: still seeking coleads
  • EMT: still seeking coleads
  • Weekly meeting check ins with leads?
  • Paid EMS: Discussion
  • Discussion: CPR cert, should we offer again?
  • Consensus: YES – Kelly to look into costs to be covered.
  • Discussion: Ranger teams/ rangers per team/ khaki?
  • Discussion: FRT rep at Site Visit? — unclear
  • gate, parking: covered!
  • Greatly, PIMPs: covered.
  • Volunteer sign ups go live on??

        Discussion: after site visit

  • How to promote?
  • Discussion: Radio Rental Bids:  final count for order.  

Will bid include backup radios?  Check on this. Validate shoulder mic counts

  • Increase portos from 10 to 14; rather have too many than not enough.
  • make sure several ADA-compliant near Kindleton for parents with small children
  • Handwash stations, NO paper towels, please and thank you. Gel sanitiser availability as an option?
  • Insure: make sure vendors supply paper with each cleaning!
  • Discussion: Gate hours, theme camp entry.
  • Question about Thursday night gate hours
  • Wristbands – need to order: how many, types:: Discussion. Lizifer to email Firefly about ordering
  • Under 18s policy – Created and under review
  • Newsletter topics?
  • Logo,
  • Website
  • Effigy work sessions announcement
  • must be in by 18th to team

Next Meeting: 19 Mar, 8pm

Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

Facilitating: TRav(in charge of building agenda)

In attendance:  VH1, Todd, Shawman, Don, Kelly, Abi

BOD representatives: JoeJoe, milkshake

Secretary- Abi

Absent: Lizifer (under the weather, contacted us by email to let us know she would not be attending the call)

  • Discussion and walkthrough of  website and volunteer system
  • Discussion: regional/ sanctioning burn status- Todd to engage with VA RC
  • Tickets, Brown paper tickets site (joejoe and todd will make adjustments to ticket site after meeting)
  • *ticket timing! Discussion
  • Links discussed and distributed
  • Wording for sales page? What all needs said?


  • Gate hours – clarified
  • Don’t swim in pond, no pets, vehicle size restrictions? reference FAQ
  • Discussion: waiver
  • Todd will post most recent ticket announcement /links on Facebook
  • Effigy discussion
  • taxes, already close to maximum, process for funds disbursement?
  • Sanctioning + effigy figure- use BM iconography, or Ignite! specific?
  • Effigy designer + site visit?
  • logo launch

                The IPA endorses the new logo – launched asap -pretty darn nifty

  • FAQs are ready to launch
  • Team report outs from IPA
  • do we go weekly phone meetings? not yet.
  • Site visit in march any notes? welcome theme camps lead?
  • RVs and large vehicle parking?Trailers? Put limits we know in FAQ and encourage anyone with a large vehicle or trailer to contact us.  RV registration/bus registration – anything ‘not a tent’ contact us as we feel out the new land
  • Taxes and team lead budgets – team budgets and inventory lists due April 1st
  • Deadlines for the following:
  • Theme camp registration:
  • Volunteer sign up: close date – 2 days out?
  • Mutant vehicle registration:  ‘nothing bigger than a golf cart, contact us’
  • Art registration: Contact City Placement if you are bringing large art
  • playform application submission – PIMPS lead and Todd to decide Todd is working on this
  • theme camp entry
  • when property must be clear of participants – 12 noon Mon
  • Do we want a theme? no
  • Do we want FRT to inspect fire art / fire anything YES, no question

Thursday, Feb 12 2015

Facilitating: Todd (in charge of building agenda)

Taskmaster: Vreanie

For awareness: (that conference is actually next month, I am fully here for our call – Abi)

Attendance: Kelly, Don, TRav, Shawman, Abi, Lizifer

BOD rep: JoeJoe, Andi

Website Needs: bios, team descriptions, newsletter content

– confirm decision re: Spirithaven site language

CONTENT to be built: Ignite Burn website folder, can be housed there


Priorities by early next week (17 Feb) :  Bios, Team descriptions, FAQs (liz), transparency page (web-ready minutes ready, note about remainder of data to be housed there), direction to the site (pictures/ prose — experience of people who’ve been there; testimonials?), our reasons for being excited,

NEXT PRIORITY: kid policy (Abi), links to other burn kid references (abi), playform sign up and action, FAQs (liz), survival guide (Kelly), in&out guide (pending), gate procedures, volunteer mechanism, waiver, history, photo gallery/ visual history/ archives, important dates (theme camp registration, entry/ exodus dates)

  • do we need different categories? what architecture/structure?
  • — let’s get ahead of this
  • workshop this by email?

Site visit: 22nd, confirmed: Abi in the woods; some possibility of the weekend being an overnight? Todd may/ not be able to make o-night. Cherm, Jawsh, etc — get lots of pix. E’rybody take pix!

Remember: we need to continue to SELL the excitement. We know it’s going be challenging, given we’re running late and there are conflicts.

Logo: needs, done? launch?

  • 1st: release b&w logo, let the comm. add colour?
  • Discussion: logo critique and nailing down. Respect artist intention, share with community; empower to make their own! Have a link to the file on the site to the file itself, so the community can play with it. All are vectorised and scaleable.


— group edit, make as web-ready document.

Team updates/needs:

Discussion around team leads in place, those pending. Playform and curation?

Site visit confirmation: fluid,need to nail down 1 day or 2 days

Ticket Discussion: finalise sale info

  • Unlimited kids tickets which are half price and defined as anyone under 13(no limit)
  • Kids under 5 get in free(no limit)
  • these still “buy” a ticket, but there is no price listed
  • 10 free tickets for Spirithaven family

Discussion around ticket history for leadership

TABLED: Discussion re Scholarship ticket/ hardship financial crisis? Do we fund/ assist? For now:  on a personal basis, not institutional


TABLED: Discussion: future state: budget for discretionary spending for things such as ticket assistance, et cetera. TRANSPARENCY key here

Discussion point: around tickets earmarked tickets, total tickets for sale, full price, et cetera

16 teams need tickets

[note: LVF lost phone at this point; notes may get squirrelly as she begain communicating directly in Agenda]

  • Waiver update
  • Set due date for team budgets and inventory lists.
  • Discussion re: budgets review dates        
  • could we just say: If you have your budget ready, get it in – others have UNTIL 1 April? / lvf  agree- abi/ I agree-shawman
  • When do we expect accounting to be complete? will be resolved when it’s resolved
  • Effigy discussion
  • Vendor progress: info from landowner reviewed
  • Discussion: ATV rental costs in area, large equipment rentals options?
  • Discussion about community response: pulse check on emotions
  • BMorg regional discussion – do we want to pursue sanctioning? pro/cons.

Thursday, Jan 29 2015

Attendees: IPA: Liz, Kelly, Shawman, Todd, Vreanie, Abi

TFUS: JoeJoe

Lizifer facilitating, Kelly taking minutes.

Approve minutes from last meeting: confirmed by all present

  • Contract info? Can we announce? – Contract is in the mail… as good as signed

        What should be in announcement ?  land, date, ticket sales, ticket cost. Todd will write draft of announcement and disseminate to IPA for feedback & approval

  • ticket price discussion: requirements around solvency/ reporting/ contributions, pros & cons for various price points discussed; budget requirements and estimates reviewed
  • if there is surplus, need to have community input on where to donate (who/ what/ where – BWB? Local community arts funding? et cetera)
  • social media plan, responsibilities


  • How to handle inventory requests? Should we create a doc that our leads request, that tfus inventory can reference, to see what we have?
  • create a central document, need a person to physically go into storage to retrieve items.  IPA t would be responsible for coordinating what each team needs.
  • Where on site would requested items be stored? TBD after leadership site visit
  • Combine inventory requests with budget requests (has worked at other burns)
  • How should IPA remain accountable to one another for task completion? There was a backlog of tasks, unfilled items from last meeting
  • Decision: rotating “taskmaster” for each meeting cycle to remind all of upcoming responsibilities, as proposed by Kelly -Rotating Task Master / Big Boss – to hold us accountable to goals and tasks, remind, see if we need help Before deadlines.
  • General support for this as a rotating role – make sure tools are used/ created and followed up with – VH1 will send initial reminder emails !
  • Make deadlines and tasks more clear in Agenda. Example:



Person Responsible


Topic I

Action Hippy 1


Topic II

Action Hippy 2


  • Who is responsible for agenda – All of IPA should manage; upcoming facilitator will be in charge of next meeting’s agenda to assist in this system process
  • Content creation: methodology for initial work?
  • JoeJoe: Update on Webteam meeting – target for this is ticket sales
  • Todd: Logo update- in progress, exciting! To be sent out to IPA
  • Discussion of team leads, proposed and accepted
  • Discussion of Under 18 policy – who is writing this and when? discussed at retreat?  Abi previous discussion to be compiled +  other burns’ policy; to draft a policy for IPA review
  • Who contacts Spirithaven for vendor info?  Radio, carts, etc Kay sent this, some links dead? – Liz will contact first and ask her for current numbers to share with each task-owner
  • Next meeting will be Thursday 2/12, 8 pm; Todd to facilitate.

Thursday, Jan 15 2015

  • Attendees:
  • IPA: Todd, Shawman, Kelly, Don, Abi, Vreanie, Lizifer
  • TFUS Bod: JoeJoe, milkshake
  • Approve minutes from last meeting (IPA retreat on 1/3/15)
  • approved by those present
  • Contract update (JoeJoe)
  • submitted to landowners
  • Hoping for return of finalised contract ASAP (within next 2 weeks).
  • Other questions? none
  • Website content (Joejoe): Meeting with web team on Sunday, want to get Ignite’s stuff sorted.
  • Discussion of sections to include, how to draft, who will be responsible for each section
  • Discussion of webteam turnaround time responsibilities of members for most effective engagement
  • Newsletter content — Lizifer drafting 16 Jan and will send out to all for review
  • Discussion item: Tickets/ totals/ costs/ how many leads anticipated/ et cetera (led by JoeJoe)
  • Team Lead update
  • Several confirmations, many TBD remaining, revisit in next meeting
  • Member Task Updates:
  • Most tasks haven’t begun yet, as they have specific timelines. Revisit in next meeting.
  • Next meeting: Jan 29th 8 to 10pm
  • Facilitator – LvF
  • New Business:
  • Shawman – Questions around additional costs/ budget items to discuss –

Scanner rental for tickets?

  • revisit team budget costs/ estimates
  • Reminder: Put your stuff in task organiser to help ensure we stay on target with what’s needed and timelines
  • Create IPA Contact List/ gather phone numbers so IPA can reach one another

Thursday 12/18 @ 8pm  2014

  • Discussion: Land contract (JoeJoe et al)
  • land owner expectations
  • our expectations
  • language clarification
  • procedural documentation
  • New Member (group)
  • discussion of candidates;
  • narrow down choices to top 3:

BOD to initiate contact, in order to best communicate expectations and so on

  • Outstanding action items from last meeting:
  • task management ownership?  
  • -Master “links document” in Google Drive
  • – Who keeps minutes? Rotate minutes? Secretary (Abi and Lizifer)
  • Financials update and work with treasurer on purchases. (Shawman)
  • The 17th – Long conversation w/ Firefly (an hour)
  • Discussion of how financial info will flow
  • IPA expectations of transparency
  • Investigation and creation of spreadsheets/ worksheets to come
  • Finalize team list & discussion of possible leads/ breakout to T’fus leads for suggestions
  • Definite Teams
  • Rangers
  • FRT
  • EMS
  • Sanctuary
  • Playform Implementation Management Planners (PIMPs)
  • Gate
  • Greeters/Education/Acculturation Team (GrEAT)
  • Theme Camp Placement/City Planning
  • Signage
  • Parking/ Traffic
  • Moonshiners
  • DMT
  • DPW/Inventory
  • Effigy/ Burn field coordinator
  • Conclave/Drummers
  • Kids Liaison


  • Art placement
  • LNT
  • Outstanding/ Future business
  • Future meeting facilitators for IPA?  (Abi, then Kelly)

Ignite logo

  • Setup Google Calendar with due dates, future long meeting, add to Trello (share with BOD)
  • Discussion of retreat and calendar layout –
  • Assign task list amongst IPA
  • radios, contests, golf carts/ATVs, paid EMS, afterburn report, gennie/light rentals, Census, portos
  • Next meeting 1/15/15 @ 8pm

Want to help lead?

Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

Be the weird you want to see in the world. Volunteer.

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