2015 Financials

2015 Financials

Ticket Sales$30,393.09
Credit Card Processing Fees$720.00
Ticket Vendor Fees$974.03
Less Cost of Goods sold$1,694.03
Gross Profit$28,699.06
Land Fees$5,900.00
Golf Cards$1,414.44
Port a potties$1,938.50
Generator - gate$315.90
Fire Truck Mileage$295.00
Truck Rental and Gas$616.28
Truck Equipment Rentals$5,733.45
EMS Services$2,500.00
Security Services$2,500.00
CPR Certification Class$121.23
Total Professional Services$5121.23
Effigy Build costs$1,092.67
Team Expenses$1,503.38
Gate Stickers$88.51
Wrist Bands$302.00
Tent Stakes$65.80
Total Supplies$1,539.55
Vol Fire Department$250.00
Stuart Elementary Art$630.00
Patrick County High School Art$630.00
Burners Without Borders$630.00
Black Rock Solar$630.00
Total Donations$2,770.00
Total Expenses$24,943.28
Net Profit$3,755.78
Reserved for 2016 Art Grants$1,500.00
Contribution to Operating Fund$2,255.78

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