Census – 2016

What is your gender
What is your age range?
How many burns have you attended including this year’s Ignite?
Where abouts y’all from?
What drew you to Ignite?(select all that apply)
How would you rate the ease of ticket purchase (1-10)
Did you carpool or drive alone?
How would you rate the ease of entry (1-10)
How would you rate parking (1-10)
What neighborhood did you camp in?
Were you part of a theme camp?
What playforms did you attend?
Were you able to attend all of the playforms that you wanted to attend?
If not, what factors kept you from attending Playforms?
What was your favorite playform?
Do you have any opinions or advice for future playform management?
Do you have any topic ideas for next year? (Particularly ones that YOU will be willing to host?)
How many hours did you volunteer at Ignite!?
Did you bring any children? If so, how many and what ages?
If you brought kids, what were their ages at the time of Ignite?
If you brought kids, did they have fun?
Would you share specific feedback FROM any kids you brought?
Would you or your camp be interested in facilitating more Kindleton participation?
What other regional burns have you attended?
What interactions or activities did you experience that embodied one of the Ten Principles the best?
Favorite daytime memory?
Favorite nighttime memory?
Would you or your theme camp bring a precut part(s) of wood for the kids’ temple next year?
Would you like to make art for Combustia?
Would you like to see an art gallery in the Pavilion?
Overall, how would you rate your Ignite! burn experience?
If you are a Transformus or Ignite! lead or co-lead, did you find the weekend beneficial?
For Transformus or Ignite! leads and co-leads, what was your favorite part of Ignite?
Please share any other thoughts
If you brought kids, did they participate in Spark Scouts?
If you brought kids, why or why not, did they participate?
If you brought kids, and they participated in Spark Scouts, what did they do?
Do you have any ideas about what might make Spark Scouts better?
Did you attend Town Hall?
At Town Hall we talked about Ticket Prices. Do you think the price is:
Would you be willing to pay more if there was more art?
If yes, how much more?
At Town Hall, we talked about population. Do you think there are:
Are there other topics you would like to see discussed at Town Hall next year? If so, what are they?
Is there anything else you would like to say about Town Hall?
Would you like to see performance in the Pavilion?
6/21/2016 11:36:09
7/1/2016 17:44:16Female30-395+NC
I have a Leadership role at Ignite!, Playforms and a chance to learn or share my skills, Townhall, Community, Ticket Price, Convenient Location, Radical self expression
Maria - emotional self care at a burn

BOD - future of tfus

Town hall
Playform scheduling conflicts, Theme camp responsibilities, Volunteer responsibilities, Self care activities (sleeping, eating, etc.)
Emotional self care
Open the schedule up earlier and at the same time as theme camp event registration.

Close the schedule earlier and at the same time as theme camp event registration.

Publish both at playform schedule and theme camp event schedule earlier and both are the same time.
More things that make things - love crafts
Transformus, alchemy, lurch
Our horse race as a theme camp - it was down right expressive, and took communal effort to pull off
When the stars aligned and noodles appeared right at I needed them
The art at night
If we have space. . .
YesYes7 of 10Yes
Catching up with people
I'd like there to be a lead social perhaps on the Wednesday before others arrive, kind of like at Tfus
Yestoo lowyesMoreit's just rightYes
7/1/2016 17:49:29Male60-695+NC
Playforms and a chance to learn or share my skills, A new burn experience, Community, Convenient Location
10Drove alone78EldurNo
Put on the alternate electrical power/ "Leave Your generators at Home" one (battery-inverter power demo with Q&A).
Playform scheduling conflicts, prep and take-down of my own
Transformus, Enchantment, Toast and Saguaro Man, various Decomps out West.
Gave a bunch away.
The kids running around, playing with each other.
The wonderful conversations everybody seemed to be having around the Peacock fire, Friday eve. When we took a break form ours, it was just the sound of many friends visiting with each other, sharing their joy at being together, again.
Not unless it could be lit with something other than those fuckin' ugly fluorescent lights!
Nojust rightyes$10-20it's just right
I should have been there, but I was tired from my Playform crap hauling.
7/1/2016 18:36:47Male40-495+NC
I have a leadership role at Transformus, Age inclusiveness, Community, Ticket Price, Radical self expression, Children participation
Ranger training happened before I was on site
4yes, one, 1010yesYes
Tfus, Alchemy, Seren/scarendipity
burn night drum circle...saw my daughter actually dance for the first time....to the music I was making.......snif snif
We had a great burn
If you are in the passing lane, and cars are behind you, but not in front of you.....get out of the passing lane!
temple, burner bag making
Nojust rightdon't know$10-20
we could add more
Yes, Consent to Photograph Bracelets. If performers had a Consent to Photography bracelet, you could photograph, without disturbing the performance. The DO NOT Consent bracelets seem pointless, No one has consented until they do....I don't need a bracelet to prevent you from asking me if I consent. But a symbol, displaying my consent, that would be great.
7/5/2016 9:23:12Male50-592SC
A new burn experience, Community, Radical self expression, I heard how awesome it was from past attendees
10Drove alone1010
Unicorn Pasture
Does Ranger Training and Sanctuary training count? If so, I did.
Ranger Training.
Ranger and Sanctuary for sure.
Chill'N in the shade.
The BurnN/AYesYes, yes, yes!AWESOME!N/AN/A
Looking forward to next year.
N/AN/AN/ANojust rightyes$10-20it's just rightNoneNoneYes.
7/5/2016 11:53:07Male40-495+NC
I have a Leadership role at Ignite!, I have a leadership role at Transformus, Playforms and a chance to learn or share my skills, Townhall, Community, Convenient Location, Radical self expression
10Drove alone1010PyrotopiaYes
Hooping with Jackie
Theme camp responsibilities
Hooping with Jackie!
How to run a sound camp.
Love Burn
Giftingyesyessure9Yesjust rightyes$10-20it's just right

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