Ignition: Assistance [COVID]

Ignition: Assistance [COVID]

COVID-19 has reached pandemic status and taken the world by surprise. While some are adapting to our office and home becoming united and trading our social excursions for books, streaming applications, and social media, not all are fortunate enough to have these be the only changes to their circumstances. Many of us are experiencing economic difficulties as a result of stay-at-home orders while others need support due to layoffs and other impacts from the pandemic. We all call this community Home, and we can all help support our community members, whether in the form of goods, services, money, or just supporting their small business.

The Transformus Family of Burns (TFAM) has expanded the Ignition Assistance (IA) program to better serve our community that has given so much of themselves.  We are fortunate to have a community that reaches across the globe, family willing and ready to help where possible, and a reserve fund that we are redirecting to financially assist as many of our family members as possible during this pandemic.

The IA program has been expanded to include not only ways to request assistance but also ways to provide assistance. Please see the appropriate sections below. If you would like to directly donate to the Ignition Assistance program and allow us to facilitate helping others, please do so using this button:

Ways to Request Assistance

  • Financial Assistancehttps://bit.ly/IAFinancialAssistance
    • This form is to collect direct financial needs for those impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, whether that be due to loss of job, death in the family, untimely expenses, or any other related occurrence. We may be able to help and this form is the mechanism to let the Ignition Assistance Committee know you need help and the best way for us to do so. Further we may be able to signal boost your need to our community and potentially increase the support received.
  • Material Goods Request https://bit.ly/IAMaterialGoodsNeeds
    • This form is to collect needs related to physical goods that burners in need may have. Perhaps you need a new baby cradle, or to replace a lawn mower, a new fridge, or some other object that you cannot locate, afford, or collect for yourself. Maybe you need materials to create items to help others in need and could use donations (fabric for masks, plastic for 3d printing, etc). By detailing your need in this form we can relay it to the public and someone out there may be able to help directly.
  • Service Needs Request https://bit.ly/IAServicesNeeds
    • This form is to collect needs related to Services that can be provided to burners in need. Perhaps you need someone to pick up supplies, your lawn mowed because you can’t, or something repaired. Whether the need is short term or recurring or at a future date, this form may be able to help find someone who can help you out. By detailing your need in this form we can relay it to the public and someone out there may be able to help directly.
  • Burners Gifting Servicehttps://bit.ly/IAGiftsOfServiceList
    • Check out these services offered by burners for burners.  Contact the individual directly and please only use the services you truly need.
  • Burner Businesses Needing Supporthttps://bit.ly/IABunerBizSupport
    • Are you a burner? Do you run your own business? Give us your business info here and we will publish the responses so everyone can have one place to locate you and other burner business owners and can buy things they need from you instead of big box stores or other chains.

Ways to Provide Assistance

  • Financial donations directly to those in needhttps://bit.ly/IAFinAssistanceList
    • Check out this list of individuals who need direct financial assistance. Whether through a donation campaign site or directly to their account, oftentimes donating money is the best way to help someone get by. Individuals who have filled out the financial assistance form here: https://bit.ly/IAFinancialAssistance will have their application examined by our Ignition Assistance committee and where possible their needs will be posted on this list.
  • Burners Gifting Servicehttps://bit.ly/IAGiftsOfServiceForm
    • Gifting is not only an important principle for burners but also a critical need for many people during this pandemic. Unfortunately many skilled and willing burners have no clear way to help other people by gifting their time and skills. Using this form you can let others know what you are willing to gift and how to get in touch with you so you can donate your time, energy, or skill to help people in need. Maybe you are willing to drive people to appointments for free, or willing to help diagnose mechanical troubles, perhaps you will pick up groceries for a burner in need. Whatever service you are willing to gift to folks in your area, let us know in this form and we’ll let the community know about you.
  • Material Goods Requesthttps://bit.ly/IAMaterialGoodsList
    • Check out this list of material goods needs by our community members and if you have or can procure the item(s) they need, please reach out directly to the individual.
  • Service Needs Request  https://bit.ly/IAServicesNeedsList
    • Sometimes people need help with a specific service or task. Check out this list of needs by our community and if you have the ability to help, please reach out directly to the individual. 
  • Burner Businesses Needing Supporthttps://bit.ly/IABurnerBizList
    • Check out this list of burner businesses who could use our support.  If there is an offer of goods or services you could use or gift to another, please consider supporting our family of small business owners.  Another option, if possible, is purchasing gift cards or gift certificates for future purchases or services.  This helps put money in their hand today for a need you will have in the future.
  • Financial Donations to Ignition Assistance
    • Every dollar makes a difference!  If you are financially able to contribute to the Ignition Assistance fund it will increase the number of community members receiving assistance directly from Ignition Assistance. While there are many ways to assist one another during this pandemic, there are some that are unemployed and struggling to pay their rent.  Others may be our artist friends who were counting on their next commissioned piece and are now sitting on supplies and materials but no food on the table.  Ignition Assistance aims to donate money directly to these individuals to help in their time of need. Transparent reporting will be included on our websites and updated weekly with amounts received and the amounts given.

If we are going to call ourselves a community and a family, let’s act like one. Let’s turn our words into action, and help each other out.

For questions and assistance please contact [email protected]

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