Combustizans, thank you all for bearing with us as we work out the best plan for this year and, if circumstances allow, to host Ignite! 2020. We have new dates identified thanks to your votes. We also have several new pieces of important information and some cautions for you. Please read the below carefully.

Let us start by stating clearly that there is still a good chance that Ignite! 2020 will ultimately be canceled. Much is unknown right now regarding the pandemic and our first priority, as always, is the safety and security of the community. There are a number of factors we must consider before we can be sure that holding Ignite this year will be safe. Many of these factors will remain unknowns until very close to the event. Here are some of the larger items we must take into consideration:

  • If local stay-at-home orders or restrictions on gatherings are implemented in Stuart or in Virginia overall in the fall
  • If we can obtain insurance for the event (this is never known till a handful of weeks before an event)
  • If there is a spike in COVID cases that would put our community in jeopardy
  • If we can be fully staffed with team leads and other critical infrastructure
  • If supplies needed will be available
  • If our vendor contracts can be fulfilled (security, gate, portos, radios, etc.)
  • If we might put undue strain on the local community (can’t have burners buying out the stores and then nothing is left for local residents)

As you can see, there is much to consider, and there are more cautions than we’ve listed here. We say all this to be clear that we are working toward an event this year; however, it may not be possible when all is said and done. We appreciate the trust you have placed in all of us on the Ignite! Planning Association and will do our best to honor that trust by communicating honestly and frequently about the status of our plans this year.

85% of those who answered our poll indicated that we should postpone Ignite until later in the year, in the hopes that we can have the burn after all, and that we should consider canceling the event closer to the new dates. Given this overwhelming majority choice from the community, we are happy to announce our new provisional date for Ignite! 2020:

Halloween Weekend!

October 30th – November 2nd

This weekend had a significant positive response in the community poll and aligns perfectly with Spirithaven’s availability. A Halloween burn has many fun possibilities and we look forward to seeing what our community can create for such a special occasion. These dates create new opportunities and challenges which we will address together!

Additional details still need to be worked out; however, some things we can tell you:

  • We will reopen ticket sales at some point prior to the event. Dates for ticket sales are not determined yet but we will give advance notice
  • Refunds are still available through BPT directly, if you want them
  • Refunds will remain available until shortly before the new event dates
  • DO NOT sell your ticket to other individuals, DO NOT buy tickets from other individuals. Since refunds are available and ticket sales will be reopening, there is no reason to do person to person sales this year.

We know you likely have many questions, many of which we can hopefully answer here:

Q – If you choose to cancel entirely this year, when will that be announced?

A- Our goal is to tell the community as soon as we know for sure. This could be months in advance or weeks, much depends on parties and issues outside of our control.

Q – If you cancel, what happens to my ticket?

A – Many of you voted to have the option to donate your ticket price to the organization so we can use it to provide direct financial support to the community. Depending on options available, if we can make this a possibility then we will do so. However, the worst case scenario is that you will automatically get a refund when we cancel. Regardless, you will definitely have the opportunity to receive a refund if you wish.

Q – I can’t go to the new dates and I want a refund now. Can I do that?

A – Absolutely! To obtain a refund you must contact Brown Paper Tickets preferably using [email protected]. They will process the refund and you will get the full price back including service fees. Please be aware that BPT is under heavy load and refunds may take 6+ weeks in some cases. Rest assured, however, that your money is available and you will get it back if that’s your choice.

Q – Will my current ticket still work?

A – If you haven’t asked for a refund then yes, your current ticket will work for the new dates. You will need to re-print it so it has the correct information on it, which you can do using your original purchase receipt email or by logging into your Brown Paper Tickets account.

Q – I’m interested in helping out as a team lead, colead, or other role for this year’s event.

A – EXCELLENT, we will need you! Please fill out this form and feel free to email us at [email protected]

Q – I heard you would never give me up, never let me down… ?

A – It’s true, we will never run around and desert you!