Ignite! 2019 Kids’ Effigy Design Application

Hello Combustians! Do you enjoy working with children AND have a passion for building big things and then burning them to the ground?  The Ignite! Planning Association is looking for an effigy designer for the 2019 event.  If your design is selected, you will be asked to create a volunteer team and build the kids’ effigy at Spirithaven.  The majority of the project will need to be created and built on site so that the children of Combustia can help participate in create the masterpiece.  The Kids’ Effigy will begin construction at a temporary location in Combustia,  On Sunday morning, it will need to be moved to the fire circle where Saturday’s Effigy took place. The budget for this year is $500.
Process & Schedule:
* 12/10/18 – Kids’ Effigy Applications OPEN
* 01/15/19 – Kids’ Effigy Applications CLOSE
* 01/20/19 – All applications blinded and forwarded to the IPA
* 01/26/19 – The IPA scores each blinded application based on criteria mentioned below
* 02/02/19 – IPA reviews scores and selects project
* 02/06/19 – Applicants will receive an email with details on selection and funding
* 02/28/19 – First payment of 60% issued
* 04/06/19 – Proof of substantial completion due for distribution of the 2nd payment of 30%
* 05/23/19 – Delivery and installation at Ignite!
* 07/01/19- Final Payment of 10% processed after the event. All receipts are due at the end of the event to avoid being issued a 1099.
For more detailed instructions, please go to www.ignite-burn.com.  It is important to read the requirements thoroughly.  You will need to submit a budget, concept images, a timeline for completion, and an elevator pitch.  Remember to be as descriptive as possible so the art jury will be able to envision this idea you have created.
Once you have reviewed the instructions, go here for the application.
If you have questions, please email [email protected].
Remember: You only have until January 15th to apply!

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