2018 Art Grant Submissions are now OPEN!


We are excited to open the 3rd year of Ignite! Art Grant submissions! We are accepting applications from now until Sunday, December 31st, 2017!

Some of the art that adds to the Ignite! experience and the city of Combustia are fueled by art grants. Visions of our community that transform Spirithaven’s landscape to be a burner city. Continuing this year, we have the center stage area (our Center Campus) and invite you to think about that space for art grant support (more info on Center Campus stage booking for the 2nd Ignite! Spark Fire Variety Show soon). If you saw the show last year, you may have an idea for the possibilities. We invite you to contribute to that experience and would love to hear your ideas and see if we can help fund their completion!

Anyone can apply for an art grant; you don’t have to be a professional or even consider yourself an artist. We want YOU to make something to share! This is an all ages opportunity. If under age 18, the individual must have an adult sponsor that is approved by their parent or guardian (if not one of those). If you are an adult burner with some creative youngins, work with them to help pitch and develop their ideas and let’s bring some of their art to Combustia!

All forms of creativity may apply; in addition to fire and lights. Other iterations of creativity are performance art, costuming for stage acts, interactive installations, sculptures great and small, floating and flying dreams, and ephemeral experiences. You can engage any or all of the five senses, and give us an experience to take home that we won’t find anywhere else. The number of projects we will fund is not limited, but the total amount of funds we have to distribute will limit the final results.

Also, let us know if you are interested in being part of Jury Duty! The jury will convene before January 22nd, 2018. Jurors are expected to not be part of the applicant pool and are asked to disclose if they know of a blinded project while on the jury call.

Here is the link to the form for the 2018 application:

Read it thoroughly and fill it out early so you don’t forget!

Clear budgets, concept images, and attention to detail help the jury see your vision.

Please forward any questions to [email protected]

Remember: You only have until Sunday, December 31st, 2017!