Hey, y’all.

TL;DR version: Does anyone have an RV they would be willing to rent or let someone use for the fall?
UPDATE: we’ve been advised
A) wheelchair accessible is desired
B) preference to purchase said RV

Longer version:
As you may know, Ignite! has founded a programme that is meant to help bring our community together to help one another even when we’re not all at an event. Communal effort and all that, coming to life!

This week, we received an email on behalf of a community member with terminal cancer. This community member lives in one state (Virginia), but her specialised care and family is in a neighbouring state (Pennsylvania). Travel between her home state, her care, and her family’s location is really challenging in a car (hotels, lots of stops, lots of equipment to transport), so a loving friend reached out to us to see if any of our community has an RV they’d be willing to rent of gift for the fall to this community member.

If you have an RV you’d be willing to rent or gift the use of, please contact [email protected] for connection.

Community: it’s why we stick around!