KNOWN ISSUE: Volunteer Sign Up Wackiness

Hey, you awesome person who is stoked to volunteer at your favourite all-ages burn! Ran into a wacky on the page, though, huh?

We know that some of our higher-shift volume teams are having some display issues that may make the “sign up” link unavailable. Super gross.  This is what we’re seeing:

2017.02.28_IGN sign up

The good news is that the way-rad webteam is aware and has it on their list of things to work on. The bad news is that… they have a list of things to work on. Stay tuned, and we’ll update as soon as we can, or if we develop a workaround.

In the meantime: thank you for your patience and remembering that we do this in and around the rest of our lives and jobs and things. XOXOXO

— lizifer


The Web Team has fixed this. If your problem persists, or you have any other problems, please email [email protected]

Now go volunteer!


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Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

Be the weird you want to see in the world. Volunteer.

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