Do you like people and are you able to keep yourself together when doodoo hits the fan?
Are you a dusty, crusty veteran (on playa at least 2 years) BRC burner looking to expand your playa involvement? Ignite! wants to know how many of you would like to train to become a BRC ranger because we are working on making that happen for 2017. This training would be for those that intend to walk a mentor shift on-playa in 2017.

FIRST – Go read all about becoming a BRC Ranger by following that link.

THEN – Please let us know your interest by filling out our survey.

The IPA would LOVE to offer Black Rock Ranger training, but we can’t do it WITHOUT YOU! We have to have a certain number of people who are committed to going to the Playa to be eligible to offer this training. Are you that person?