Announcement: Art Grants for 2017!

What an excellent group of proposals we had again this year! It’s amazing to have such a creative community and the canvas of Combustia to house these ideas.

Thank you all for supporting the second year of art grants at Ignite! Super shout outs to everyone that applied, the jurors and the art grant team!

There were so many diverse ideas; alas we could not fund them all.

Here’s your art grant recipients for 2017:

Elemental Cloth
Artist: Lisa Mitchell

Glowing Flowers Petting Zoo
Artist: Erin Barry-Dutro

Illuminous Plumes
Artist: Whimsy + Molly + Alexa Eliana

Pathway of Fae
Artist: Whimsy

Wish Jars
Artist: Regina Twine

We are really looking forward to seeing these all installed Combustia even more alive. Even if you weren’t able to receive a grant this year please keep creating!

Ignite! Art Grant Lead