Hello Everyone,

Ignite! City Planning is reaching out to you again for another exciting opportunity in real estate investment! Did you know that tremendous profits could be raised in Combustia for the low low cost of zero dollars down? But how could this be true? Tell me more!

We’re seeking your input on ways to improve the land at Ignite! We hope to organize a series of workplay weekends in conjunction with Spirithaven to improve our little city of Combustia. We plan to gather a bunch of ideas (that’s where you come in), discuss them with the land owners, see where we all agree help would be mutually beneficial, then assist with the work in months and years to come.

Ideas could range from improving roads, building foot bridges, clearing out underbrush, etc. Anything you can think of that is “civil” (aka land related) in nature, please let us know by filling out this handy form:


Thanks for all that you do to improve Combustia!

Ignite! City Planning Lead