Would you like to be part of the decision making process to make Combustia more creative? We’re looking for a few good people with a love of all things art to be jury members and decide who will receive art grants this year!

The Jury will:
* Be called to review each application in a blind format to promote transparency and fairness (juror sees only the art application and not the artist info).

* Judge each project based on a set of criteria and record your marks and then participate in a conference call moderated by the Ignite! Art Grant Team leads to allot monies to the winners.

*Be available to review applications and sit in on a long conference call in mid/late March (date and time to be determined).

*Must have consistent internet access for communications and phone access for the jury conference call (TBA).

Jury members can NOT be:
*An artist applying for a grant or the applicant’s team
*Anyone on the IPA/Board of Directors
*Anyone who is a Team Lead (including Ignite! Art Grant team, though they will moderate the jury process.)
*Spouses of above

Deadline to sign up is March 23rd! The date and time of the conference call will be decided based on maximum participation availability.

Click here to sign up!

Want to help lead?

Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

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