2016: Ignite!’s Inaugural Art Grants Year!

Ignite! Now has Art Grants!

We are accepting applications now until Feb. 29th.

New to the Ignite! experience and the city of Combustia this year are art grants, opening up the Spirithaven landscape to art and creativity that will inspire us all. We invite you to contribute to that experience and would love to hear your ideas and see if we can help fund their completion.

Anyone can apply for an art grant; you don’t have to be a professional or even consider yourself an artist. We want YOU to make something to share!

Because we believe in inclusion for the ages: This is an all ages opportunity! If under age 18, the individual must have an adult sponsor that is approved by parent or guardian (if not one of those).

All forms of creativity may apply; in addition to fire and lights, other iterations of creativity are: performance art, crazy costuming, interactive installations, sculptures great and small, floating and flying dreams, mutant transportation, and ephemeral experiences. You can engage any or all of the five senses, and give us all an experience to take home that we won’t find anywhere else. The number of projects we will fund is not limited, nor the amounts granted to each, but the total amount of funds we have limits the final results.

Here is the link to the application form.

Read it thoroughly and fill it out early so you don’t forget!
Please forward any questions to [email protected]
Remember: You only have until Monday, February 29th!

Want to help lead?

Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

Be the weird you want to see in the world. Volunteer.

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