2016 Sticker Design Contest

To start 2016, the Ignite! Planning Association (IPA) is hosting a community design contest for the 2016 sticker. Ignite! is about lighting and tending the Burner fire in the Learn and Burn city of Combustia.

This year we invite the citizens of Combustia to design and vote on what will be our Ignite! welcome sticker. This sticker will handed out by the G.R.E.A.T.L.Y. volunteers at the entrance of the city, and become the legacy image to the Ignite! Burn 2016 for years to come. Your vision could be stuck on all the gear, bins, bumpers, computers, and any number of things burners carry with them!

The Sticker submission window is open from January 14th thru February 14th 2016. Email the art directly OR give us links to a dropbox or google drive! Send submission to: [email protected]

These submissions will be posted on a Google Form and shared in the email newsletter, website, and on social media. Voting will be processed through this form.

Voting Deadline is March, 14th 2016 and will then be tallied, the IPA will select from the top 3 the image for printing and report to the community.

Some templets for reference: http://stickerobot.com/templates/

Sticker dimension we are considering are 2×3″ Die Cut and 3″ Square or smaller.

other limitations you need to know:  

Selected images are subject to re-design work to make image printer friendly for our sticker vendor (it’s nothing personal)

Please feel free to make images and stickers with the Ignite! Logo for your own or camp’s gifts!

Want to help lead?

Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

Be the weird you want to see in the world. Volunteer.

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