Ignite! 2015 Policies for Burners under 18 years old

Please carefully review these guidelines and expectations if you plan on bringing burners under the age of 18

Ignite! is delighted to welcome burners of all ages.  In order to provide a safe experience for all participants, we have created these expectations and guidelines for families bringing burners under the age of 18.

*Every participant under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (over 21) who will be responsible for them for the duration of the event- to be referred to as a ‘designated adult’.  If the ‘designated adult’ is not the parent or legal guardian of the under-18 participant, they must bring a signed and dated letter from the individual’s parent or legal guardian authorizing guardianship for the duration of the event.  All designated adults must sign a copy of this form and list the names and ages of all participants under the age of 18 for whom they will be responsible before entering the event.

*Participants under 21 will have distinct wristbands:

  • 0-18 years: Green
  • 18-21 years: Yellow

*Theme camps and playforms will be asked to self-designate as Red, Yellow, or Green.

  • Red indicates that it is not a suitable environment for anyone under 18.  If anyone under 18 is found in those areas they will immediately be asked to leave, and Rangers will assist with this if needed.  Repeatedly entering Red areas could be grounds for removal from the event of the person under 18, their designated adult, and any other children who signed in with that adult.
  • Yellow indicates an area may not be appropriate for all ages, and designated adults are encouraged to exercise discretion in allowing participants under the age of 18 to enter these areas.
  • Green indicates area is open to all ages.

Theme Camps may have different designations at different times.  For an example a Theme Camp might chose to be Yellow during the day and Red after dark.

Participants under 18 are expected to follow the same expectations for living in community  to which all burners are held.  Behaviors such as wandering into others’ tents or personal camp areas, interfering with others’ personal belongings, or failure to abide by 11th principle standards are not acceptable.  If a person under 18 is found behaving in a way not acceptable to the community they, along with their designated adult, will meet with a Ranger lead and Ignite Planning Association (herein referred to as “IPA”) representatives to discuss preventing such behaviors from occurring again.  If these behaviors continue, the participant under 18, their designated adult and any other participants under the age of 18 with that adult, may be asked to leave the event. This will be solely at the discretion of the IPA and/or representatives of Transformus BOard of Directors (herein referred to as “BOD”).

If a participant under 18 is observed engaging in behaviors unsafe to themselves or others (examples include but are not limited to: getting into the pond, unruly behavior, unsafe behavior around vehicles, or failing to respect fire), there will be a meeting with the IPA and other appropriate individuals.  Unsafe behavior could result in removal from the event of the underage participant, their designated adult, and anyone else under 18 with that adult.

No participant under 18 is allowed to operate golf carts, ATVs or art cars even if they are a licensed driver.

Removal of wrist band or attempts to alter a wrist band may result in removal from the event of the underage participant, their designated adult, and anyone else under 18 with that adult.

All Participants under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • “Supervised” is defined by being in sight and earshot of each other.\
  • Any adult supervising children is expected to maintain a reasonable level of sobriety.

Families are encouraged to bring all materials needed to meet any special medical needs a child may have (epi pens, inhalers, etc).  Families are also encouraged  to note allergies or medical conditions on the child’s wristband at the gate.  With the consent of the parent or guardian, key ESD volunteer personnel and paid EMS will be made aware of anyone under 18 with medical conditions or special needs.

Families and designated adults are encouraged to bring a current photo of any participants under 18.

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