2015 Location Announced!

SpirithavenThe Ignite! Planning Association is excited to announce that “Ignite! The Transformus Town Hall Burn” has found a new home in the picturesque mountains near Stuart, Virginia at Spirithaven Farm!

Situated in a small valley just west of Stuart, VA, and just across the North Carolina / Virginia border, Spirithaven is owned and maintained by the Eutsler family, who have been holding a small bellydance festival, Darbukastan Independance Day, for 15 years – as well as a mediumsized summer music festival, Front Porch Fest, for 8 years. The Eutslers and the operators of Front Porch Fest have put in an amazing amount of work to keep this land beautiful and to build a spiritual home – a haven if you will – for all who find themselves there.

This lovely property features a large pavilion stage area for center camp and 2 smaller stages perfect for playforms and community gatherings. There is open-field camping and  undertree camping. The undertree area has been meticulously cleared of brush and debris, leaving shaded spots desirable for tent placement.

The land search committee did an incredible amount of work to find us this new home for Ignite!  The IPA and BoD have approved this land choice and are extremely excited about this location. We’ve already fallen in love with the land and the landowners, who are burners at heart though they don’t yet know it. We’re certain you will love it just as much. More details about the land and what you can expect will be forthcoming as we get closer to the burn.

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Did you know: Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, from the Board of Directors, planning committees, right down to our Traffic and Parking Volunteers.

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