2017 Playform schedule

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2017 Playforms Descriptions

BRC Ranger Info Session with Chickadee

I’m planning to do a little program about rangering at BRC: what it’s like, what we do, how you might go about becoming one, etc.  THEN, I’ll answer any questions folks might have.

Burn Bags with Rebeka Pomeroy

Burn bag playform 2.0. This playform like last year’s will allow children and virgin adult burners to be able to come and get a burn bag with supplies to assist with self-reliance in mind. I also would like to possibly include for the kids that return this year with their burn bags to receive some form of patch or swag for being burn ready!

Burn Totems For Kids with KAO

KAO and friends will be meeting kids 13 & under to make Burn Totems. Starting off with pre-cut pieces of wood resembling the Burning Man symbol, we will build and decorate them to be one-of-a-kind totems that can be worn as necklaces or hang from a favorite piece of gear. All supplies are provided to the first 30 participants, so just show up and have some fun! For those 7 & under, please bring an older friend to help!

Combining Footwork,Turns, and Arms with Anita Shek

Adding movement and manipulating your momentum helps to create a dynamic performance, uses the space and interacts with the music and your props. This class covers beginner posture, footwork, turns & arms and then uses them in combination to create a few combinations for you to play with during your flow.

Consent with Carter

“No Is a Complete Sentence” At times, education is only half of the 11th Principle: Consent; the other half is empowerment.  Please join me for some exercises to strengthen how well you can tell people and experiences “no thank you.”

DAMM Lemonade Stand & Hula Hooping with Cookie

All ages hoop and flow play. A time to play with hoops, learn a new trick, or finally learn how to make it spin around you! Bring your hoop or play with one we have.

Deconstructing Christianity with Whimsy

Have you ever been told that it’s ok to doubt as long as you come back to the right answer? Did something tell you that authentic searching for truth could never have such walls? Questioning–or even leaving-one’s religion and the community that comes with it can be a lonely road, but through sharing stories with fellow-travelers, we begin to find healing.

Emily Wimbish, an evangelical-flavored fundamentalist missionary kid, True-Love-Waiter, and biblically-literalist Christian who took a step back from her faith one day and never stopped walking, knows this path well.  She shares her experiences of leaving Christianity, and those she met along the way. Come chat with us! Interested folks of all backgrounds and beliefs welcome so long as they come with open-heartedness and respect, of course! Bring a blanket or something to sit on!

Drag Queens For Beginners with Kelly S

Drag Makeup- using drag to enhance your personality, how not to be a bitchy queen, doing makeup, walking in heels on a dirt road.

Essential Oils and Basic Ritual with Dirty

There will be an opening ritual to call in the beneficial energies for guidance. During the playform we will discuss the benefits of oils and the ways different oils affect us. The attendees will have the opportunity to make a personal blend to take home. To finish we will have a closing ritual to clear energies and ground the knowledge we have shared and received.

Fire Safety For Children pt. 1 with vespa

Short outline. Fire safety for kids. School safety packs given to attendees.

Fire Safety For Children pt. 2 with vespa

How to make a fire safety plan. Learn two ways out of a room. Create a meetup point outside the home. Keep children 3 feet from anything that can get hot. Don’t show them how to play with matches.

Flower Clip Making with Sidhe

Come & make your own unique flower clip for your hair, hat, bag, or wherever. The playform will run for 2 hours, but you can come anytime. Most folks can construct a clip, for the first time, in 20-30 minutes, depending on the number of participants at the playform, who are sharing the tools. All materials provided.

Fundamentals of Sociocracy with Peter Raines

Sociocracy is a democratic system of governance based on consent decision making, circle organization, and two-way representation.  It is often called Consensus 2.0 or 3.0 and avoids many of the issues that we find within Consensus governance models.  Sociocracy is growing in popularity within organizations worldwide because of its focus on efficiency and collaboration.  Sociocracy encourages rapid decision making, reduced time spent in meetings, and the ability to test and change any decision with minimal effort.

Within this playform, we will discuss how Sociocracy works within organizations, how it is structured, how the decision making process works, and how it differs from other common organizational systems.  This will be a guided and open discussion, so questions are encouraged!

Funky Light Arduino Projects with Avalanche

This will be about creating awesome light responsive effects using LED strips controlled by an arduino microprocessor. We will look at the components you need, the power you need to run it, simple soldering and circuits, how to put it all together, and the programming required to make it all run.

Grafting/Layering Seed Swap with Tonya

I would love to teach people how to graft and air layer plants. I am a horticulture teacher, so I can do a quick lesson/discussion in propagating methods too.  Also, to have a seed swap, to share any special varieties, or plant favorites, with each other.

Gua Sha and Coining Basics with Vee

Gua Sha, meaning “scraping sha bruises”, is a traditional Chinese medical modality for treating pain and lymphatic stagnation. Consisting of scraping the skin with a smooth-edged instrument (coins, spoons) to treat blood flow stagnation and tissue adhesions, it can aid in recovery from injuries as well as promoting a feeling of well-being. Learn the basics of gua sha and safety considerations and try your hand at this beneficial and unique practice. Bring a towel or blanket to lay on and a willingness to learn!

Intro To Poi with Anita Shek

Learn fundamental movements and about 15 tricks!  If you can flail your arms around, you can learn most of these movements and have a few to take home and work on.

Kid’s Drum Workshop with Eric Pixie

This is a great workshop for kids interested in playing drums and other percussion instruments. We’ll have a few extra drums on hand for kids to use, but if you have shakers or other instruments, please bring them along! (We’ll also let adults come play and learn but kids take precedence for this one!)

A drum circle is a multi-part play…there’s the drummers, but dancers and observers also have a part. Come on by and dance, listen, play nearby, even if we run out of drums to share!

We’ll cover the very basics of rhythm, tempo, and volume; how to play the drum without hurting it or your hands, and then we’ll jam for a while together. Hopefully, some kids will be confident enough to join in and drum with us in the conclave for the Sunday effigy.

Laughs and Smiles. For more Than “Happy” and “Positive” People with Logan Noble

A somewhat scientific and anatomical lecture/discussion about the personal benefits of laughing and smiling. Where does a laugh originate? Why are smiles related to happiness? Are these learned behaviors? Bring your face and a sense of humour.

Make Your Own Wish Jars with Regina

Learn how to make a terrarium! Add your wish for the future and a little guardian to take care of it. If you found a rock or something special from Spirithaven, bring it to add to your jar! Because we are using glass and small objects, this is a 13+ playform.

Mask Making with Katie Creamsicle

Oh no, did you leave your party costume at home?!  Or maybe you just want something fresh and clean to dance in. Come down to Kith & Kin in Kindleton to create a mask in preparation for the PLF kid’s dance party!  We will have all of the tools you need to transform your face into a lion, tiger, bear, or robot! Once your art is complete, join us for a parade as we prance down to PLF to get our kid boogie on!

Paracord Bracelets For All Ages with KAO

KAO and friends will be meeting kids of all ages to demonstrate and help make paracord bracelets. You get to choose if they are a stand-alone fashion statement, a base for additional swag, or burn-saving device! All supplies are provided, just show up and have some knot-tying fun (PG style)!

PLF Kids Dance Party with John Reinhold

The annual Kids Party at PLF camp. The theme will be “Lion King,” so there will be a create-an-animal mask beforehand at Kindleton — and a parade to the event. Any teens/young adults that would like to be behind the DJ booth and learn about Dj’ing live can hang with Reinhold and talk about plans, and how to flow with the tracks.  They can even help with track selection on the fly. This would be a great way to show younger teens that have interest in DJing how it works, and what it involves.

Ranger Training! With Ranger Lulu

Ranger Training for those interested in becoming a ranger or just want more information of what Ignite & Transformus Rangers do. We will provide the training manual, a pen for note taking and will have a sign in sheet. Bring water to drink! For more information please contact us at rangers (at) ignite-burn (dot) com.

Sober Affirmations with Cherm

Do you burn sober? Are you in recovery? Would you like to try either on for size? Come join us for sober affirmations each morning at 10 AM. This is not a meeting, there are no steps — this is just to support one another and recenter before the wild rumpus begins each day. You’re not alone, so come be social. All stripes are welcome.

Spark Fire Variety Show! With Seair Aha

A showcase of some of the incredible performing artists of Combustia!

Spark Scouts Consent with Spark Scouts

Spark Scouts will learn about consent and volunteer to work the consent station with the 11th Principle team.

Spark Scouts Gifting with Spark Scouts

Spark Scouts will learn about SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere) and make SWAPS to trade with other Spark Scouts.

Spark Scouts Introduction with Spark Scouts

Come find out what Spark Scouts is all about. Sparks will learn general camp/burn safety, the 11 Principles, and make a glow-in-the-dark necklace/name tag.

Spark Scouts LNT with Spark Scouts

Spark Scouts will learn about LNT and help canvas the burn looking for MOOP.

Spark Scouts Patch Making! With Lizifer

Everyone loves patches – so let’s participate in making our very own Spark Scouts patches showing your commitment to your favourite principle. We’ll use the time honoured tradition of carved stamps, paint, and fabric scraps. Ideally, we will have some time to carve out the stamps from materials I will bring (either potatoes or erasers – TBD!), and stamp them on the fabric scraps the community is providing. Wooo! PATCHES! PARTICIPATION! ART!

[NOTE: this Playform germinated from an idea for the Spark Scouts, but is open to all participants — but kids get priority!]

Spark Scouts Scavenger Hunt with Spark Scouts

Spark Scouts 1st Annual Scavenger Hunt

Spark Scouts Sunday Funday Game Time with Spark Scouts

Spark Scouts will participate in a variety of fun outdoor games.

Spark Scouts Tie Dye with Amy “Atlanta”

A playform for the kiddies to make their own tiedye tapestry.

Spark Scouts/vespa Food Drive Walkabout with Spark Scouts

Spark Scouts will go on a walkabout collecting donations for the food drive.

Transformus Family of Events Town Hall with The TLC

Brief introductions of the BoD, Ignite, Synthesis, and Transformus leadership; announcements from each group; primarily this will be an opportunity for Q&A.

Twerkshop with Bubble Butt

Learn to Twerk, shake, and isolate in a fun and supportive environment. From twerking enthusiasts to first timers just interested in knowing more about isolations, this playform is made for all shapes, sizes, and levels of booty shakers.

Lead by Bubble Butt, with music by DJ Red Spinach, this rousing afternoon delight aims to help you appreciate your body and all the ways it can move.