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Ignite! 2015 ticket sales details!

Time for an Ignite! update! Tickets to Ignite 2015 will go on sale on Sunday, March 1st at NOON eastern time. That is 3/1/2015 @ 12pm EDT. You can buy a ticket by going to and pick your preferred ticket […]

2015 Location Announced!

The Ignite! Planning Association is excited to announce that “Ignite! The Transformus Town Hall Burn” has found a new home in the picturesque mountains near Stuart, Virginia at Spirithaven Farm! Situated in a small valley just west of Stuart, VA, […]

Vespa’s Tent food drive

Hello fellow freaks. In the guidelines of the principles of Gifting, Communal effort, and Participation, we’re asking for help with a canned food drive. Something to reach out to the local community around us. As a first run, we’re setting up […]